Furret's Miscue "Why ban Zappy??"

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Prof. Douglas Zuver, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Espeon, prancing through a meadow,
    glances up, and sees bobbing white squares in the

    Espeon trots back into Mauville to see what is going on.
    Espeon wags its tail at Blissey sweeping the steps of
    the Pokemon Center.
    Turning the corner, Espeon smirks at the sight that
    it beholds.
    A group of Linoones and Zigazoons are holding signs,
    picketing the Mauville City Game Corner in a rather erratic
    Espeon watches for a minute reading the signs.

    "Why ban Zappy?"
    "If LC is good enough for Totodile, it is good enough for us"
    "What will electric have left, if Zappy leaves Modified?"
    Another sign has "Why ban Zappy?" crossed out and
    something written in a small pen penciled in...

    Espeon notices the group seems to be more intent on searching
    the ground for Gaming Coins lost by the Weekend Gambling crowd
    than forming any particular line or pattern.

    Furret bounces up to Espeon, looking very pleased with its self.
    Furret "Rather nice, don't you think?"
    Espeon "I would think a calm rational discussion with MT Jimmer
    on the merits and possible ramifications of the Legendary Collection's
    future could be more productive for long term results."
    Espeon pulls out a Lava Cookie thinking it might calm Furret down.
    Furret seeing the Lava Cookies immediately declares "Oh no you don't-
    I can't be bribed!!!"
    A small Zigzagoon carrying a small sign bearing the words:
    "Why ban Zappy?" waltzes up to Espeon and looks expectantly.
    Furret "You cannot bribe my faithful band of followers, either!!!"
    Small Zigzagoon "We don't know who Zappy is, but Furret is such
    a nice friend."
    The small Zigzagoon continues staring at the Lava Cookie in Espeon's
    Espeon rolls its eyes and hands the Lava Cookie to the now very happy
    small Zigzagoon.

    The Zigzagoon begins earnestly searching through the tall gr***, its
    sign bobbing in and out of sight among the weeds.
    Espeon clears its throat...
    A Linoone waltzes up to Furret, sees Espeon and begins a long discourse
    on the Merits of a Legendary Fire Pokemon named Zappy should have
    on the strategy of Pokemon Battles particularly when Scizor seems to be
    rather hard to beat...
    Espeon politely thanks Linoone and hands it a Lava Cookie too...

    Another Zigzagoon rushes up, this one much larger than the first and
    begins with a campaign lecture on "Pappy for President"
    Espeon rolls its eyes and glances at Furret.
    Furret shrugs and hands the "Loyal" follower another Lava Cookie to
    keep them happy...

    Three Hitmonchans stroll by heading west towards the gym.
    Furret warily glances at them.
    Furret "Those big bullies, all they want is an easy Gym Badge"
    Espeon "Not all Fighting types are bad, look at that Machamp over there..."
    Furret looks eastward towards Rydel's Cycle Store and sees a
    Machamp racing up and down the street with a little boy on its
    shoulder making loud noise and antics and having lots of fun.
    Furret "Probably charges $5 a ride..."
    Espeon looks innocent yawns and uses telekinesis to dump
    the contents of Furret's backpack on top of Furret.
    Energy cards go flying everywhere as Furret is lost in a heap
    of cards...
    Furret laughs and begins throwing cards back at Espeon...

    Time p***es as Espeon takes a nap in the sun.

    Three very cocky Hitmonchans (one much larger than the rest)
    exit the PokeMart and walk over to the fence that surround the
    Game Corner.
    They disappear and soon return with picket signs that say:
    "Ban Mewtwo ex"
    As they try to join the group of Picketers, Furret heads them off
    saying "We don't want to ban anyone, please leave..."

    The largest Hitmonchan (apparently a Pokemon ex) stops and looks
    quite put off that a Normal Pokemon would even think of challenging
    Hitmonchan ex glances around notices Espeon apparently sleeping...
    The largest Linoone picks up a rock and tosses it at the closest Hitmonchan
    Furret's eyes begin to shine a whitish color (sight sharing).
    The smaller Hitmonchan prepares an impressive rock smash attack...
    The rock stops in mid air 5 feet away from Hitmonchan as its attack
    clumsily flails empty air.
    The rock begins to casually orbit the Hitmonchans.
    Two Zigzagoons decide to press the attack as more rocks fill the air...
    Each rock stops in mid air and the Hitmonchans begin to look
    rather funny as they lose their balance and fall on the ground.
    The Jewel on Espeon's forehead is now brightly glowing though
    Espeon is still apparently sleeping...
    As more and more rocks join in Orbit around the Hitmonchans,
    they begin to form characters of the Japanese Language.

