Gamers Guild 4h Sunday Challenge 24 August 2003

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    Gamers Guild 4th Sunday Challenge 24 August 2003

    The Gamers Guild are holding their regular 4th Sunday Tournament on:

    24 August 2003 at:

    Gamers Guild, Rainham and Wigmore Community Centre,
    Granery Close (off Station Road),
    Rainham, Kent. ME8 7SG

    for details on how to find the Guild and a little bit more about us click here

    Prizes will include exclusive Nintendo Promo's, Oversized Cards from WotC, Pokemon Goodies from all over and the famous Pokemon Pasta Shapes Can for the booby prize.

    Come along and join in the fun, meet the winner of the 3rd SE Challenge and play some of the UKs highest ranking players.

    But most of all come and have some FUN :clap: :clap:
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