Genetic Memory (Eon) Worth it?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pablo, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Well, everyoe seems all hyped up about Kingdra Ex, seeing as it is a 'more powerful' version of NeoRevelations? Kingdra. But it lost the support it had when the format was neon, no more babies to stall, no more good healing, no more focus band, and Ampharos Ex running rampant, is it really viable? the only way it can defend against Amphy is through Wobbu/Hariyama, and if you go for Hariyama, it'll be practically useless against other decks, but ffet i think is it's most viable partner, just like it is for Amphy, so here is a possible tourneyworth decklist:

    {{{{Pokemon: 21}}}}

    4 Horsea (Retaliate)
    4 Seadra (3 Water Arrow/1 Agility)
    3 Kingdra Ex
    1 Kingdra
    4 Wynaut
    3 Wobbuffet
    2 Marill

    {{{{Trainers: 24}}}}

    4 Oak's Research
    3 Birch
    3 Copycat
    3 Oracle
    3 PokeNav
    3 Nurse
    3 Switch
    1 Town Volunteers
    1 Fisherman

    {{{{Energy: 15}}}}

    3 Boost
    3 Rainbow
    9 Water

    {{{{Strategy: Well, basically swarm Kingdra along with various ffet's as backup, Wynaut gets you the pokes, Wobbu protects against Amphy/Gardy. Trainer engine is self-explanatory and solid. I use Rainbows and not Multi's, since it is frusttraing when you can win on the second turn with a ffet that just evolved from a Wynaut, but can't because Multi energy loses it's effect when another special energy is attached -_-.}}}}
  2. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I would use at least one reverse thrust horsea AQ so that kingdra ex can go back to the bench with its attack when you have no way to retreat.
  3. SupremeBlader22

    SupremeBlader22 New Member

    -3 Copycats
    -1 Birch

    +3 TV Reporters
    +1 Crystal Shard(TeCH against salamence and other colorless weakness)
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