Furricolo, a revolution???

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Typhlosion_21, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Typhlosion_21

    Typhlosion_21 New Member


    3x Stantler SW
    2x Sentret SW
    2x Furret SW
    4x Lotad SW
    3x Lombre SW
    4x Ludicolo SW
    1x Mantike DP
    1x Mantine MT
    1x Ludicolo δ CG (questionable)


    2x Holon Mentor
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Night Maintenece
    2x Rossanne's Research
    3x Prof. Oak's Visit
    2x Scott
    2x Glacia's Stadium
    1x Speed Stadium
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Castaway
    2x Strength Charm
    1x Copycat


    9x Water
    2x DRE
    3x Scramble


    Start with Stantler, set up with your supporters, after stantler, use furret to get your candies or pokes/supporters to speed up the process, and you can either candy, scramble to a colo, or you can attack with furret and move any NRG u attched 2 him 2 the new pkmn....

    Opinions, Questions, and Comments are welcome...
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2007
  2. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    -1 Speed Stadium
    - 3 Holon Mentor (either that or Roseanne's and I think Roseanne's is better)
    +4 Straight draw like Visit of Mars
  3. Typhlosion_21

    Typhlosion_21 New Member

    The Prof. Oak Research was supposed to be Visits, my bad.

    I can't take out the Stadiums because the deck relies on them....
  4. kiwill

    kiwill New Member

    I've been testing this ludicolo and it's quite nice.
    I played it like this :
    2-2 Mantine
    4-4-4 Ludicolo

    I played more like a heal deck, attack with a ludicolo then retreat it and let it heal on the bench while you're attacking with an other one. But even if you play it offensivly it's quite good, mantine as a decent attack which is sometimes usefull and with charms lombre can also do a t2 50.
    Your version seems quite nice aswell, I'll give a try, though I think it will do better with 2 more sentrets and without stantler.
  5. Typhlosion_21

    Typhlosion_21 New Member

    I'd like 2 keep the Furret line the way it is for now...., but the mantine is a good idea will change that now....

    Any one else.
  6. Typhlosion_21

    Typhlosion_21 New Member

    Wow, my deck must be flawless, because I see 127 views but only 4 posts.

    It must be sooo perfect that trying practically the whole thing on paper is a great idea....
  7. Hawk Nelson

    Hawk Nelson New Member

    or the deck just isnt worth helping because it wont work in the metagame and is a lost cause because it loses to most popular decks.
  8. Typhlosion_21

    Typhlosion_21 New Member

    First, I would like 2 thank SOMEONE for finally posting.

    And second, The only popular deck that it might lose to is electivire, and I have Glacia's Stadiums for the weakness, Scrambles for after they K.O. the Stantler start, then after they K.O. Furret after already getting the Candies, mentors, colos, scotts, and anything else that I would possibly need for this measure....

    Any questions...
  9. flariados

    flariados New Member

    Take out bebe's search for celio's network and play only furret or stantler not both and only 1 night maintenance and take out that speed stadium for another glacia's stadium. Take out scott and that lonely copycat for some steven advice.
  10. kiwill

    kiwill New Member

    btw, you can't have 5 ludis even if one is a delta.
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