gardalade+dark for regionals

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by fayt255, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    This deck was originally just a test but it works out very well. It looks a little inconstant, but you cant say anything negative unless you have tried it already so...... Anyhow regionals is.....soon and im looking for last-minute suggestions. i think im like 7-2 against gg, only cuz i had 1 or 2 basics eac h loss, but other than that it runs very well. Need HELP AGAINST MAGMORTAR IT FRICKIN KILLS ME. so if anyone has any houghts theyd be appreciated.

    Pokemon (23)
    1xDarkrai Lv. X
    2xDarkrai (1xsleep hole)
    1xGardevoir SW
    2xGardevoir PK
    2xKirlia SW
    3xRalts SW
    1xRalts DF
    1xWeavile SW
    1xSneasel DP
    1xTogetic GE
    1xTogepi GE
    1xLunatone GE
    1xsolrock GE
    1xMawile GE
    1xSmeargle SW

    Trainers/Supp./Tool/Stadium (17)
    2xNight Maintenance
    1xPremier Ball
    3xRare Candy
    1xGalactic's Mars
    1xGalactic's Wager
    1xFelicity's Drawing
    2xRoseanne's Research
    2xBebe's Search
    1xAmulet Coin
    1xMoonlight Stadium

    Energy (20)
    1xDouble Rainbow Energy
    1x:colorless:colorless:colorlessBoost Energy

    Best Strat: to start with pachi, at least one ralts, and candy. Because of the energy aubundance that wont be a problem. my smeargle generally gets out most of my energy into my hand before i can even play togekiss lol so idk if thats a problem. LunaSol gets me whatever cards i need without sacrificing something super important so it works. any techs or alternatives would help.
  2. poketo

    poketo New Member

    How do you get this running? It's chaos you will have a hard time setting this up.
    I was tought before by another player from my city (back when People didn't think of Groudonex and Magneton) that you would easyly find what you have in prizes if you remember the deck and you can't do that.
    Try getting a bit less energy and have more trainers that setup

    this also looks like a budget deck but with your stadigy how does it work against Gardylade commonly?
  3. UFtroll

    UFtroll New Member

    I would say too many of 1 of this guy of the that guy. Pick one starter and an opening strategy. If you want to go with PACHI then go with him. If you want Smeargle then go with him and get rid of the KISS. Slim down your lines and add so draw cards.

    If you are having trouble with Magmortar there are three ways to deal with them. Deprive them with the use of powers with Gardy SW, find some way to build a faster Empoleon or Join them and build a faster Magmortar.
  4. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    If by budget deck u mean that this is all i have to work with you would be correct. hmm i never really thought of it that way, remembering whats in the deck. it does seem like a lot of strands..............

    against general gardalade i like mawile, smeargle, and at least one kirlia evolution, it just seems to work out. i will try to swap out the kiss line for something more productive, regionals is next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ill list the correction before then.

    By the way Gardy SW cant stop magmortars flame body, seeing as its a poke body and not a poke power

    General setup: pachi, ralts, darkrai, bebes, at least 1 energy, and preferably smeargle. i need to remove kiss cuz smeargle takes away all energy before i even get to use serene grace. Idk what to replace though: some supps maybe, or.............?
  5. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    Replace Kiss with Dusknoir to help with the Magmortar matchup. My biggest concern is how do you fit it all on your bench? I would drop a lot of the extraneous cards for a beefed up main attack line, but you have already stated you don't have much more to work with. If you do though, increase the Pachirisu to more consistantly start with it, drop Lunatone and Solrock for space. Drop the Mawile for another Gardyvoir (SW) or Gallade. Drop the Boost energy for either another DRE or a Scramble.
  6. UFtroll

    UFtroll New Member

    Yea I know he has a body but his support staff - typhonsion, decatty - everything that makes him fast to set up is a power.
  7. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    3-3 weavile SW
    2-2 darkria LV.X
    4-2-3 gallade
    2-1 gardivoir LV.X

    4 special dark
    3 DRE
    1 scramble
    6 phychic
    2 basic dark
  8. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    hmmm true about his support. ugh i regret sayin i have no Gardy Lv X! Generally i am able to fit all of my stuff on the bench by LunaSol replacing cards. this way i have at least a good setup. i really need to drop kiss its a waste of 3 cards.

    hmm dusknoir....let me see....oh woah thats good. The other thing that would kill mag w a little more hit points would be mismagius. that card is nasty 30+ 20 for every energy. 4 energy on mag and knockout. The only problem is dusknoir is a 1-1-1 or 1-0-1 line. goin to a league tomorrow i can try it out then, with the dusknoir or mismagius. if i end up finding another gardy or gallade then mawile will prolly come out.
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