Gardevior Deck Needs Help

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Rabid Raichu, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Rabid Raichu

    Rabid Raichu New Member

    This deck has been built by my 9 year old son. He wins games against beginners, but cannot understand why he gets creamed by experienced players (and his 5 year old brother!). I have tried repeatedly to suggest improvements or get him to read deck building articles, but as I'm his father he refuses to listen (he already acts like a teen! :D ) and insists that he loses because of "bad luck" :mad: . I've finally persuaded him to let me post the deck for suggestions from all of you -- perhaps he'll listen to the online community! All of your suggestions and thoughts will be appreciated.

    :pokeball: Pokemon 23

    1 Gastly (Expedition)
    1 Zigzagoon (RS 79/109)
    1 Linoone (RS 38/109)
    1 Slaking (RS 12/109)
    1 Vigoroth (RS 47/109)
    2 Slakoth (RS 45/109)
    1 Wobbuffet (SS 26/100)
    2 Dunsparce (SS 60/100)
    2 Gardevior (RS 7/109)
    1 Gardevior Ex (SS)
    3 Kirlia (RS 34/109)
    3 Ralts (RS 67/109)
    1 Ralts (RS 66/109)
    1 Dusclops (SS 4/100)
    1 Duskull (SS 61/100)
    1 Duskull (SS 62/100)

    Trainers 10

    4 Potion
    1 Time Shard
    1 Town Volenteers
    1 Oracle
    1 Rare Candy
    1 Lanette's Net Search
    1 Forest Guardian

    :colorless: Energy 27

    27 :psychic: Psychic Energy

    Please, don't be gentle, but also don't be cruel. He is after all nine!

    Rabid Raichu
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    OK, the problem with this deck is not the concept -- Gardevoir is a beast, which is why it's my main E-on deck. The problem is that the deck has too many Pokemon, too many Energy, and too few Trainers. Try to stick to Gardevoir, one Stage 1 line (like Linoone or Dusclops -- I use SS Espeon), and support Basics like Wynaut and Wobbuffet. I've also found that Chansey ex can be very helpful in a Gardevoir deck, simultaneously stalling and healing damage from Psy Shadows -- 1 or 2 of it should be good if you have it/them. Have about 18 Pokemon, 24 Trainers, and 18 Energy (like 14 Psychic and 4 Boost). For general tips, there is a link in my signature to a deck tips article I wrote for E-on.
  3. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    I would go with these Pokemon: a 3/3/3 Gardevoir (2 ex, and 2 R/S Gardevoir) line, a 3/3 Wobbuffet line, and 3 Dunsparce. use around 18 Psychic energy and use everyone else's trainer advice. That's all for me! :)
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