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  1. nosepass200

    nosepass200 New Member

    Here put your Ideas for a Kabuto,Kabutops,Omanyte,Omastar,Lileep,Cradily,Anorith,and Armaldo.

    Kabuto 80HP
    Stage 1 fighting Evolves from Mysterous Fossil

    Pok├ębody:Hard Plating

    If your oppnent attacks next turn decrease the damege by 20.

    [F][F][C]Ancient Swipe 30
    If you have a Kabuto,Kabutops EX,Omanyte,Omastar EX,Lileep,Cradily EX,Anorith,or Armaldo EX on your bench,this attack does 60 damege instead of 30.

    [F][R][R][R]Decayed Burn 50
    Discard all energys attached to Kabuto.

    Retreat Cost:[C][C]

    Kabutops EX 130HP
    Stage 2 fighting Evolves from Kabuto

    [W][W][W][C]Liquid Slash 50

    [F][F][F][F][W]Mud Bomb 80
    Kabutops EX retreat cost is now 5.

    Retreat Cost:[C][C][C]

    There is mine! :clap:
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  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    No HP on Kabutops?

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