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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Roboto Geardash Epsilon, Sep 14, 2003.

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  1. Hi! Over the past seven years that I've been videogaming, I've run into some real gems... and some atomic stinkers that should be avoided at all costs. I figured I'd share my wisdom with you, as well as let you contribute, so...

    AVOID Earthworm Jim 2 for the GBA

    Worst. Port. Ever. The original was a super-awesome times ten platformer. The GBA port? Arcanine dung, honestly. If you've played the original, here are just a few things:

    In Anything but Tangerines, it is nigh-impossible to hit the buckshot squid UNLESS your gun is DIRECTLY trained on them. The originals had spreaded shots. Also, it is impossible to get the Three-Finger Gun and Homing Missles at the beginning cave, you cannot leap off the branch.

    In Lorenzen's Soil, there is -slowdown- while you are shooting at dirt. SLOWDOWN. My word.

    That's as far as I could get in the game. It recieves a
    from the Institute of Even Slightly Decent Games.

    I'll dig up some more gems and such later, I have to go do my morning Internet rounds.
  2. Joshman

    Joshman New Member

    AVOID Futurama: The Game for PS2 and X-Box.

    A great plot, its a whole episode in cel-shaded glory with the original cast. Thats about the only compliment I can give for this game. To actually see these cel-shaded gems, you have to suffer your way through a linear cel-shaded future with primitive controls and an un-cooperative camera.

    You play as four of the characters from the show, each with a distinctive style. Fry is a third-person shooter. Bender is more action oriented. Leela is a puzzle and platformer. I, admittingly, did not keep the game long enough to play as Dr. Zoidberg, but he is a racer.

    None of those levels were particularly fun. The only decent level for Fry was Planet Express, in which there were no enemies just a mindless fetchquest for Prof. Farnsworth where you got to explore Planet Express. This is the only location taken directly from the show. Bender's levels just repeat themselves. Leela's are the worst, you solve the same puzzle about 90 times while struggling through the platforming parts.

    The controls are horrible, especially when you consider how many situations there are in the game where you must jump or die. I don't know how many lives the Planet Express crew lost by just walking over the edge of a platform as I try to convince them to save their own lives by just performing a simple jump. These problems were often made more difficult by a lousy camera that, in many instances, wouldn't show you the platform you needed to jump to. I found myself making frequent leaps (or more likely just walking of the platform) of faith, hoping for the best.

    Futurama, you were the best show on Fox! How can you be reduced to this? If you find yourself playing this game, I recommend you walk your character into a suicide booth (and they are in the New New York level). It's better that way.

    This game should be BANNED by the Space Pope.
  3. Sell The Farm for Kirby Super Star on SNES

    6 Kirby adventures in one. This already gives the game omega-props. However, it's incredibly uber. Even though it may be a bit harder to find, buy it if it's in the price range of ten to sixty dollars.

    As I said, it's six games in one. Here's a breakdown (minor spoilers, but it's not very important).

    SPRING BREEZE is a simple Kirby adventure, much like most of his games.

    GOURMET RACE is a race against King DeDeDe to collect as much food as possible and cross the finish line.

    DYNABLADE is another simple, 5-level adventure, but still fun.

    THE GREAT CAVE OFFENSIVE is the best game, by far. A massive adventure where you solve puzzles and collect treasures.

    REVENGE OF META-KNIGHT is a great game, again. You face off against Meta-Knight and his crew on the Halberd, his flying war ship.

    MILKY WAY WISHES is a deep, map-based Kirby game with a twist: You cannot absorb powers from enemies. Instead, you must find "Super Copy" abilities, which lets you switch between every ability you've picked up.

    There are also two mini games and an "Arena" where you can fight every boss battle. A special ability found only in this game for ALL SIX MAIN GAMES and the Arena is a special two-player mode, where Kirby can take his own power and make it into a buddy, controlled by the computer or second player.

    My only gripe with this game is that some classic powers are missing. While I don't really miss Hi-Jump, UFO and Freeze would have been great powers.


    Now, I'm telling you. Buy a SNES if you have to, but don't miss out on this game.
  4. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Kirby Super Star has two of the coolest Kirby villains ever (Meta Knight and Marx), that alone should be enough to convince people to buy it. Having an AI or 2P controlled Helper makes the game interesting, even though some powers, like Plasma, were overbalanced.
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I got KSS. I love it! So many cool abilities, human-controllable helpers, different games... it's a blast!
  6. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    yeah... KSS is great, but its over far to fast
  7. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Agreed. It has 6 games, but they're all so quick. BTW, did everyone find Copy on Milky Way Wishes? I did, and would be glad to post how if anyone needs to know. Another thing I don't like is that the CPU helpers are really dumb.
  8. I can also inform you on Copy, but none of the other abilities. PM or IM me for the answer, I don't wanna give it away for those determined to look.

    (Hint: it's on the map)

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