Getting Rid of Most of My Collection...Lv. X's, Secrets, Shinys, 100s of Holos, etc.

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  1. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    1)Be Respectful & Respect Will Be Returned
    2) Cash Or PayPal Only (PayPal Preferred)
    3) If PayPal Is Used, Money Should be Sent as A Gift Only Or Fees Must Be Covered
    4) I Ship My Cards In Sleeves And Toploaders
    5) Most Of My Cards Are Mint and Near Mint
    6) I Mostly Sell In The US (I Will Send WorldWide If Buyer Pays All The Shipping Costs)
    7) All Offers Are Considered So Don't Be Afraid To Post One
    8) Once Addresses Are Exchanged There Is No Backing Out
    9) Please Post All Offers On My Thread and We Can Go From There
    10) If I Have Not Left You An iTrader Ref Yet Please Pm Me Or Post Here So I Can Leave You One


    DP-HGSS Holos

    Diamond and Pearl
    Lucario x1
    Dialga x1
    Luxray x2
    Infernape x1
    Shiftry x1

    Mysterious Treasures
    Uxie x1
    Rampardos x1
    Celebi x1

    Secret Wonders
    Charizard x1
    Lugia x1
    Mew x3 (x1 Italian)
    Suicune x1
    Magmortar x1
    Electivire x1 (Italian)
    Salamence x1 (Italian)

    Great Encounters
    Darkrai #3 x3
    Darkrai #4 x3

    Majestic Dawn
    Darkrai x3
    Dialga x1
    Palkia x1

    Legends Awakened
    Gliscor x2
    Luxray x3
    Deoxys Normal Form x1
    Yanmega x1
    Politoed x2
    Probopass x1
    Froslass x3
    Heatran x1
    Mamoswine x1
    Rayquaza x3
    Metagross x1
    Spiritomb x2
    Dragonite x1
    Giratina x6
    Regigigas x1

    Empoleon x2
    Magnezone (Electric) x1
    Mismagius x1
    Torterra x2

    Slaking x2

    Rising Rivals
    Lucario GL x3
    Arcanine x1
    Floatzel GL x1
    Darkrai G x2 (x1 RH)
    Froslass GL x3 (x1 JPN)
    Jirachi x1
    Mismagius GL x2
    Rampardos GL x1
    Roserade GL x1
    Shiftry x1

    Supreme Victors
    Swampert x1
    Yanmega x1
    Rayquaza C x2 (x1 JPN)
    Regigigas FB x1

    HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Raichu x1
    Ninetales x1
    Hitmontop x1
    Shuckle x1

    Total - 89 Holos

    $115 Shipped

    EX Series Holos/Reverse Holos

    Ruby & Sapphire
    Swampert x1

    Grumpig x1

    TM vs. TA
    Team Aqua's Walrein x1
    Team Magma's Aggron x1

    Hidden Legends
    Dark Celebi x1
    Milotic x1
    Walrein x1 (RH)

    FR & LG
    Snorlax x1
    Slowbro x1 (RH)

    TR Returns
    Kingdra x1
    Dark Dragonite x1
    Dark Tyranitar x2
    Ledian x1 (RH)
    Misdreavus x1 (RH)

    Claydol x1
    Gyarados x2 (x1 RH)
    Rayquaza x2
    Camerupt x1 (RH)
    Ludicolo x1 (RH)
    Shiftry x1 (RH)

    Milotic x1

    Unseen Forces
    Typhlosion x1
    Ho-Oh x1
    Ampharos x1 (RH)
    Elekid x1 (RH)
    Jynx x1 (RH)
    Octillery x1 (RH)

    Delta Species
    Latias x1
    Jolteon x1
    Rayquaza x1 (RH)
    Porygon 2 x1 (RH)

    Legend Maker
    Aggron x2
    Gengar x1
    Wailord x1
    Aerodactyl x1 (RH)
    Omastar x1 (RH)

    Holon Phantoms
    Deoxys #5 x1
    Deoxys #6 x1
    Gyarados x1
    Blaziken x1 (RH)

