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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by MrMeches, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. MrMeches

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    In the pas t few Cities, some questions about things of this nature choosing to fail a search have come up and when referencing the Compendium it is not in there. My question is can we update the Compendium, maybe in the General Gameplay Section, of the failing a deck search do to it not being Public Knowledge??

    1. Also, could we clarify these items?:

    Quick Ball was ruled that if there are no additional cards revealed, the deck does not have to be shuffled.

    == QUICK BALL (DP:Mysterious Treasures)

    Q. If I use Quick Ball and the very first card revealed is a Pokemon, do I still have to shuffle my deck?
    A. If the first revealed card is a Pokemon then the deck is not shuffled as there are no "other revealed cards" to shuffle back in. (Oct 25, 2007 PUI Rules Team)

    == TEAM GALACTIC'S WAGER (DP:Mysterious Treasures)

    Q. Can I play Team Galactic's wager if I or my opponent have no hand after playing the card... or no deck?
    A. Yes, both players do as much as they can of the required actions. A player with no hand will shuffle then draw and a player with no deck will shuffle in and draw. (PUI Rules Team, Sep 18th, 2007)

    Ask the Master's Professor Rowan

    [DEL]Professor Rowan[/DEL] <ok this is already interesting as I think many of us are disregarding the very last sentence so this is a strike out!

    Ask the Masters Copycat


    ok these are based on the zero "no hand" or zero "nothing revealed" scenario. There is some confusion with players which is which and how the can be differed. Where the key target is zero in all of these, except for Rowan which after rereading it I realized it states on the card it can't be played if it is the only card, so the differentiation becomes unclear to some.

    [DEL]Master Ball

    == MASTER BALL (Gym: Challenge; Expedition; EX:Deoxys)

    Q. The wording on the new Deoxys verison of "Master Ball" says, "...Choose a Basic Pokémon or Evolution card...". However, the wording on the older versions say, " MAY choose..." Does this mean now that if you draw a Pokémon you MUST take it, or should it still be a choice?
    A. Sorry, you no longer get to choose. You MUST take a Pokémon if you draw at least one. (Apr 14, 2005 PUI Rules Team)


    == POKENAV (EX:Ruby/Sapphire)

    Q. When you play PokéNav if all three cards are trainers, how do you resolve it?
    A. If all three are trainers, then you would show all three to your opponent (to prove there are no Pokémon) and then place all three back on top of the deck in any order. (Sep 18, 2003 PUI Rules Team)

    Ask the Masters Castaway [/DEL]

    NEW**** Castaway actually has zero rulings on it in the Compendium.****NEW

    These card are based on Deck Searching and all share the same feature but are being ruled very differently. Looking into the deck and choosing a card or electing to have the search fail. In this ruling Public Knowledge, cards in the deck are unknown and "hidden information".

    2.So shouldn't all of these Deck type searches (and any deck search) be handled in the same manner as it is hidden information and therefore can fail?
    3.Also, if a Judge is called over to verify if there is in fact a card that can be taken, should we as judges require the card be taken as once the deck is placed back on the table, doesn't it become "hidden information" again??

    4. And finally, if a card has the energy symbol on it, is the request looking for that specific card?? Example Flygon SW in its attack shows the Fist Symbol (fighting) and Magmortar shows the fire symbol but can items such as Doubler Rainbow Energy, Multi Energy, Holon Castform etc. be adequate for the activation of the attack/body/power??
    I identify the Energy Evolution on Eevee.

    Thanks, this will clear a lot of issues up that I know several Players( New and Old) and Judges are discussing all over the U.S.

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  2. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    I can clarify things a bit. The following rulings are no longer correct (note the dates they were made).
    The choice to fail a deck search ruling was made after Worlds 2006 based on consultation with PCL Judges. We need to change those in the Compendium. Thanks for pointing them out.


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