Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mewoxys666, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    4 Snorunt MT
    4 Froslass LA
    3 Spirtomb LA
    1 Glalie MT
    1 Baltoy GE
    1 Claydol

    4 Roseanne's Research
    4 Warp Point
    4 Buck's Training
    4 Pluspower
    4 SSU
    4 Bebe's Seacrh
    3 Night Maintenence
    2 Dawn Stadium
    2 TM De-evolutionator

    4 Call
    4 Psychic
    7 Water

    Froslass with some zing. Froslass deals fantastic spread damage, while dropping one Spiritomb per turn amplifies the damage spread across the bench. The idea is essentially to create widespread ruin on your opponent's field and drop a load of KO's in one turn. I know only 8 basics is risky, and even half of them being Spiritomb makes it 50/50 chance of starting with him, but if that's the case I let him get KO'd while pumping up my Froslass, then I re-use him by SSU or Night Maintenence. Glalie is there for a little wall against things with special energy, reducing damage done to him by 40 against anything using a special energy card. The oh-so popular Call energy and Multi come to mind here. Potion, yes Potion, is here for use against damage spread decks like mirror matches or Empo/Zong, so I can keep their options limited on who they can KO. TM allows even more potential ruinous moves with the already massive spread and low HP basic hiding underneath some bigger fish. The Buck's and Pluspowers help KO the already popular Uxie/Azelf/Mesprit and Snowpoint Temple combo. Else I have to 3 shot them, which is never pleasant. Any fixes would be awesome.
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  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Not bad, not bad, although I would only run one Glalie.
  3. Moonstep

    Moonstep New Member

    OK, major changes here...
    -1 Spiritomb
    -4 Bucks
    -4 Pluspower
    -4 Potion
    -1 SSU
    -2 Dawn
    -1 NM
    -1 WP
    Sorry, but it's vital...
    + 2-2 Bronzong
    +4 Bebe
    +3 Cynthia
    +2 TMTS-2
    +1 Azelf
    + 2-2 Claydol

    If you want this deck to work, take this advice.
  4. Xaej

    Xaej New Member

    This is my list, see if it can help you at all.

    12 Pokemon

    4 Snorunt
    4 Froslass
    1 Glalie
    3 Spiritomb

    32 Trainers

    4 Roseanne's Research
    4 Bebe's Search
    4 PlusPower
    4 Super Scoop Up
    3 Buck's Training
    3 Warp Point
    3 Night Maintenance
    3 Quick Ball
    2 Dawn Stadium
    2 TM-02

    3 Call
    9 Water
    4 Psychic

    - Xaej
  5. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    Why run glalie? I'm not criticizing it. I'm trying to make a froslass deck of my own and would like to know why glalie is usefull. Also, I suggest a 2-2 claydol line. So:
    -4 Potion (Or something else if you want these.)
    +2-2 claydol
  6. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    Moonstep: In no way is Bronzong vital to the success of this deck. Froslass herself is able to spread just enough, and with Spiritomb amplifying each turn at best, Bronzong is nothing important. It would only cause some redundant feelings of playing a Stage 1 Empo/Zong. Buck's is draw power, and ability to 2 shot Snowpointed elves (Uxie/Azelf/Mesprit), as are Pluspower. No offense, but I don't really take advise from people whom make it sound like they know a deck they have not yet played. Easy on the demands.

    Xaej: Actually a relatively good list. I'm going to agree on running one Glalie and 3 Spiritomb. Potion perhaps is a bit much.

    Garch: Simply for having something that can reduce damage from any Poke who has a special energy is beneficial in it's own way.

    All: Claydol, is actually rather something I hoped I would not have to run. I suppose I can try it, however I really don't like the idea of giving Empo/Zong something else to snack on aside the neccessary. =(

    List updated. Anything else?
  7. Xaej

    Xaej New Member

    Lol, I know it was my suggestion, but after playing with LA cards some more today, I'm actually becoming less and less a fan of Spiritomb due to the horrible start gathered from his 2 retreat cost. If you're running Spiritomb, I would actually suggest cutting it to 1 and replacing the other 2 with Quick Balls on your list and dropping the Claydol. I agree that its not entirely necessary for this deck. If you're looking for extra draw power, consider either Professor Rowan or Cynthia's Feelings. That way, as you said, Claydol won't be on your bench taking tons of damage and furthermore, I just simply get tired of running it after awhile lol..

    Since you're running 4 Warp Points, the 3 'Tombs might not be terrible, but I think will do fine, especially with the 4 SSUs.

    Anyway, sorry for my bipolarness on the suggestions, but hope it helps!

    - Xaej
  8. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    Haha. Nah. It's cool. Spiritomb can die for all I care if he starts. He's just Call bait then. I will either Warp him or SSU him back.
  9. ragingphantom

    ragingphantom New Member

    if i was you id run Megalass
    4-4 mega
    4-3/1 lass/glalie
    3 spiritomb
    pokemon 19
    4 bebe
    3 cynthia
    3 rosy
    3 SSU
    3 warp point
    3 NM
    2 TS-2
    3 quick ball
    2 radar
    22 trainers
    4 call
    4 multi
    11 water
    19 energy

    hoped it helped
  10. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    I'm trying to stay away from using more than one spreader Pokemon in this deck, it would only make it even more redundant. Anything else?
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