    Dragon Frontiers
    Ampharos x1
    Pinsir x1
    Ninetales x1 (RH)
    Meganium x1 (RH)

    Total - 48 Holos/Rare RHs

    $50 Shipped

    Ultra Rares

    Secret Rares

    HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Gyarados 123/123 x1
    Alph Lithograph ONE x1

    Supreme Victors
    Moltres 149/147 x1

    Rising Rivals
    Pikachu 112/111 x2
    Flying Pikachu 113/111 x2
    Surfing Pikachu 114/111 x2
    RT2 Frost Rotom x2
    RT3 Heat Rotom x2
    RT5 Wash Rotom x1

    Electabuzz 128/127 x2
    Hitmonchan 129/127x2
    Scyther 130/129 x2

    Charmander 101/100 x1
    Charmeleon 102/100 x1
    Charizard 103/100 x1

    Unseen Forces
    Unown E x1
    Unown I x1
    Unown L x1
    Unown O x1
    Unown W x1

    TM vs. TA
    Jirachi 97/95 x1

    Crystal Lugia 149/147 x1 (Not Mint & Italian)

    $115 Shipped



    Supreme Victors
    SH7 Milotic x1
    SH8 Relicanth x1

    SH4 Lotad x1
    SH5 Swablu x1
    SH6 Vulpix x1

    SH1 Drifloon x1
    SH3 Voltorb x1

    $35 Shipped

    Ho-Oh Legend (Complete) x1
    Lugia Legend (Complete) x2

    $35 Shipped

    Lv X's

    Azelf Lv X x1
    Shaymin Lv X 127/127 x2
    Snorlax Lv X x1
    Staraptor Lv X x1

    Infernape Lv X x2
    Lucario Lv X x1
    Giratina Lv X x3
    Shaymin Lv X x2
    Rayquaza Lv X x1

    $70 Shipped

    Lugia EX x1 (Not Mint)
    Chansey EX x1
    Groudon EX x1
    Armaldo EX x1
    Shiftry EX x1
    Kyogre EX Promo #37 x1

    Zapdos EX 116/112 x1
    Regice EX x1
    Latios EX x1
    Jirachi EX x1
    Arcanine EX x1
    Kabutops EX x1
    Blissey EX x1
    Typhlosion EX x1
    Feraligatr EX x1
    gardevoir EX x1
    Groudon EX Promo #38 x1
    Moltres EX Promo #31 x1

    $40 Shipped

    Shining/Gold Star
    Celebi Gold Star x1 (Stain At Top)
    Shining Charizard x1 (Not Mint & Italian)
    Shining Kabutops x1
    Shining Mewtwo x1
    Shining Noctowl x2 (x1 Not Mint & Italian)
    Shining Tyranitar x1 (x1 Not Mint & Italian)

    $45 Shipped


    POP 1
    1/17 Blaziken x2
    3/17 Rayquaza x1
    4/17 Sceptile x1

    POP 2
    3/17 Raikou x1
    6/17 Venusaur x1

    POP 3
    3/17 Jolteon x1
    6/17 Vaporeon x1
    9/17 Forretress x1

    POP 6
    14/17 Chimchar x1
    15/17 Piplup x1
    17/17 Turtwig x1

    POP 7
    13/17 Corsola x1

    POP 9
    9/17 Lopunny x1
    10/17 Pachirisu x1
    13/17 Chimchar x1
    14/17 Gible x2
    16/17 Piplup x3

    $15 Shipped

    Winner Best Hitmonchan x1
    Best Hitmonchan x1
    Best Rocket's Sneasel x1
    PreRelease Misty's Seadra x2
    PreRelease Dark Gyarados x1

    12 Pikachu x2
    13 Meowth x1
    16 Treecko x1
    30 Suicune x1

    Diamond & Pearl
    DP32 Magnezone x1
    DP36 Gliscor x1
    DP43 Probopass G x2

    HGSS02 Lugia x2

    BlackStar Promos
    14. Mewtwo x1
    25. Flying Pikachu x1
    35. Pichu (RH) x3
    39. Misdreavus x2
    51. Rapidash x3

