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  1. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    This is a deck i played at the last two battle roads. I was planning on playing it at nats, but turns out i cant go.:redface: Jordan Bowden first threw this together, then Billy Gatewood took it and fixed it so it could win. He let me borrow the list for the last battle roads i went to. I changed the pokemon a tad, and did the trainer line diferent, but it is essentially his deck. Billy made top cut in masters 4 times in a row (i think) with this, and i got second and first.


    POKEMON = 22
    4- Electabuzz (SW)
    3- Electivire (SW)
    1- Electivire Lv X
    2- Ralts
    1- Kirlia
    2- Gardevior
    1- Gardevoir Lv X
    2- Baltoy
    2- Claydol
    1- Duskull
    1- Dusknoir
    2- Pachirisu

    TRAINERS = 24
    3- Celios
    2- Crystal Beach
    1- Energy Switch
    2- Felicity's Drawing
    2- Night Maintenance
    2- Premier Ball
    3- Rare Candy
    2- Roseanne's Research
    2- Switch
    2- Team Galactic's Wager
    3- TV Reporter

    ENERGY = 14
    12 Lightning
    2 DRE

    Basically you have two diferent starts, pachi or no pachi. Either one is fine, because you can roseanne's for the pachi and an energy, retreat next turn to put it up. Set up Claydol first, then get multiple vires out. The main strategy is simple, but the different matchups make it hard. The gardevoirs usually come in as a surprise, and they have an exellent setup power. Gardy Lv X is useful to put up after knockouts, and some games you can bring down ftw. Oh, and a rule i go by for discharge is this; count how many heads you need for a knockout, then multiply that by 2. Then add 1 for safety. Thats the number of energy you need on vire. So its like this, i need 2 heads for a knockout, so i would put 4 to 5 energys on electivire to be safe.


    Empoleon 60-40/ 50-50 - This matchup is harder than you think. Yes, you can one hit most of their pokemon, but so can they. Plus that omastar wager combo kills you. I suggest going aggro electivire with no gardy support.

    G & G\ Plox 30/70 - Your only hope is to set up an early gardy-wager combo to keep them lock down. Otherwise, psychic lock detroys.

    Mag 70/30- Usually the only time i lose to mag deck is when i get a bad setup. Go through your deck fast to get a crystal beach, and if they dont run windstorms, you win. Just watch out for torrid wave, it stops your active vire's motor drive.

    Banette 60/40- Key to this matchup is to weather the early storm. After that they can't one hit you, and you can one hit them. Plus, if they run cessations, Captain Windstorm (AKA Vire LV. X) gains invulnerability.

    Eeveevolutions 70/30- Get dusknoir out first! That is the key to this whole macthup. Limiting their bench space is crucial, as they have to decide what techs they actually want to put down. I recomend keeping cladol on their bench, so that now they only have two spots to play with.

    Skittles 80/20- Even with the quickness they set up with, you still win this game. It takes 5 energies on a Ho-Oh to kill Vire (6 with electivre lv x), and possibly only 3-4 for you to on hit them. The only thing that keeps them alive is if they hit a lot of phoenix turns.

    I really think this deck could do well at nats, since you have a decent chance of beating all the archetypes. It really doesnt have an autoloss deck. Against rogues you mainly have to attack with gardy a lot, and bring down is a finisher against any deck.

    Any critism is welcome, and i will try to help with any questions. :smile:
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  2. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    Well, if you don't concider Plox an archetype.

    Wait a second, Josh? is this Gatewood's deck?
  3. kangaroo

    kangaroo New Member

    basically. i just changed a little bit of it. i ment to put something in there giving him the credit. Ill go fix it.
    yeah, the plox matchup is rough, but it is beatable. Unless your playing against super psychik lock :)

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Any other questions?
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  4. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Jordan Bowden First Brought It Together!??!?! I'll Have To Talk To You Tomorrow About This!! I MADE THIS LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO!
  5. Krusiv

    Krusiv New Member

    I'm not sure how you can fit this in, but have you experimented with Ampharos (SW)? You could try a 1-0-1 line. You'll mostly use it for the Poke-Power but its attack isn't half-bad. *shrug* It wouldn't hurt to test it out.
  6. mud mud mudkip

    mud mud mudkip New Member

    you should put in other DRE and put in a other rare candy for turn 2.
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