Gardevoir Garden (Neo On w/Promos #21 and After, Non-DCI)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Carrington388, Aug 23, 2003.

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  1. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Pokémon (20)
    4 Ralts (w/Hypnoblast) (EX: Ruby & Sapphire)
    3 Kirlia (w/Life Drain) (EX: Ruby & Sapphire)
    2 Gardevoir (EX: Ruby & Sapphire)
    3 Mewtwo (Expedition)
    3 Tyrogue (Neo Discovery)
    2 Smoochum (Neo Revelations)
    3 Cleffa (Promo #31)

    Trainers (20)
    3 Copycat (Expedition)
    3 Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis)
    3 Energy Stadium (Neo Destiny)
    3 Lum Berry (EX: Ruby & Sapphire)
    3 Oran Berry (EX: Ruby & Sapphire)
    3 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)
    2 Psychic Cube 01 (Aquapolis)

    Energy (20)
    20 Psychic Energy

    Ultimately, Gardevoir will be the best battler in the heat of battle when there's a lot of Energy around. Its power shouldn't be used much, though, but the Oran Berries are there for that when you need to attach an extra Energy.

    Not to say Kirlia or Ralts aren't good, though. Kirlia has the Life Drain attack, famed for making Sabrina's Kadabra decks usable. It can also confuse up to two Pokémon at once. And while there is a Ralts that can hit up to 40, it's practically a "synchronize" strategy, making the Ralts in this deck a better card.

    Mewtwo is there if you want to attack in a pinch, though, especially if you don't have Gardevoir in play yet. It has a powerful Psychic attack, and the ability to put an opponent to sleep.

    The Baby mix is a great strategy. Tyrogue and Smoochum are for handling Darkness (the former can hit for up to 60 on e-Card Dark Pokémon, and the latter can discard the Special Energy that most Darkness Pokémon rely on). Cleffa, with Copycat, constitutes the draw engine.

    Moo-Moo Milk is the main healer, with Oran Berry backing up Gardevoir's power. Energy Stadium retrieves lost Energy, Town Volunteers retrieves lost Pokémon. Lum Berry is for healing Special Conditions (especially on Gardevoir), and Psychic Cube 01 is for inflicting Confusion with no Kirlia.

    Any comments, fixes, and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lion_of_Darkness

    Lion_of_Darkness New Member

    Okay, this looks like regular Modified to me. So here's my fix:

    -2 Smoochum
    -3 Cleffa (promo)
    -3 Moo-Moo Milk
    -3 Oran Berry
    -2 Psychic Cube 01
    -3 Town Volunteers

    +1 Copycat
    +4 Bill
    +3 Gold Berry
    +3 Cleffa (NG)
    +3 Focus Band
    +2 Switch
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Bill without Oracle? I say, follow Lion's suggestions, but then do the following.

    -1 Cleffa
    -2 Copycat
    -3 Mewtwo (Expedition)
    -3 Psychic Energy
    -1 Energy Stadium
    +2 Oracle
    +3 Mewtwo EX
    +2 Scoop Up
    +3 Professor Elm
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