    (Untranslatable, though the Narrator has a very high regard for
    Japanese philosophies, ideas and talent, he hasn't the faintest
    idea how to translate the language)

    The Hitmonchan begin bating at the rocks with their signs,
    the signs break, and the Hitmonchans run away...

    Furret eyes stop shining as it walks over to Espeon.
    The Linnones and Zigzagoons as is their nature procede
    to pick up the meadow of both trash and treasures...
    A Slakoth stirs in the tree past the fence, slowly turns
    around and goes back to sleep...
    Espeon yawns, streches, and looks around innocently and
    lies back down to take another sun nap...
    Furret "Cut that out you big faker..."

    Suddenly there is a rather large Sneasel in their midst...
    Furret "Is it real? Or is it memorex??"
    Espeon looks up uses mind reading and Says "Definately an ex type."
    The Sneasel ex is holding a sign that reads:
    "Save the whales"
    The Hitmonchans are standing on the other side of the east fence
    holding signs that say "Save Warilord ex"
    Espeon "Hmmm....a riddle indead..."
    Furret infuriated says "It's no riddle to me..."
    Espeon "Perhaps, they are trying to ask Pokemon USA to go ahead and
    print that 200 hp Warilord ex even though some people fear it is broken,
    and could be used with Pokemon Nurse and Center to stall forever..."
    Furret madder yet "Of all the Pokemon in exsistance, how many of them
    other than Base Zapdos can faint that Pokemon in one hit???"

    The Linoones begins a new bombardment of pebbles at the Hitmonchans...
    Furret quite enraged at the subtle plot to mess up its nicely organized
    demonstration, charges up to the Hitmonchan ex and demands a duel.
    Furret "You will pick a hero to battle for you and I will do the same."
    Hitomonchan ex looks smugly at Sneasel ex and shakes on it.

    Furret sets up the match allowing the Hitmonchans to sit on Sneasel's
    bench. Furret fetches two rainbow and one recycle energy for Sneasel,
    and gives Espeon three Psychic energy out of its backpack.
    Espeon "Thanks a lot..."
    Furret winks at Espeon.
    Furret count down from 10 to start the match...
    As Furret shouts "GO", it tosses something high into the air...
    Espeon leaps forward twisting in the air reaching out for the
    glittering object.
    Sneasel ex uses the first part of its Beat Up attack.
    It misses due to Espeon's leap
    Espeon summersaults in the air, causing Seasel ex's
    second Beat Up to barely miss.
    Espeon lands light on its feet and rolls with the impact
    of Sneasel ex's third Beat Up attack.
    Espeon performs two spins in the air, lands solidly
    and begins to glow in an overwhelming crystal outline.
    (Due to the Crystal Shard that Furret tossed to Espeon).
    Espeon quickly uses Psychic which knocks out Sneasel ex

    Quite shocked at the unexpected turn of events,
    the two smaller Hitmonchans spy a bicycle built
    for two leaning against the South fence and use
    it to make a quick getaway to Cycling Road.

    Furret proudly walks up to Hitmonchan ex and
    says "Perhaps you would like to hear a business proposition?"
    Hitmonchan ex eyes Espeon solemnly and slowly nods.

    In a few minutes, the picketing signs have been transformed
    into firewood and Hitmonchan ex is roaming the street holding
    a sign labeled "Furret's Fancy Fine Fast Foods"
    Linoones and Zigzagoons watch amazed as Furret pulls a
    large table, 4 chairs, and a lemonade fountain out of its
    somewhat small backpack.
    Linoone "They sure teach you some neat tricks in Johto.."
    Espeon "Actually, I would credit a Nanny from England with that one,
    Furret always did love watching Disney Movies..."

    Espeon walks over to the fainted Sneasel ex
    Espeon "Hmm...I wonder..."

