Gardy X Clarification II: New Information added from othr References x2

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by MrMeches, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Using your wording Asking him what happens if you have lowest HP in PLAY, he restated you choose which side, not which "IN PLAY".

    I can see both sides on this, and that is why I was wondering if we could get a formal from our OP and PCL on this one. I hear some players going both ways as well with strong arguments. so it is definitely not cut and dry IMHO.

    The main idea some have is if it was intended to be LOWEST HP POKEMON IN PLAY, the (yours or your opponent's) wouldn't be necessary text.

    Currently the card reads:

    "Choose 1 Pokemon (yours or your opponent's) with the fewest remaining HP (excluding Gardevoir) and that Pokemon is Knocked Out."

    What my friend said was if it was any Pokemon with the fewest HP, it should have read like this:

    "Choose 1 Pokemon with the fewest remaining HP in play (excluding Gardevoir) and that Pokemon is Knocked Out." (I cleaned up the Grammar as his English is slightly broken but understandable.. just leaves out the prepositions)

    Like I mentioned before, I can see both sides of the discussion ( at you know who) and just feel with the Premiere Event Points being important, this could change deck ideas.



    New Information:
    Since I know this is taking a little time to get a response do to some investigating, I asked Hirohiko if there were any cards I could reference he brought up Shady Move Poke-Powr on Banette Ex as it has the same style Text where you get to make the choice between moving the damage counter to Your Pokemon or Your Opponent's with the "(yours or your opponent's)" written in the same format. I don't know if this helps, but I see where the consistency is coming from with the choosing of sides.

    Another assist in trying to make it correct from another player:

    Tyhplosion UF has the poke body Burning Aura that has similar wording (since we are targeting the Parenthesis on this issue) that shows when to target Player and Opponent! It states:

    Poke-Body: Burning Aura
    As long as Typhlosion is your Active Pokemon, put 1 damage counter on eeach Active Pokemon (both yours and your opponent's) between turns.

    This is what I think some people are referring when they are saying you get to choose which side as opposed to it being both sides simultaneously. Burning Aura clearly state BOTH inside of the parenthesis indicating no choice.

    Thanks again!!

    ~Fish part deux~
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  2. mtjimmer

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    Bring Down KO's the Pokemon with the fewest HP remaining. It doesn't look at Gardevoir when resolving the attack. It doesn't care whose Pokemon it is.

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