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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by akiviker, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. akiviker

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    == TEAM GALACTIC'S WAGER (DP:Mysterious Treasures)

    Q. For "Team Galactic's Wager", if both players agree can we roll dice with "Rock", "Paper", and "Scissors" printed on them? Or use a six-sided dice with 1/2 being "Rock", 3/4 being "Paper", and 5/6 being "Scissors"?
    A. No, you may not randomly determine the outcome of Rock/Paper/Scissors. (Jan 24, 2008 PUI Rules Team)


    It's become a habit of a number of players in my area to carry a set of three cards with them to tournaments. These three cards are in separate sleeves, their backs differing from the ones they use for their deck (to keep them from being confused with the deck cards, obviously), and the faces of the cards are reading "Rock", "Paper" and "Scissors". When doing the R-P-S for TGW they shuffle-out one of these cards, waiting for the opponent to do the same (or the conventional RPS) and then reveal their card.
    1) Does this fall under the "randomly determining the outcome", in the spirit it's meant in the Ruling from Jan24? Even though it's not rolling the dice or flipping for it. You're still choosing from R/P/S (the card), however blindly you're doing it.
    Now, I have no personal objection to playing TGW this way. I'm just curious,
    2)why is it so important not to have randomity (is that a word?) play a part in TGW? Is it just to have the card in-line with the conniving nature of Team Galactic?

    I need this clarified before a player comes to me after a tournament, claiming bad form for judges letting TGW be resolved this way, after there's been a ruling forbidding randomizing the outcome. (Isn't RPS random enough?).
    Enough ranting, now calmly waiting for the response.

    Oops... I guess this answers the question:

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  2. mtjimmer

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    The cards are acceptable within certain tolerances. The method is questionable.

    Explain it to the player(s) this way:
    Let's say you become a serious competitor for States/Regionals/Nationals/Worlds. You might as well practice what would be expected of you in those situations. A judge at Nationals isn't going to hold your hand as you bitterly complain how you've never actually played RPS, or how you don't want to.

    I would hope that the player understands the ramifications - being willfully ignorant doesn't befit the status of a strong player. If a player is determined to be unsportsmanlike, they need to be called on it.

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