Free Pokemon TCG Online Codes

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Mewone, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. Mewone

    Mewone New Member

    Guess not, so I will make one.

    Lurkers are annoying aren't they? Instead of posting it out there for any non member to take I'll just ask you to reply here asking for a code, then I'll message the code to you.

    BCCSMC New Member

    Hey Mewone,

    Can i get a code please?

    Nice job with the freebies :) keep it up!


    TYLERBREEZE New Member

    i would love a code plz thank you
  4. primeape

    primeape New Member

    That would be cool. Lurkers!
  5. Jainali

    Jainali New Member

    I too would like a free code :D
  6. Fudec

    Fudec New Member

    Give me a code pls

    Give me a code pls, thanks
  7. Nitch

    Nitch New Member

    I'd be happy with one :) Thanks already!
  8. HumbleDonphan

    HumbleDonphan New Member

    If you have any more, I'd love a free code as well
  9. oggthekiller

    oggthekiller New Member


    oggthekiller, the legendary noob, is here! he must slay the tryhards so that other people have a chance of winning popups! ;p
  10. TnTxHunter

    TnTxHunter New Member

    i need it, plz give me. tks
  11. Staryuandmie

    Staryuandmie New Member

    Would love to be a part of this if it's still going on.
  12. Pokealjovin

    Pokealjovin Administrator

    It never happened, as far as I can tell
  13. Hellothere

    Hellothere New Member

    Can I have a code?
  14. BuckSlayer321

    BuckSlayer321 New Member

    Hi, I would love to get a free code, thanks.
  15. ettoruccio

    ettoruccio New Member

    Hi, can i get a code? Thanks c:
  16. TotallyNotMikey

    TotallyNotMikey New Member

    *jumps on the code bandwagon*
  17. ofrea1234

    ofrea1234 New Member

    Sick of lurking for one :(
  18. William Loor

    William Loor New Member

    I would love a code please :)
  19. treyh37

    treyh37 Member

  20. NikonCoyote

    NikonCoyote New Member

    Lol the free code things XD

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