    Southern Island
    14/18 Slowking x1
    17/18 Vileplume x1

    $55 Shipped

    Older Generation Holos


    Neo Genesis
    Ampharos x5 (x4 1st Edition) - $4 1st Edition, $2 Unl
    Heracross (1st Edition) - $4
    Skarmory (1st Edition) - $4
    Jumpluff x3 (x3 1st Edition) - $3 each
    Kingdra x1 - $2

    Neo Discovery
    Wobbuffet (1st Edition) - $3.50
    Unown E 1st Edition (Rare) - $1.50
    Unown I 1st Edition (Rare) - $1.50
    Unown O 1st Edition (Rare) - $1.50

    Neo Revelation
    Magneton x3 (x2 1st Edition) - $4 1st Edition, $2 Unl
    Jumpluff (1st Edition) - $4
    Crobat - $2
    Starmie 1st Edition (Rare) - $1.50

    Neo Destiny
    Light Dragonite (1st Edition) - $5
    Light Togetic (1st Edition) - $5
    Dark Ampharos (1st Edition) - $5

    Legendary Collection
    Gyarados x2 - $4 each
    Venusaur - $5
    Dark Dragonite - $4
    Dark Raichu - $3
    Ninetales - $3
    Flareon - $3
    Hitmonlee - $2.50
    Machamp (RH) - $2
    Nidoqueen (RH) - $2
    Kabutops (RH) - $2
    Golem (RH) - $2
    Mewtwo (Rare) - $1

    Gym Heroes
    Lt. Surge’s Fearow - $3

    Gym Challenge
    Giovanni’s Machamp - $3
    Koga’s Muk - $3

    Gengar - $4
    Golem (Rare) - $1


    Alakazam - $3
    Nidoking - $2
    Poliwrath - $2
    Machamp x2 - $2 each

    Jungle (Holos)
    Pinsir - $2
    Vileplume x2 - $2 each

    Fossil (Holos)
    Aerodactyl - $2
    Kabutops - $2
    Haunter - $2
    Dragonite - $3
    Hypno - $2

    Team Rocket
    Dark Machamp - $2
    Dark Hypno - $2

    Neo Genesis
    Kingdra x2 - $2 each
    Togetic x2 - $2 each
    Pichu - $3
    Skarmory - $2
    Heracross - $2
    Slowking - $2.50
    Ampharos - $2
    Jumpluff - $2
    Bellossom - $2

    Neo Discovery
    Forretress - $2

    Neo Revelation
    Magneton x11 $2 each
    Kingdra x10 $2 each
    Starmie x9 $2 each
    Jumpluff x8 $2 each
    Misdreavus x7 $2 each
    Crobat x7 $2 each
    Porygon 2 x3 $2 each
    Ampharos x3 $2 each
    Blissey x2 $2 each
    Delibird x1 $2
    Suicune x1 $10

    Neo Destiny
    Light Togetic x8 - $2 each
    Dark Donphan x8 $2 each
    Dark Gengar x5 - $3 each
    Dark Houndoom x5 - $3 each
    Light Azumarill x4 - $2 each
    Dark Typhlosion x4 - $3 each
    Dark Ampharos x2 - $2 each
    Dark Porygon 2 - $2
    Dark Crobat - $2
    Light Dragonite - $5

    Gym Heroes
    Misty’s Seadra - $2
    Erika’s Vileplume - $2

    Gym Challenge
    Koga’s Ditto x2 $2 each
    Koga’s Beedrill x2 $2 each

    Vileplume (1st Edition) $3
    Weezing (1st Edition) $3
    Rapidash (1st Edition) $3
    Cloyster (1st Edition) $3
    Gengar (1st Edition) $4
    Golem (1st Edition) $3
    Fearow (1st Edition) $3

    E-Card 2 (Aquapolis Part 1)
    Muk x2 (1st Edition) - $3 each
    Ariados x2 (1st Edition) - $3 each
    Jumpluff (1st Edition) - $3
    Arcanine (1st Edition) - 5
    Zapdos 1st Edition (Rare) - $3

