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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Flaming Monkey, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Flaming Monkey

    Flaming Monkey New Member

    Author:Flaming Monkey (me)

    This'll be good next season too!:smile:

    The main point of the the deck is to get Togekiss out and serene grace. Once you do that, you use super scoop up and get it back into your hand along with the energies. Then you slam em' hard with Feraligatr's overpowered cyclone. And then when the Feraligatrs are knocked out, you just TSD em' back!:lol: Now here's the deck:


    4-3-2 Feraligatr
    3-2-3 Togekiss
    1 Stantler
    2 Phione

    4 Roseanne's
    1 Speed Stadium
    1 TSD
    1 Dawn Stadium
    4 Candies
    4 Scoops
    2 Bebe's



    Feraligatr is the main hitter. Get him out when needed, but never too early. You need Croconaw's power as much as you can get it. The only time you should need Togekiss up instead of Feraligatr is when your opponent has backup on there bench that can knock Feraligatr out. Phione and stantler help speed it up because of its lack of Bebe's. This deck will also wipe out the fire type decks everyone will be playing because of Stark Mountain.

    Here are some cards that aren't good to face with this deck:

    Wager: They shuffle the energies from your hand into your deck. :frown:

    Mars: This isn't very good, but the deck can live with it.

    Feraligatr: Feraligatr gets a taste of it's own medicine with Breaking Tail! It discards your energies in your hand!

    Electrics: Facing these of any sort is bad with both Feraligatr and Togekiss being weak to them. Hopefully you can beat them before they can beat you!

    Gardevoir: It shuts down your powers!:frown: But a lot of the time you have your things out!

    Dusknoir: This depends on how you play the deck.

    Here are some good things to face with this deck:

    Fire types: Pray that you face the things Feraligatr will turn into puddles...

    Skittles: As long as you're faster then they are, you're OK.

    That's why Feraligatr's broken. I suspect this deck will be great after September, since it already is now! Please let me know if there's anything i should fix.
  2. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    Quite frankly, I'm not sure of what to think of this. It relies on a coin flip, to pull of your main strategy, and deal sufficent damage, in order to KO one, may 2 things at best. Very flippy, but I suppose it could work.
  3. ChaosKnuckles

    ChaosKnuckles New Member

    Hmm. I don't think you could constantly get enough energy to constantly get of 1HKO. Though it still was an interesting dea.
  4. Delirium Trigger

    Delirium Trigger New Member

    Depending on the Super Scoop just isn't good...
    50/50 chance...ehhh
    What you should try, and what I will definitely try, is Bronzong IFDS. It lets you pull 2 energy cards from your deck by shuffling one card from your hand into your deck. That and possibly Claydol together will make this deck beastly.

    Anyway, for your current build.
    -1 Stantler
    -1 Speed Stadium
    -4 Water
    +1 Bebe's
    +1 Phione
    +4 Call
  5. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    2 Gatrs? Do you mean 4. If not play 2-1-2 gatr/
  6. Flaming Monkey

    Flaming Monkey New Member

    It doesn't have to rely on the togekiss and the scoop up. It's still fast otherwise and it deals out a lot of damage otherwise. And I can go ahead and add more Feraligatrs in. That's fine.
  7. This will really be fun to try. I like your thinking.
  8. Flaming Monkey

    Flaming Monkey New Member

    Thanks. But i don't think bronzong or claydol would be good. Claydol limits how many energy cards you can have in your hand, and bronzong isn't consistant enough.
  9. Delirium Trigger

    Delirium Trigger New Member

    My Feraligatr used Claydol to draw first, then used steven's or other draw power, Croconaw for extra energy then attack.
    And even if youre "limited" to 6 cards, if thats all energy then you have 120 damage.

    Claydol+Bronzong would be VERY consistent. You always ensure that you have at least 2 extra energy in hand with Bronzong after you're done with your Claydol and any other draw power.
  10. Flaming Monkey

    Flaming Monkey New Member

    I don't even know of such of a Bronzong. Get me a link to a picture.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Oh, never mind, it's from the new set.
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