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  1. kaworu

    kaworu New Member

    The new froslass seems amazing, it's reminiscent of Lucario in that it's a stage 1, 90HP, 2 for 40 and bench damage pokemon but this is so much better.


    Froslass LV.46 – Water – HP90
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Snorunt

    [P] Destiny Bond: Discard 1 Psychic Energy attached to Froslass. During your opponent's next turn, if Froslass' HP is reduced to 0 by an attack, the attacking Pokemon is Knocked Out.
    [W][C] Icy Breath: 40 damage. The Defending Pokemon is now Asleep. Place 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.

    Weakness: Steel (+20)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1

    Solid HP for a stage 1, weakness to a type that is hardly used, except magnezone when that starts. 1 retreat cost. Evolves from snorunt who can do flip for 20 (kind of like riolu but less damage) or collect to draw a card. Snorunt can evolve into glalie if needed as a tech (doubt it).

    The first attack good, forcing your opponent to maybe either not attack or change their strategy altogether. But it's the 2nd attack that is great.

    Being able to hit T2 40dmg to the active, 10dmg to all the bench and sleep seems to good. What would it run well with?

    Fros/Empo/Claydol = Ultimate damage spread

    Zaplass: Zapdos and Froslass with SSU's for silly bench spread. Maybe tech in a bronzong, help with the [P] energy costs for both Bron and Fros.

    Maybe even Froslass and Kabutops if you fancy a stretch.

    I just think this card seems like alot of fun.

  2. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    I totally forgot that Froslass is a counterpart of Glalie. I want to experiment with it now.
  3. Garch

    Garch <a href="

    0_0 Ouch, that color of text hurts the eyes...... Yes, froslass does look like a good solid card. Desteny bond can be gotten around, and it doesn't do all that much damage, though.
  4. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Kyogre can do 60 and 20 to everything,thats amazing cuz it accels itself and can get off T2,thats good. Spreading is gonna be so easy next format with no dugtrio cg.hitting the bench is gonna be common then we get a TM2 aka ATM rock,next frmat is gonna be so fun.

    Froslass with the pixes can help against Mewtwo decks
  5. Kabutops141

    Kabutops141 New Member

    Gaahh. That text is making my eyes bleed.

    But, meh. It's Ok. Not really that great IMO. 40 for 2 plus sleep and spread is interesting though.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2008
  6. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    I love this card. Just needs to be comboed with something that can actually take prizes and were all good.
  7. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    how bout t2 frossy with the new spiritomb. Now Thats spread.
  8. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    T2, 40, asleep, 10 to bench.
    T3, Roseannes, 2 Spiritomb, 20 to the bench
    40, asleep, 10 more to bench
    T4, Roseannes, 2 more Spiritomb 20 more to the bench
    40 asleep, 10 more to the bench.

    That's 120 to the active, asleep, and 70 damage to the bench
    ON Turn 4!!!!
    That's pretty ridiculous
    That's not even accounting for Super Scoop Ups or Zapdos you may use and you can use it with tech Bronzong to do 10 to everything for nothing and between turns to powers.

    That deck is gonna be the new speed spread.
    It's just so ridiculous. And it really doesn't need hardly any setup.
  9. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    It can also tech for big hitters (Gallade :tongue:). You can run one just to take down some really powerful Pokemon.
  10. nosada

    nosada New Member

    ampharos added, 3 turn opponent supporter = 100 damage bench on t4

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    frosslass +dugtrio CG. Get ahead on prizes and just destiny bond for the rest of the game!
  12. Roderick

    Roderick Member

    You can't use more than one of Spiritomb's power each turn...
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2008
  13. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    umm...........there's Zapdos too along with SSU.
  14. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    You mean Bastiodon; Dugtrio's rotated out by the time Frossy comes international. Not to mention the wording on Destiny Bond is... interesting. Reduced to Zero? As opposed to saying Knocked Out (Yes, there is a difference, but I'm wondering which it is: Knock out via Effect like placing damage counters, or Knock Out via pure damage)?

    I just wonder how this will handle itself against HUGE basics (ala Groudon/Rayquaza/etc.), as those probably can kill the ghost before it has a chance to spread everything to death. Depending on how Reduced to Zero pans out... I think this deck's only real problem would be against some sort of haymaker basic rush. The loss of Scramble and the like just makes set up decks a joke compared to something like this :/
  15. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    No...Spiritomb's power says you can't use it if you've already used another one that turn. And Zapdos is horrible.

    Froslass is so amazing. It outclasses Lucario in every way. You don't need 2 energy of the same type to attack, it does 10 in damage counters to the whole bench, not just 20 to 1, and inflicts sleep. What's not to love?
  16. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    ^I know THAT. Zapdos isn't all too bad.

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