    Soon, Furret's newest enterprise is briskly doing business selling
    Lemonade, Roasted Marshmallows, and other treats.
    Furret and Espeon get into a deep discussion...
    Espeon "Do you think we can get away with it?"
    Furret "Sure, we fooled Doug didn't we?"
    Espeon snorts "Didn't you hear his aside about the Bulldozer
    Furret ???
    Espeon "That man taught him to look at broken bolts for rust inside
    the break."
    Furret "Oh well, but it has been a while since we threw it over all those
    Espeon "The last time I saw it, some Donphans were "playing" with it."
    Furret "Do you think it survived?"
    Espeon "Only one way to find out."
    Espeon teleports

    Linoone "How did Espeon learn that?"
    Small Zigzagoon "Read an Abra's mind. Shhhh... We aren't supposed to know."

    Espeon teleports back in then nods to Furret.
    Espeon moves beside Sneasel ex and teleports again.
    Furret wanders up the street to find the little boy it saw playing with Machamp
    earlier in the day.
    Furret comes back with the little boy and pulls several Ultra Balls out of its
    Linoone pokes its head into the backpack, wondering what else is in it,,,
    Linoone pulls out a Acro Bike and trades places with Hitmonchan ex's
    advertising job, riding up and down the street doing wheelies..."
    The little boy named Ralph spies Hitmonchan ex walking back to the
    lemonade stand. He looks up at Furret who hands the boy a strange
    ball with a special marking on it.
    Furret "One chance....aim carefully and throw hard."
    Ralph waits a second then rushes forward and tosses the Pokeball
    at point blank range.
    Hitmonchan ex sees the boy rushing up and smiles...
    The Pokeball opens and Hitmonchan ex disappears.
    The Pokeball drops to the ground and the light blinks on and off seven
    times then stops...
    Ralph "Yay, I did it!!!"
    Espeon "Very well done!"

    Ralph "Are there really Darkness Pokemon around here?"
    Espeon "There is rumored to be a special shrine that they protect..."
    Ralph eyes wide "Really???"
    Espeon steers Ralph a little bit more to the right
    Ralph spies something ahead
    Espeon veers off "Maybe we should go this way?"
    Ralph rushes forward towards a rather battered large stone tilted
    at a rather awkward angle to the sky.
    Espeon continues veering off into the brush.
    Ralph "Look at this.."
    Espeon move over...
    Ralph brushes the dust off the stones...
    Ralph trying to read:
    "Disturb not the harmony of Fighting, Psychic, and Darkness
    lest these Titans reek destruction on the world in which they clash..."
    Ralph "Wooowwww...."
    Ralph moves to the back of the monument and sees Sneasel ex lying
    Ralph snatches up all three UltraBalls and throws them one right after
    Espeon moves forward and smiles to see Ralph triumphantly holding a
    Espeon "Remember what Furret said about kindness and love?
    Ralph nod solemnly...
    Ralph reads the inscription again:
    "Disturb not the harmony of...."

    Espeon thinks perhaps everything is being restored to balance after all....
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Got to fix that auto-censor!
  3. Trakix

    Trakix New Member

    Don't mean to be a dork or anything, but what's with the quasi-attempt at sort of roleplaying for your posts? Just wondering. Thanks.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2003
  4. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Three Hitmonchans stroll by heading west towards the gym.
    Furret warily glances at them.
    Furret "Those big bullies, all they want is an easy Gym Badge"

    They'd only get an easy Gym Badge if it were a TCG Gym. :p
    If it were a normal Pokémon Gym (I'm guessing it being Mauville, it would be Wattson's Gym), Fighting types wouldn't have an easy battle. Electric's only weakness is Ground. And unfortunately for Lightning cards, Ground are in the Fighting type for the TCG.

    Just want to point out a stupid technicality. :p
    Or something...

    But besides, that, good point. Lightning doesn't have many A list Pokémon, huh? And Wailord ex will be a huge pain in the heinie. Well, it is weak to both Lightning and Gr***. So, we could also use a Gr***-type with the ability to do 100 damage or greater. The non-holo Sceptile is a posibility. If both were heads, it'd deal 200 damage to Wailord ex. But, that's a big IF. And that's all I can think of at the top of my head.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2003
  5. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Well lightning does have Electabuzz-ex but then there is Hitmonchan-ex but that would get beat by all the Mewtwo-ex except for those Sneasel-ex which....
    Oh, Never mind :rolleyes:
  6. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Should work from now on.

