Garchomp Lv X worth playing when it comes out?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by i like nachos, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    Garchomp Lv.X - 140 HP [C]

    Poke-Power: Dragon Pulse - You can use this Power once during your turn, when you play this card from your hand to Level-Up a Pokemon. Flip 3 coins. For each heads, place 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.

    [.] Rebirth: Search your discard pile for a Pokemon card (excluding Pokemon Lv.X), and play it on your Bench as a Basic Pokemon. Then, you may search your discard pile for 3 Basic Energy cards and attach them to that Pokemon.

    Weakness: [C] x2
    Retreat: 0

    I think that with Alakazam star it would work well but I'm worryed about stability. Can anyone think of anything else to play it with?

    Thanxs to pokebeach for the translation:thumb:
  2. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    It'd be better if not for the TONS of Blissey in the format.
  3. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

  4. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    my guess is no, pgon z could be good and blissey might kill it fast
  5. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    For that matter, maybe a Magikarp in DP15 could be amazing, too.
    There is absolutely no point in speculating whether or not cards that we know nothing about will be good or not.
    Garchomp Lv.X is most likely going to be in the format before PorygonZ Lv.X.
  6. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    is chomp LVX worth playing?

    in a chomp deck, no. i'm sure the chomp deck needs 4 chomp to work proberly

    as a 1-0-1-1 line? good luck.

    chomp LVX is by no means mediocre, but the pokwmon it levels from, not so great together.

    Q. is chomp LVX worth playing?
    A. is night maintenance/balls or TSD really that bad the you need this in a deck?
  7. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    I can see people playing this with anything from 2/2 Empoleon/E Lvl X to Dragonite Ex d to Flygon Ex d not to mention the obvious Garchomp itself to very quickly bring back the first Garchomp that goes down. Garchomp Lvl X will be a bench sitter that can come up with no energy use it's attack and then free retreat back to do it again later. Blastoise d could easily fit into a Garchop X deck as a tech.
  8. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    i really want to play it with just a bunch of techs like flygon ex d and tyranitar ex d among others and not play any of their lower stages. discard them with tvr and energy draw to get energy in the discard then WABAM! in one turn you got a fully powered flygon ex or any other beefy hard hitting guy!
  9. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Meh, might as well do Bronzong if you're going to use Energy Draw like stuff (That way you aren't one shotted by Empoleon LV.X nor slaughtered by Ice Blades). Bronzong at least lets you discard either energy or pokemon :/

    I can easily see EVERY Garchomp LV.X deck playing Blastoise d. It's not hard at all to fit one card in, seriously (since you don't need the pre-evolutions)

    It's also REALLY cool to notice that Garchomp retains that free Retreat (Whoa!), and can even do his resurrection attack with no energy. There's not much more you can do to set up a perfect recovery against shocking KOs. Heck, you don't even need to use it as a recovery move. Play TV Reporters, return Bronzongs, and continue to set up.

    It... COULD work, if someone could balance out all of the pokemon and searching and the like properly. Certainly possible.
  10. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    No. The only way Comp Lv.x will work is if it is teched into chomp deck
  11. gallade

    gallade New Member

    if chomp is not the main pokemon in the deck then it might be good, maybye like flygonex delta
  12. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I'm just throwing this out there...

    3-2-3 Nidoqueen d
    2-1-2/2 Garchomp/ lv X
    2-2 Bronzong
    1 Dragonite ex d
    1 Flygon ex d
    1 Machamp PK
    1 ? (something big and flashy that has a splashable energy cost)
    4 Smeargle

    2 Scramble
    3 grass
    3 psychic
    3 fighting
    3 (type of 4th tech)

    4 Celio's
    2 Bebe's
    4 Rare Candy
    3 TV Reporter
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Holon Adventurer
    3 Windstorm

    It looks really rough, but that's what I envision with the deck. No testing on my part, but feel free to try it out!
  13. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    You could play it with Blissey pretty well.

    Garchomp is a beast. 130HP, and a 0 retreat. No other Pokemon (excluding -ex) can compare to such stats. And -exs barely pass him!
  14. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I find this card highly playable. For one free attack, you can auto-revive any Pokemon (except Lv X) in your discard and give it 3 Basic Energies so it can actually attack. Granted, it would be a bit underwhelming if it only revived Basic Pokemon or didn't have the Energy attachment aspect. But overall I see this being a great mechanic once it comes out.
  15. i like nachos

    i like nachos New Member

    I was going for something like this
    20x Pokemon

    1x Alakazam*
    2x Gible
    1x Gabite
    2x Garchomp
    2x Garchomp Lv X
    1x Squirtle
    1x Blastoise D
    2x Bronzor
    2x Brongzong
    3x Gardevoir D EX
    3x Flygon D EX

    23x Trainers

    3x Bebes
    3x Celios
    4x Tvr or Holon Adventurer depending on which pokemon
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Night Maintence or TSD
    4x Quick Ball
    2x Windstorm
    1x Battle Frontier

    17x Energy

    8x Grass
    7x Fire
    2x Multi

    just for example but, you could play just about anything in place of Dragonite and Gardevoir. It just depends on what you choose
  16. mattalvis

    mattalvis New Member

    i challenge ANYONE to make a list with this that isn't clunky.
  17. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    A fun thing about Chomp lv X and Blastoise d ... once Chomp brings him up he's a basic so Battle Frontier will not turn off his power. Cess still puts a stop to it but still interesting and makes Blissey more playable.

    That's also a ditto for the Garchomps that Chomp X brings back. Harder to stop the extra damage. That matters against things like Mario IMHO.
  18. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    I have a better idea.

    What abt reviving the new latias and latios? Or maybe the New ho-oh?
  19. doctormcdreamy

    doctormcdreamy New Member

    the chompy lv x. is coming out of this set 'secret wonders' right?

    and yeah. i think it's gonna be a good deck for a stage 2.
  20. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Unconfirmed if it will be released in Secret Wonders, as it was a picture book promo in Japan.

    That being said, TSD was a promo in Japan, and we got it in MT. It's probable that we'll get Garchomp LV.X in this set, as it's unlikely that we'll get Porygon-Z's evolution line and his Lv.X

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