Gardy.....needs some improvements..please

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by CHARIZARD MASTERTRAINER, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I used this deck in CC in brookfield, not what I had planned because I was missing some cards (2 Gardy EX). I was thinking about using Lunatone and Xatu to help Gardy with that damage from the poke-power:

    so far I have....
    1-Xatu (SS)
    1-Kirlia(Life Drain)
    2-Kirlia(Super Psy)
    3-Ralts(Psychic Boom)

    4-Oran Berry
    1-Town Volunteers
    3-Rare Candy
    4-Oaks Research
    3-TV Reporter(do you think I should make it 4 Bill's maintenance instead??)
    1-Bill's Maintenance

    4-Boost Energy
    15-Psy energy

    It's not organized at all....cause I want to add Xatu and maybe Lunatone(someone told me it's Cosmic Power is good). Please help me before the Chi-town CC.

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  2. Will anyone help??
  3. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    help is on the way

  4. Thanks...any other suggestions.....?? Any methods of practice or other deck suggestions??

  5. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    only other deck i could suggest would be BAR
  6. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    DROP THE WOBBA, and put in ESPEON!
  7. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    why espeon? your gonna need protection against all of the ex pokes otherwise espeon goes out and gets beat one hit drop xatu maybe and throw in espy otherwise meh i wouldnt do it wobb protects to well plus you need wynaut to start you off
  8. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    I really don't think xatu is worth it, it takes up too much space for too little effect. When the OHKO's start rolling in against BR, it won't matter how much you heal.
  9. I'm still if-y on the Xatu, it sounds like a good strategy, but what about Lunatone, what should I do?? Any other deck modifications?

    Thanks for the help
  10. dkates

    dkates New Member

    I would recommend you consider using both Lunatone and Solrock. Although Lunatone is not very powerful, with it and Solrock in the deck, you would have a counter for Ghosts, which can otherwise hit your Weakness with impunity. Solrock would help out against Darkness and Grass (Grass is one of Gardy ex's Weaknesses), as well as the Colorless Pokémon that appear in many decks (Linoone, Delcatty, Dunsparce, etc.).
    Other than that, if you're going to use Xatu, use at least 3 of them in the deck, or it's not worth it. Also, consider SS Pichu (replacing about 3 Psychic Energy with Multi to power it) or Mewtwo ex. You may want to drop one or two Wynaut -- useful though it is, I think 4 is overdoing it.
    What probably needs the most work, though, isn't your Pokémon at all -- it's your Trainers. Don't get me wrong -- they aren't bad, in fact it looks like a pretty good Trainer engine, I just think they can use a little tweaking. Oran Berry is one good idea for this deck, but you might want to consider Star Piece, either in addition to or instead of the Oran Berries. You can use Star Piece along with Pichu's attack or Gardevoir's Power to evolve your Pokémon quickly. Since Gardy/ex is all about speed, having a faster version often means you have a slightly better version. Also, if you use Pichu or Mewtwo ex, use Juggler. The combo will help you get Energy into play faster, meaning you do more damage sooner. Oracle is probably not a good idea in a deck that also has a lot of hand-changers (Copycat and Oak's Research). Either drop the hand-changers for Oracles and/or straight draw cards (TV Reporter, Juggler, and/or more Birch), or drop the Oracles for Fast Balls, Master Balls, or Copycats. Drop the Fan Club for a second Warp Point -- with Wynaut in the deck, you shouldn't need Fan Club. Also, drop the single Bill's Maintenance for a Town Volunteers, Oran Berry, Star Piece, or maybe even one more Psychic Energy.
    Sure, this deck can use some tweaking, but it does look like a very good version of Gardy/ex. Keep working on it, and good luck with it.
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  11. Hey dkates..

    Do you think you can post it in deck list form....if you don't mind....
  12. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Sure. Here's one version which uses many, though not necessarily all, of my suggestions. I threw it together quickly, so it's probably still a bit rough, but it just may work.

    Pokémon (22):
    3 Wynaut
    3 Wobbuffet
    4 Ralts (any)
    2 Kirlia (Super Psy)
    2 Gardevoir
    2 Gardevoir ex
    2 Solrock
    2 Lunatone
    2 Pichu (SS)

    Trainers (20):
    1 Town Volunteers
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Star Piece
    3 Oracle
    2 Juggler
    2 Switch
    2 Warp Point
    3 TV Reporter
    3 Master Ball

    Energy (18):
    4 Boost Energy
    4 Multi Energy
    10 Psychic Energy

    The Trainer engine is where you have the most flexibility. I'm sure there are quite a few different Trainer engines that could work well for this deck. This particular Trainer engine focuses on straight draw and search. You could easily focus on hand-changing instead by using Copycat, Oak's Research, and Desert Shaman instead of Juggler, TV Reporter, and Oracle. Since this version has Pichu, I didn't want to pass up the Juggler combo, and the Oracles were already there. You could even mix and match draw and hand-changing, if you like -- though I wouldn't recommend Oracle if you did decide to go that route.
    As far as Pokémon are concerned, I'll admit it was a tough call choosing Pichu over Mewtwo ex for this example -- each has its own advantages and disadvantages for this deck. Pichu, however, combos with Star Piece, which would help you get Gardy and Gardy ex in play a little faster. Also, it puts the Energy on whichever Pokémon you want, not just itself.
    Hope this helps.
  13. Does anyone think Bill's Maintance is better to use than TV Reporter?? Any other deck suggestions?? Thanks to everyone for your help, it means alot..

    See ya
  14. I just think that putting back a card that you might not need would be better than discarding it....any comments, deck suggestions??
  15. So any more deck suggestions out there??
  16. Dañel

    Dañel New Member

    try this
    play delcatty/energy recycle system
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