    We now bring you back to your thread.Thanx!;)

  7. 0bserver

    0bserver New Member

    I understand the censors, but really? Now people are going to have to type "Grase" in order for half the word not to be censored. ;)
  8. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Furret fetches Prima's Ruby and Sapphire Guidebook
    and begins quoting from page #32:

    Mauville City
    Gym Leader Battle #3 Wattson

    Recommend Move Types: Fire, Ground, Fighting

    Gym Leader's Pokemon
    Magnemite Lv. 22 type Electric Steel
    Voltrob Lv. 20 type Electric
    Magneton Lv. 23 type Electric Steel

    Dynmo Badge increase your Pokemons speed and
    allows your Pokemon to use HM 06 (Rock Smash)
    in the Field.
  9. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Only Magnemite and Magneton would fear Fighting Pokémon due to their dual type introduced in GSC. Steel types are weak to Fighting, not Electric Pokémon. Voltorb has nothing to worry about from a Fighting Pokémon, unless it was packing a Ground-type move as well (like Earthquake).

    That's also the reason why Fire Pokémon are recommended, because that is another weakness of Steel (its only other weakness is Ground, making Magnemite/Magneton 4x weak to Ground. Man, if any Pokémon should've had Levitate as an ability, it should've been Magnemite/Magneton).

    So take THAT, Furret!

    // Furret takes THAT
    // THAT™ is now a trademark of Furret's Fancy Fine Fast Foods

  10. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    Dork schmork

    If you'd been a regular on the old board you'd know that DMTM used to couch controversial subjects in this format just to make people do a little thinking with their guessing. Consider it the Pokemon equivalent of Haiku.. :lol:
  11. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Eh, not to sound like a jerk or anything... but technically it isn't.

    Isn't a haiku one of those three line poems where the syllables in the lines are 5, 7, and 5 (in that order)?
    But, I could be wrong.
  12. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Wow! Quite a story. All I can say is, keep LC until there is another large reprint set. Zapdos (featured in my Amphy/Zappy deck at the SDCC FAT) is not the only PKMN that is a balancer/needed from that set. Beware unbalanced small card pools!
  13. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Too hard to absorb
    the meaning of the first post.
    My poor mind explodes.

    Burma Shave.
  14. Timmy Two Tone

    Timmy Two Tone New Member

    No, I disagree get rid of LC. You are forgetting Electabuzz EX and Raichu EX (due in September) Raichu EX 120 damage for 3 energies and 100 HP to boot!! If they bring back Zapdos then bring him back as an EX, and give him a weakness to water.
  15. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Actually, they already recently did a Zapdos with a LIGHTNING Weakness -- they'd probably do it again on a new Zapdos card. Wierd, but remember that Flying types in this game are usually given Lightning Weakness and Fighting Resistance.
  16. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Zapdos Aquapolis
    80 hp
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Body Anti-Lightning:
    You can't attach Lightning Energy from your hand to Zapdos.

    One Colorless Energy "Plasma":
    If there are any Lightning Energy in your discard pile, flip a coin.
    If heads, attach 1 of them to Zapdos.
    10 Damage

    Two Lightning Two Colorless "Lightning Storm"
    Flip a Coin, if tails put 2 damage counters on Zapdos.
    60 Damage

    Weakness Electricity
    Resistance Fighting
    Retreat Cost Two Colorless
  17. dkates

    dkates New Member

    A partner for LC Muk if I ever saw one. Sounds like they were trying to copy Rocket's Zapdos but tone it down, and they certainly succeeded.
  18. Turbo Blastoise

    Turbo Blastoise New Member

    They not only succeeded with toning down Rocket's Zapdos, they made the Aquapolis Zapdos practically NONPLAYABLE!!!
  19. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Quite true, Turbo Blastoise. It has exactly one advantage over Rocket's Zapdos -- 10 more Hit Points -- but it loses the effectiveness of its predecessor's Plasma attack, damage from its second attack, and has to be teamed with LC Muk to allow you to attach Lightning Energy to it from our hand! What, was there a conspiracy to make Electric types completely unplayable? That would explain Tyrogue and the weak Electric cards that have been coming out!
  20. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    Ok, I dont think we need LC. There are other electric pokemon quite capable of doing some serous damage. I predict that the new manectric will become quite popular.
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