Ghost in a Bell (for Team WM)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mrdraz07, May 28, 2008.

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  1. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I heard Rico likes Gengar, so I whipped this up. It's pretty funny, and by no means is it well-tested, but it's promising.

    4-3-4 Gengar
    3-3 Bronzong MD
    2-2 Claydol

    4 Call
    4 DRE
    2 Cyclone
    5 Psychic

    4 Rare Candy
    4 Moonlight Stadium
    2 Celio's
    3 Dusk Ball
    3 Master Ball
    3 Pokedex Handy 910is
    2 PokeNav
    3 Warp Point

    Strat: Your ideal start is Gastly with a Call energy, who will go fetch Bronzor and Baltoy. After that, you will want to set up Gengar w/ DRE, Bronzong, Claydol, and a Moonlight Stadium, which should be easy to find thanks to the trainer-speed deck-thinning engine. Gengar will spread 4 damage counters anywhere, then switch out to Bronzong, who is a Cursed Stone on legs. Next turn, Bronzong has free retreat thanks to Moonlight, so you can do it all over again.

    It is possible to have all of this set up in 2 or 3 turns because the trainers find everything you need. DRE on Gengar is amazing, because it's damage counters and not damage, and Bronzong doesn't care that it's attack only does 50 instead of 60. Moonlight even acts as a counter to Crystal Beach!

    Skittles looks like a really good match-up for the deck in so many ways it's not even don't do damage to Ho-Oh, so Phoenix Turn NEVER works. Everything has powers once it's set up, so Bronzong basically says do 10 to everybody in between turns. Bronzong even resists Ho-Oh, and Gengar resists Togekiss. HOW PRO IS THAT?

    This list is far from done, so please fix and discuss!
  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    First, I love the only matchup you put is teh Skittles, Skittles ftl?? lolz =D

    anyway, looks very nice man!!!

    You may want to include a Bronzong MT in here, because helps against Banette stuff, and does(in your deck since no metals) 50 for auto confusion and has a decent power that can help you out in tight spots.
  3. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Match-up update: G&G games are funny. You want to spread enough so that Bronzong can KO stuff in between turns, then when you attack with Gengar, send up something that isn't Bronzong. It should make them think about that extra damage counter they'll get from Bronzong and make you not want to switch your active by either KO'ing it or using Sonic Blade. This lets you stall longer and spread more damage counters!

    Something I've noticed about this list is that there's a major lack of draw. MAJOR. I need to make room for some Professor Birch, but I don't know what to take out. I'll try taking out 1 of each Warp Point and Pokedex and all of the PokeNav for a set of them and see how it goes.

    @Flygon: Even if I was going, I would not play this at Nats LOL

    @MadHatter: Thanks for your comments! I thought about Bronzong MT but it doesn't retreat for free. I'd much rather have the third MD one since I haven't found space for NM yet.
  4. piñata

    piñata New Member

    wow Rico is going to love u
  5. charchar

    charchar New Member

    pretty nice, night maintenence?
  6. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Another match-up update: Life Drain wins games! At least against Arithmetic 2.0/Banana Boat. Simply try to Life Drain a Gyarados and go right on ahead with your bad self. If you fail the flip, chances are they won't KO you, but if you do hit it, all you have to do--if you don't have another Gengar ready--is send up Bronzong and kill it. This strategy also seems to work against anything with big HP that you want gone.

    I'm loving this deck more and more each time I play it :)

    @charchar: I'm working on the list some more and trying to find room for the NM. So far I've found that I don't actually need it.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    ANOTHER match-up update: Magmortar is far from dead...but Life Drain proves yet again to make an amazing turnaround for this deck! If they try to set up behind a Pachi/Phione, a simple Warp Point and Candy into Gengar can put Magmortar at a measly 10 HP.

    Seriously, this deck is amazing. I'm so glad Team WM likes bad cards. (btw, they need to comment on this thread so I don't feel so stupid.)
    Last edited: May 29, 2008
  7. XYZ_Sniper

    XYZ_Sniper New Member

    wow Team WM does like bad cards :lol:
    anyways try TSD or night maitnense
    if they like bad cards so much try VM :lol:

  8. Shocking_Pichu22

    Shocking_Pichu22 New Member

    YAAHHH! Thank you it look great and from what you say it does pretty good. maybe i might play it, Idk... i depends how i feel :biggrin:

    Also who said i like Gengar??
  9. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Seems rather lucky to get the coin flip for Life Drain. Flip a coin, if tails, you have done nothing with your turn. I do like your combo with spreading and the switch for Bronzong to spread with it's body, and then retreat and repeat. But, I think the Life Drain is the weak point of the deck and it relies on them KO'ing your Gengar to KO them in between turns. There might be a better damage spreader too for the idea.

    Good thinking and creativity! GL with the deck!
  10. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Life Drain is really just a bonus. I honestly wasn't thinking about Bronzong KO'ing them between turns, but it's pretty nice when it happens.

    As for another spreader, there really isn't much else. Donphan is the only other thing that comes to mind instead of Gengar, and IMO it's slightly inferior since there's no bench hitting.
  11. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    Amusing is the best word I can find for this.

    You should add 1-2 Mr. Mime, Chatot, Cresselia Lvl X (or 2), and maybe Dodrio as another option to spread with free retreat. You should also drop the Pokenav completely for 2 more Celio since getting a Claydol out is essential. I've also found that Dusk Ball doesn't work all that well with Claydol, since you tend to put all your excess junk on the bottom. Switch those for a combination of Bebe's, Master Ball, Pokedex, Birch, or Wager.
  12. charchar

    charchar New Member

    dont need mr mine. creess is ok but it takes speed and space. it can heak but bronzong can spread to everything.
  13. Everwind

    Everwind New Member

    What about Amphoros? The poke power for jamming makes it pretty interesting. May be too much but I guess an alternative.

    I really like your idea. Sounds like lots of fun!
  14. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    remove a 1-1-1 line of gengar, 1 war point

    add 2-2 cresselia LV X for more damage coungters control.
  15. Einstein

    Einstein New Member

    When is the Team WM ?

    Great Deck Idea

    Maybe add Cressalia
  16. berra_gud

    berra_gud New Member

    I must be the only one who thinks aerodactyl here.. wouldnt a 1-1 line be good, or even a 2-2 if you could find enough space ?
  17. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    aerodactyl is not that good, it's only good when your opponent uses a power which is optional plus it's too hard to get out.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    pure power ftw!

    funny deck i would like to play against it sometime
  19. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    nice list I'm gonna try it cuz my buddy needs a good deck , look at the Darkrai deck I posted... Endless Sleep, let me know what you think
  20. josher3147

    josher3147 New Member

    Haha I had this exact deck idea and similar list a week or two ago, never tried it out, sounds fun.
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