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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by cpeterik, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    A note: I wouldn't usually 'out' a company like this, but I feel needs to be held accountable for their actions.

    Here's the story:
    On July 11, 2011 I placed an order for (2) Yanmega Prime #98 Super Rare Holo.
    I chose by scouring the internet for the lowest price. They were $32.99 each.
    My total was $71.83. I paid on the spot via PayPal.
    The very next day, I noticed something strange. The price of Yanmega Prime had jumped up to $54.99, and remains that price as I type. (
    I thought nothing of it, other than I was lucky to have placed my order before the price re-evaluation.
    After two weeks of not receiving my items or hearing from them, I decided to e-mail their customer service staff.
    I referenced my order number and my order receipt in the e-mail and inquired about the status of my order.
    The next day, I received an e-mail from Gathering Ground stating the following:
    "I'm sorry, this item is out of stock. The order has been canceled and your PayPal account credited."
    Needless to say, I was outraged. I replied immediately stating my case. Why would you raise the price if they were out of stock? Why is it still advertised as "In Stock" if it isn't? Why shouldn't I be able reap the benefits of your staff forgetting to inflate the price of a card after success in a major tournament? If you truly are out of stock, then wouldn't standard protocol be to send them to me when you do receive the item? Or did you think I would be stupid enough to let you sell the exact same cards that should rightfully be mine to someone else for 40% more than I paid?
    Side Note: Purchasing Pokemon Cards is a lot like playing the stock market. You take risks when predicting which cards will rise in playability, and your reward or loss directly reflects that. You can't buy stock in Apple Inc. in 1990 for pennies only to be told in 2000 that you would have to pay millions to keep that stock. (Bad example I know, but you know what I mean).
    The next response I received was even less inspired than the original, and addressed almost none of my questions:
    "Every time we sell out of, or, for that matter, fail to sell any of, a product, its price is reevaluated and adjusted based on demand and market value."
    I replied again, asking her to address my original questions, and ship my product once it becomes 'in stock'.
    I explained that this is bad business and will not be tolerated by the extremely tight-knit Pokemon Community.
    They have not responded.
    I would love a representative from Gathering Ground to come here and try to explain themselves, though I highly doubt they will. I got my money back, but I still feel like I was gypped out of a great investment opportunity. If nothing else, this thread is to open a forum for GG to defend themselves, realize their faults, and give me what should rightfully be mine. If nothing else, let this be a warning to NEVER order from

    Thanks for reading,
  2. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

  3. gurellia53

    gurellia53 New Member

    This isn't the first time I've heard of this sort of thing has happened with online stores. I try to stick with reputable card shops even if the price is a bit higher. Email gathering ground and let them know that you've informed the community and link them to this post (and you could post on other TCG forums like

    Thanks for the warning though. I won't order from them.
  4. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    I've had this same thing happen to me 3 TIMES!

    Fact is every single one of these websites has some sort of "general" clause stating that at any time they are able to cancel your order and refund you the money.

    I feel as a consumer that once my money leaves my bank account and is accepted by the third party the deal is complete in any situation, but businesses have to protect themselves somehow, only one way to stay in business be profitable.
  5. Spadeace

    Spadeace New Member

    That would almost be a legitimate argument if not for for the fact that they definitely did not lose money. If the transaction went through they would've made money just not as much. Obviously such a move was cowardly and greedy.
  6. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    ^ True AJ, but goodwill is definitely worth something for businesses, and if you're playing games with a customer just to save $40.00, then there is definitely a problem.

    Don't know what's the point of bringing it up here since it's a personal issue, but TnT/Collector's Cache/everyone else should be wary about who they mess around with...Because eventually, it'll inevitably lead to bad publicity.
  7. rotomboyz

    rotomboyz New Member

    i actually visited the store and they were closed during the time they said they were open.
    plus the place looks really shady...
  8. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    just to clear things up the site i was refering to wasn't gathering grounds, but im disapointed to hear that they would also do something like this.
  9. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Gathering Ground is literally the worst out of every online TCG store.

    Dealing with them was a fiasco for everyone at Nationals 2009; they were rude, dishonest, and cheap. Doesn't really surprise me that they conduct their business similarly online.

    Since they refunded you, I don't really see what you can do besides warning us, and most of us already know not to use them.
  10. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    I've had this happen with various card sites. Unfortunately, it seems to be standard practice... I've had plenty of refunds only to find that the cards mysteriously are restocked at a higher price.
  11. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Man, do I hate Gathering Ground.
  12. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Yea I've heard of this a few times with them and don't purchase from them for this reason. Has anybody had similar problems with Troll and Toad?
  13. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    The only problem i've had with trollandtoad is that I made an order for a bunch of reverses, got charged at the price of the reverses, but received the regular versions of the cards. After a few emails though, they sent me most of my original order, but was still missing a few of the cards I ordered. I finally gave up on it, and just took what they sent me.
  14. Voltorb

    Voltorb Member

    I have ordered booster packs from GatherGround, thought I was going to receive a sealed 36 pack box. However their site doesn't specifically state this. Worst of all they shipped all the packs loosely in a USPS flat rate non-padded envelope and by the time I received it from the post office it was all sorts of damaged (ordered other items along with it that were not cards but can cause dents if not packaged carefully).

    Oh yea they did not send the entire 36 packs either. Only sent 2/3 rd's of the packs and the receipt said it will be "credit". Wrote to them and they did not respond, within the next few days I see the difference being refunded back to my card. Would never order from them again due to my experience.
  15. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    Hearing these horror stories is so painful. It should not be THAT easy to get away with those shady tactics.. I hope they see an decline in customers due to this.
  16. Drew Holton

    Drew Holton New Member

    Gathering Grounds has done this to me a few times. Needless to say I don't order from them anymore.
  17. Tamoo

    Tamoo New Member

    I'm happy that it's not only me it's happening to then, I've had the same from gamingetc recently and it's pretty shocking that this is popular practice amongst many selling sites.

    In fact, the only site I've never had problems with is T&T, even when I've found some ridiculously cheap cards shortly before a price increase (Gengar Primes at $5?)
  18. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    I sent an email to gathering grounds asking to hear their rebuttal.....lets see what happens ;/
  19. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    Colin, the exact same thing happened to me on 5/9:
  20. magneto1992

    magneto1992 New Member

    Exact same things happened to me. I order 9 cleffas for 1.29 each, they cancel my order WITHOUT TELLING ME...and now they are like 5 bucks. Never going to gathering ground again.

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