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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by mysterioustrainer, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    For those who watch Tech TV, you may have heard of this game. Well, that is what I want to try and play here. Here is the rules:

    Win by earning the most points by making the closest estamate (above or below) to the actual number of results of a Google Search topic given by the host (that's me).

    For example if I choose "pokemon" and player one guess 1,000,000 while player two guesses 3,509,999 and the actual result is 3,510,000 then player two wins that clue.

    How to play:
    First I will give five search topics, you have to guess how many results for each search. The players that have the closest est. to each topic get points:

    1st 500 points
    2nd 250 points
    3rd 100 points

    To answer, simply add in what your guesses are for each. Note, only answer once and don't edit your reply because I won't take it if you do.

    Example of a reply:
    Guess 1: 394,657
    Guess 2: 564,896
    Guess 3: 1,406,305
    Guess 4: 297
    Guess 5: 1

    Note: I will check what the current search results are at the time of the deadline. Top eight players get a 1.2 multiplier to their next round scoring. There will be 15 rounds in the long run. Since its just for fun, Don't use Google!

    Round One
    Guess how many results will come up with these five search topics.​
    "pokemon the first movie"
    "caffe verona"
    "maple bars"
    "sonic adventure dx directors cut"
    "the price is right"
    Good luck!​
    You have until 12:00 Pacific Time to answer!​
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