    E-Card 3 (Aquapolis Part 2)
    Vileplume (1st Edition) - $3
    Exeggutor (1st Edition) - $3
    Bellossom (1st Edition) - $3
    Ninetales (1st Edition) - $4
    Entei (1st Edition) - $12
    Tentacruel (1st Edition) - $3
    Octillery x2 (x1 1st Edition) - $3 1st Edition, $1.50 Unlimited
    Kingdra (1st Edition) - $4
    Lanturn (1st Edition) - $2
    Ampharos x2 - $2 each
    Slowking (1st Edition) - $3
    Sudowoodo (1st Edition) - $3
    Tyranitar (1st Edition) - $8
    Steelix (1st Edition) - $4
    Scizor (1st Edition) - $4

    Japanese Ultra Rare/Notable Cards

    Offer On Any of These

    Mew Gold Star x1
    Shining Charizard x1
    Shining Magikarp x1
    Shining Steelix x1
    Celebi 007/P VS Promo
    Imakuni's Doduo x1
    ______'s Chansey x1
    CD Porygon x1
    NEO 1 Lugia x5
    Fossil Mew x2
    Rota's Lucario 093/PCG-P x1
    Aura's Lucario Ex 006/012 x1 (Not Mint)
    Mewtwo EX 026/055 x1
    Macargo EX 009/054 x1 (1st Edition)
    Raichu Lv X x1
    Magmortar Lv X x1
    Garchomp C Lv X 007/016 x1
    Garchomp C 006/016 x1
    Charizard G 001/016 x2
    001/DPt Carnivine x1

    Kangaskhan x1
    Golduck x1
    Parasect x1
    Nidorino x1
    Gloom x1
    Venonat x1
    Bellsprout x1
    Metapod x1
    Exeggcute x1
    Mankey x1

    Each VS cards is $2 each unless otherwise noted (Energies are $.25 each)

    VS Series (ALL 1st Edition)
    001/141 Falkner’s Pidgeot x5
    002/141 Falkner’s Fearow x4
    003/141 Falkner’s Farfetch’d x2
    004/141 Falkner’s Dodrio x5
    005/141 Falkner’s Togetic x2
    006/141 Falkner’s Delibird x3
    010/141 Bugsy’s Pinsir x2
    014/141 Whitney’s Clefable x6
    015/141 Whitney’s Wigglytuff x5
    016/141 Whitney’s Persian x3
    018/141 Whitney’s Furret x4
    019/141 Whitney’s Milktank x3
    021/141 Morty’s Gengar - $3
    022/141 Morty’s Hypno x2
    024/141 Morty’s Noctowl x5
    026/141 Morty’s Misdreavus x2
    027/141 Jasmine’s Raichu x3
    028/141 Jasmine’s Magneton x3
    029/141 Jasmine’s Electabuzz
    031/141 Jasmine’s Ampharos - $3
    036/141 Chuck’s Tauros x5
    037/141 Chuck’s Granbull x3
    038/141 Chuck’s Donphan x4
    040/141 Pryce’s Cloyster x4
    047/141 Claire’s Jynx x6
    049/141 Claire’s Dragonite - $8
    051/141 Claire’s Mantine
    054/141 Lt. Surge’s Lanturn x3
    060/141 Erika’s Jumpluff
    061/141 Janine’s Beedrill
    063/141 Janine’s Venomoth
    064/141 Janine’s Weezing x3
    068/141 Brock’s Omastar x3
    069/141 Brock’s Kabutops
    071/141 Blaine’s Magcargo
    072/141 Will’s Slowbro x2
    074/141 Will’s Jynx
    077/141 Will’s Slowking
    078/141 Will’s Girafarig
    082/141 Bruno’s Hitmonlee
    083/141 Bruno’s Hitmonchan x3
    085/141 Bruno’s Ursaring x3
    087/141 Karen’s Rapidash
    088/141 Karen’s Magmar x3
    089/141 Karen’s Flareon - $5
    099/141 Lance’s Aerodactyl x1 - $8
    100/141 Lance's Dragonite x1 - $12
    130/141 Potion x12
    131/141 Moo-Moo Milk x1
    132/141 Full Heal x8
    133/141 Pokemon Reverse x11
    134/141 Switch x12
    135/141 Warp Point x11
    136/141 Super Scoop Up x9
    137/141 Energy Flow x9
    138/141 Energy Charge x9
    139/141 Energy Ark x6
    140/141 Energy Restore x10
    141/141 Master Ball x6
    Darkness Energy (Holo) x2 - $3 each
    Metal Energy (Holo) x1 - $3
    Rainbow Energy (Holo) x1 - $3
    Grass Energy X 20+
    Fire Energy X 20+
    Fighting Energy X 20+
    Lightning Energy X 20+
    Psychic Energy X 20+
    Water Energy X 20+



