Fun fact: Its been nearly 13 years since Misty was permanently dropped from the anime

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by precita, Sep 30, 2015.

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  1. precita

    precita New Member

    My my, how time flies.

    Its been nearly 13 years since Misty was written off the anime way back in November of 2002. And in that timeframe she stayed gone permanently for the entire duration of the anime, never returning to the cast in any of the following arcs. Even her cameos/guest appearances stopped a decade ago back in 2005, since not counting flashbacks, Misty hasn't physically shown up in an episode since Ash came home from the Hoenn league back in 2005.

    As someone who was part of the fandom when Misty originally left, its both rather funny and kind of ironic that all the people who sat there raging about Misty leaving did it all for nothing. Because as we can see, Misty never returned to the anime after 13 long years, and her character was essentially dropped at the very beginning of the series. Looking back at this now a decade later, it really puts into perspective how irrelevant Misty actually was to the overall series. She turned out to be nothing more than a short-lived sidekick character who was only around for the first 5 years of the show, and the anime is currently in its 18th year.

    The writers really did turn the series against Misty in virtually every way possible, completely burying her character in almost the same manner as Tracey and promoting the hell out of all the female companions who came after her. Also now entire generations of kids have grown up watching the anime without her for a decade, so she's practically irrelevant to 70% of the animes run now. How time flies.
  2. rivershock

    rivershock Member

    The first thing that comes to mind is "So what?" She's no more special than any of Ash's other travelling companions, and she's made more reappearances than the others as well. (Which has nothing to do with how long she's been around, either, they were all during the Gen 3 era.) Also, it's been 9 years, not 10, Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon aired April 2006.

    If they find a reason to bring her back for another cameo, they will. The last few, especially the last few Special Episodes, show that if there's a story to tell, they can, and will, do it. But they won't just bring in a character for the sake of it. Misty and Tracey are harder to use in this regard, as they're not on a journey, and have no will to do so. May, Dawn, Brock, Cilan and Iris are all travelling and having new experiences, so they're much easier and more interesting to bring back.
  3. precita

    precita New Member

    That's exactly my point, I agree with you. The funny thing is people tried to make a huge deal out of Misty leaving the anime back in 2002, mainly because some people couldn't believe the anime was going on without Misty in it, or their obsession with shipping preventing them from liking the idea of Misty staying behind while Ash traveled with new female leads.

    That's what's ironic about it. We're now 13 years later, Misty really did stay gone permanently since 2002, and the anime brought in 4 female leads after her. Essentially proving the people who actually sat there raging about Misty leaving for years did it all for nothing.

    If you look through the archives of this very forum you see people raging about Misty. Its pretty funny reading old posts from 2003-2006 and seeing how those people never got what they wanted.
  4. chen1995

    chen1995 New Member

    you can give me a link of archives? Thank you
  5. PalletTownGuy

    PalletTownGuy New Member

    Just came across this. Well, to be fair, people who grew up watching Pokemon definitely saw her as one of the main characters. In such case, it's like writing Princess Peach off the Super Mario lore. Fans didn't get what they want, they got pissed, and Pokemon probably saw a decrease in viewers from that point.

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