Fountain Valley BR 9/29/07

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    This is my first tournament report in a long time, so if it is a bit long winded in parts I apologize.
    I arrive at the library at 9am, which is a bit too early. So for the next half hour I sit in the car and listen to Eurodancer, Sandstorm, and a bunch of other random techno sounds on my ipod. At about 9:30 people start showing up, and I go see if anybody has anything trade. I mange to get a Vire Lv.X for my Luc Lv.X and that is about it. Then I fill out my deck list, and after stressing about whether to put in Battle Frontier or Lake Boundary, and I decide on Battle Frontier with some help with two guys who are on the Gym, but I forgot their screen names (Sorry!). By this time Chrisbo has shown up and we all move into the library. The tournament gets running after this and soon pairings are up. I am playing Mario.

    Round 1 vs. Walrein:
    We get set up and he goes first. All he has out is a single Chingling, and he attacks and ends his turn. I attach an energy and Plus Power on my Riolu, and flip heads for the win.
    Round 2 vs Empoleon:
    He goes first and sets up a piplup hitting me for 10. I send out a Machop for 20. He ataches another energy and hits me for twenty. I evolve and drop a DRE for the win.
    Round 3 vs. Blisscatty:
    All I can say is wow and ouch. I did learn something very valuable in this match however: CALM DOWN!!! I was so nervous (I know this is a battle roads, but I have never gone undefeated in a tournament before. I have also never played a good deck, so I was pretty nervous) that I forgot to draw a card when I went first:nonono:. The game then goes in my favor with me winning for the first half of it. We trade attacks until I have one prize and he has three. The he proceeds to make an amazing comeback that culminates in the win for him by upstreaming my Machamp for 130:eek:. I was REALLY irratated/frustrated/annoyed at the time, but looking back on it this was a great match. If you are on the Gym guy who beat me, Good Job:thumb:
    Round 4 vs. Rogue:
    I know this guy from league, and I know this deck, so I thought I had a good Match Up. Wrong, with my confidence shot from the previous game I was already beat mentally:nonono:. I only get one Lucario out the entire game, and no other pokemon:frown:. He gets a quick win.

    Conclusion: Battle Roads are fun, but I really need to learn how to relax under pressure:redface:. Then maybe my third game would have gone better, or maybe not. Sadly this is the only BR I can attend, so I have a while before I can play again.:frown:

    Chrisbo running a great tournament
    My first BR
    Mario for 2 wins
    Meeting fellow Gymers

    Getting way too nervous
    Letting my loss ruin an otherwise great tournament
    Forgetting the afore mentioned Gymers names:mad:

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