Gardy + Gallade = Gardylade, the deck I can't play!

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by B_B_C, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member


    Round 1 vs Caleb johnson
    Sorry man I had to what had to be done! REVENG FOR BEATING ME AT BATTLE ROADS.
    I discard everthing he needs with absol(for once) I get the gardy out to destroy all his ralts.
    Round 2 vs ???? with banette
    I get a good start but he has turn 2 banette and lake B to one hit KO everything.

    Round 3 vs Tim something with gardy/gallade.
    I could have one this turn 3 but he TGW for the save and I lose my rare candy and my DRE and my gallade. He plays gardy and stops my power and just kills everything thing I got.

    Round 4 vs ??? with hurricane
    I just kill everythng she threw at me. I win because she decks out and I had 1 prize left anyway.

    Gardy/gallade has to be the worst deck I played EVER! This deck has made pokemon no fun to play any more becuase everyone plays it.(see dark ninjas report) There is no surprise any more! I really hope that this deck starts geting sucky when the new set comes out. And if not.................. And another thing who ever was dissapointed about there being 4 rounds, get over it you flip'in sore losers.

    absol for doing good things for once
    dark ninja for taking me
    BBO and NFC for making top cut.

    Me taking a VERY long brake from pokemon
    Anthony for geting a classic Xbox controller instead of a halo 3 game.

    I don't know when I will be playing pokemon next til I build a pokemon deck that dos'nt suck.

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  2. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja New Member

    Your losing streak continues. Man Gallade sucks! lol. BBO and NFC ftw. First AND second place. And I think what happened to Anthony is hilarious.
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  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    you'll be back Brian

    To tell ya the truth I was thinking of taking a break from pokemon after Nanuet
  4. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    I just have to gather my thoughts and not let People (not saying names) ruin the game for me again.

    "I'll be back." hopefully................
  5. sonrep29

    sonrep29 New Member


    LMAO leave it to brian.

    Hey, at least you got the durso shades ...

    See you at league on tuesday (umm maybe not now that cities are over)

  6. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja New Member

    Oh yeah! you still have his glasses don't you!
  7. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    It's all good Brian, Lose today win tomorrow and your a consistent Pokemon player you’ll do fine bro. Btw, states is coming so lets get hitting the Pokemon apps! B.B.O baby!
  8. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja New Member

    Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!Woah! Woah! Woah! Louis this is not my Batman glass. And don't forget NFC.
  9. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    BTW, Gardy/Gallade DOESN'T suck.
  10. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    NOO i missed scotch plains CC cuz i overslept. O well...
  11. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    yes, yes it sucks.

    Besides for winning more then 75 cities. Tell me why it's good.
  12. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Um... Winning 75 Cities+????, Very consistent deck if you have a good list????, Fun to play????, Strategic deck that requires thoughts, can Turn 2 Donk someone, can be very versatile, I play it :lol:!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have stated many reasons why Gardevoir/Gallade (as a deck) is GREAT (except for the last one:lol:). Just because you didn't get the results that you wanted from Gardy/Gallade DOESN'T make it a bad deck. I think you would have LOVED this deck if you would've won???RIGHT!!! I am going to leave this at that.
  13. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    I'll give it 1 more chance.
  14. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    Hey BBC, I was JW, do you care about premier rating?
  15. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Heck no. I play for fun
  16. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    B B C, do you want an AMAZING list???, my list???, if so post it here:]
  17. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Alright I'll post it.

    4 absol

    4-3-2(gallade)-2(gardy)-1(gardy X)

    4 TG mars
    4 rare candy
    3 roseanne's research
    3 professor oak's vist
    4 celio
    3 TGW
    2 plus power
    2 lake boundary
    1 night maintenace
    1 strength charm
    1 TSD

    4 DRE
    2 :dark:

    To tell the truth every sence I saw your sig, I wanted to play Gardy/gallade
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  18. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    oh ya that's the way to go!

    but still if you play for fun then test fun decks
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  19. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

  20. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    dude ur not the only one that cant use absol. i cant use absol either it never works for me
    so now im stuck with stantler. :(

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