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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Captain Olimar, Feb 21, 2004.

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    Hey guys its David Marquardt.
    So this morning Drew Holton and his dad pick me up to go to Garden City. The roads ended up being icy so we had to drive slow plus Drew's dad is already a cautious driver so it made it worse. We get there and they say "Hurry up only 6 or 7 minutes left", but in actuallity it took like 15 just cuz of late entries so it wasn't the TOs fault. They announce that there will be 6 rounds swiss not Single Elim. cut to Top 8. I think it started with 40 and ended with 39 after a drop. Drew plays Blaziken Rayquaza and I play Blaziken Ninetales.
    This was my list:

    3 Blaziken
    2 Combusken
    3 Torchic
    1 Torchic RS 73
    3 Ninetales
    3 Vulpix
    2 Delcatty
    2 Skitty
    4 Dunsparce

    3 Oracle
    3 Rare Candy
    1 Town Volunteers
    1 Pokemon Nurse
    4 POR
    4 TV
    1 PETM
    1 Shard
    1 High Pressure System

    18 Fire

    For some strange reason I like the 1 RS Torchic in there. 3-2 Candy- Busken is kinde weird too. I decided to drop 1 Oracle for PETM which didnt matter much since I never played PETM all day. I never played Shard all day either.

    1st Round:
    This game was pretty much over before it started. He started with 2 Corphish and a Numel. It took me a little while to set up but it didn't matter. He ended up KOing Blaze with a Crawdaunt but I killed it with Tales.

    2nd Round:
    Mirror Match. We both got good starts but somehow I ended up winning 6 Prizes to none. I did have two 2 Poke KOs. Not to sound cocky but I think I just outplayed him.

    3rd Round:
    Blaziken Espeon. We both got slow starts but then made up for it mid game when we just went off. Neither of us did much for awhile just waiting for the other to make the first move. I eventually did once I was confident I could counter whatever he did. The Espeons didn't do much at all. It lasted nearly the whole 30 minutes. Again I win 6 Prizes to none.

    Drew is also 3-0 so we figure we will prolly play eachother. We thought about IDing but with no Top 8 we decide against it.

    4th Round:
    Drew: Blaziken Quaza. I started good with third turn 2 Blaze, Delcatty Drew started ok but then just kept drawing into garbage. I also have an advantage based on deck types. So that didn't help him much either. I won on prizes. Sorry Drew.

    5th Round:
    Sean Doisey (I think thats correct spelling): Gardevoir(with a French accent according to Sean)/Wailord. We start with a high roll mine 9 Sean's 11. lol. Sean has absolute garbage with a lone Ralts. Ralts, Energy and a Potion is all Sean played. I win third turn with Tales.

    6th Round:
    David something a 10- kid: Amphy EX Wobbuffet. I go first was totally setup for next turn. He Shamans. It didn't hurt that much just delayed my setup for a little while. He had an elekid for a while that he kept using to power stuff up. One Electabuzz with two energy and then a powered Amphy. He retreated Elekid for Amphy paralyzes my Dunsparce. Next turn kills it. I send up another sacrifice while stalling to be able to OHKO Amphy with Tales. I do after giving him 3 Prizes. Now he has Elekid and two powered Buzzs. I have 2 Blaze 3 Tales and Delcatty with a High Pressure System. I killed his two Buzzs and a third he benched with Tales. He then said 'I dont think there is any way I can win." I said "Well do you wanna quit or play it out, it doesn't matter to me. I agree, I dont think theres much you can do." So he scooped. He had no chance.

    So yeah, I was first over all. I got my box and my pictures taken.

    Then it was time for a 5 pack Dragons Draft that Drew and I signed up for. I drafted 5-4-5 Salamence 1 Holo. Drew got a Golem line with really good support and 2 TV Reporters. I lost first round with only one Bagon. Drew won after somehow beating a 9-8-5 Flygon line in the finals.

    It was a very good event. I had a lot of fun. I can't wait till States.

    The TOs and PES.
    Drew and his dad for taking me.
    The bad weather for allowing us to see like 6 people with their cars in the median.
    The weather for making us nearly miss the tourny.
    The construction that forced us to make a detour.
    The PESTs(Professional Event Services Toddlers) for being well...pests.

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