    Sealed Pokemon Trading Card Game for GBC (Mint Condition) - $80

    Pokemon Gold (Complete w/ Trainer Guide & Box) Works & Saves - $20

    Sealed Theme Decks

    $150 For All 4 (Shipping not included)
    2 PLAYER STARTER SET (1st Printing) - $60 OBO (Shadowless & Possibly 1st Edition)

    $25 For Both
    WATER BLAST - $15

    $20 For Both (Shipping not included)
    LOCKDOWN - $12
    BODYGUARD - $12

    $30 For Both (Shipping not included)

    $40 For All 3 (Shipping not included)
    BROCK - $15
    MISTY - $15
    LT. SURGE - $15

    $25 For Both (Shipping not included)
    HOTFOOT - $15
    COLD FUSION - $15

    $250 For All Decks

    Pokemon Platinum x1 (Complete) $40
    Team Rocket's Meowth CD Promo Sealed x1 $15
    Pocket Monsters Trainer Magazine #12 w/ Japanese Rocket's Scizor (Still Sealed) x1 $15
    x2 JPN Pocket Monsters Trainer Magazine #7 w/ Japanese NEO 2 Smeargle (x1 Sealed, x1 Just Mag) $15 & $8

    I have many, many Vending Glossy cards as well so if you are looking for any in particular, then please check my channel on YouTube at I have videos of all the cards here.
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  2. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Seeing as you're selling your entire collection, do you have bulk C/UC for sale from DP-HGSS?
  3. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Many! Probably around 1500-2000.
  4. RyperiorFreak909

    RyperiorFreak909 New Member

    i have the promo charizard lv x if your interested ?
  5. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    I'm actually only selling. Sorry.
  6. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    How much do you value individual commons/uncommons at? - to see how much this will cost total ^_^
  7. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Between $.5-$.10 seems like a decent price.
  8. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Sounds reasonable, but I don't have that much money to spend :( Do you have your bulk from DP and Platinum series separated? Because I'd rather just buy Platinum on at that price. If you don't, I don't want to cause you trouble separating and I could just buy less.
  9. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    I do have them all separated, but that price I gave was assuming that you were going to buy >1000. I only have about 150 un/commons from the Platinum base set, but I do, however, have 600+ Rising Rivals un/commons though.

    What type of budget are you on if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    The money I make from work, which isn't much because I'm still a high-school student working part time. So like 50 dollars max at the moment, and I'm not sure if I want to spend all that.
  11. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Well I could sell you the Platinum & Rising Rivals un/commons for $50 shipped. LMK. Are you sure that you want to buy un/commons though and not one of my holo lots or something more rare?
  12. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Hmm on second thought, I'm interested in the Mew *. Would you take 25 dollars for that?
  13. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Well since it is a Japanese Mew *, it is much, much harder to obtain than an English version so the value is usually x2-x3 the value of English *'s. I'd let it go for $50.
  14. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Oh I mistook that for the English one :/ oops. Would you be willing to sell your shining kabutops/mewtwo not in the lot?
  15. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Sure I could do them both for $25 shipped.
  16. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Are they both in mint cnodition?
  17. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Near Mint. Some whitening on Mewtwo.
  18. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Could you bring it down to 21 then?
  19. ljgenco12

    ljgenco12 New Member

    Sure I could do that. Is there anything else you are interested in?
  20. Lunistrella

    Lunistrella New Member

    Nope that's it for now I think. PM me to confirm?
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