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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by sneaselsrevenge, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    4 Horsea (DR)
    4 Seadra (3 Water Arrow, 1 Waterfall)
    2 Kingdra (AQU)
    2 Kingdra EX
    2 Meditite
    2 Dunsparce

    4 Prof. Birch
    3 Copycat
    3 Switch
    3 Pokenav
    3 Potion
    2 Town Volunteers
    2 High Pressure System
    1 Desert Shaman
    1 Fisherman
    1 Pokemon Reversal
    1 Pokemon Fan Club

    12 Water
    4 Fighting
    4 Boost
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  2. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    Your deck is similar to mine in terms of pokemon choice (check out the link on my signature) except I use ninjask/shedinja for gardevoir ex and sceptile ex from the next set. Where's your energy?
  3. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    Yeah, I realized I forgot to put it on the list...its fixed now.
  4. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Your pokemon look fine. Your energy look fine. Your trainers....well, let's talk about those. For the sake of this fix, I'll assume you have access to all the potential cards (your trainer engine you've posted here might be the best you can do, given the cards you have...however, I'll assume that since you were able to get your hands on two kingdra -ex, and two of the rare aquapolis kingdra, that the uncommon trainers I'll suggest aren't out of reach).

    single pokemon reversal: Nope. Never. Not even as tech, and NEVER in a deck with energy transfer ability. Use warp point. You transfer energy to the benched pokemon of your choice from your active, use warp point, force them to switch, and bring up the benched pokemon of your own that's now fully powered. Also, you don't have to flip, and you can use it to save your self against a status-effecting deck (such as the two highly popular ones that your deck happens to be weak to: amphy -ex and sceptile tech).

    single fisherman: You're already running two town volunteers, which is one more than you need. Your deck is focused around energy conservation, what with AQ kingdra's energy transfer effect and your two high pressure systems (which, by the way, are really a coup for water decks, since the only other type they benefit happen to be the type that's weak to decks can't play them, because of the benefit to their antithesis deck, so play yours with abandon). How many energy do you really intend to discard? With this deck, if there are four energy in your discard, and they're not boost energy you've used to get quick KO's, you're farther behind than any fisherman is going to help you catch up.

    single fan club: Never a bad card to add just to fill a spot or two. However, given the number of supporters you run, mightn't it be a better idea to add a non-supporter that accompishes similar things, like dual ball, master ball, etc.?

    single desert shaman: This card works best in twos or threes, especially if you're not running any cards that can get it for you when you need it (ala Oracle). I understand that it's tech, but with a Kingdra -ex deck, my thought is that the purpose should be to get kingdra out there as quickly as possible. This doesn't help you do that nearly as much as some other cards might (oak's research, wally's training, elm's training method, the aforementioned oracle, etc.)

    potion: We know healing is scarce, but in any energy transfer deck, your biggest friend will be Pokemon Nurse, especially in a deck where your main two hitters have 150 and 120 HP, respectively. It won't do you a great deal of good to be picking 20 damage off of there at select times where you happen to get one of your potions (again, you have no way of ensuring that you actually get one when you need it, other than the ancilliary benefits of using a pokenav), particularly since if you're faced off with any of the three big other types right now (Blaze-eggs, amphy -ex, sceptile tech...not including gardevoir, because this deck trashes gardevoir pretty badly as a result of kingdra -ex's low energy req's and AQ kingdra's ability to remove energy from the active when a dangerous situation arises), you're going to be taking massive amounts of damage per hit due to your dual weaknesses.

    copycat: Not looked upon with as much favor these days as a result of relatively low hand sizes in the new format, copycat pairs especially poorly with birch. You use birch, and in doing so get a copycat. Your hand is now around 4-7 cards at the beginning of your next turn. The best you can hope for is that they're doing something odd like energy drawing with three delcatty in a row. Otherwise, against most decks, the best you can hope for is that they birched the previous turn, and didn't play any cards, netting you a hand size similar to the one you just had, if not worse. Most people prefer the steady 5 of Oak's research, or have opted to go with less random hand filling and more pick-and-choose, with combinations such as Oracle-pokenav (my favorite...the one I've been blabbing about since R/S was released), Oracle/fastball, Oracle/masterball, Oracle/delcatty...getting the theme?

    Here's a suggestion on your trainer engine:

    4 birch
    3 oak's research
    3 pokenav
    4 pokemon nurse
    4 switch
    2 warp point
    1 town volunteers
    1 pokemon fan club

    Further, 20 energy is a heckuva lot in an energy transfer deck. Maybe drop two water and two fighting for 4 oracle as well. That way, you can get your fighting energy whenever you need it, stack up a few water if necessary, etc.

  5. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

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