Giovanni and Conductivity questions

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Misdreavus, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. Misdreavus

    Misdreavus Member

    1. I saw on the Compendium that Giovanni lets you evolve first turn. The last thing I heard was that absolutely nothing let you evolve first turn, not even this or Eevee's Energy Evolution. Have they changed it to allow Giovanni to evolve on turn 1?

    2. I also saw that it said Flygon's Energy Shower set off Ampharos ex or Dark Ampharos's Conductivity... I know this was the original ruling but at FX I was told otherwise. This means that Blastoise's Rain Dance, Swampert's Water Call, Roselia's Speed Growth, and Bellossom's Flower Supplement would also trigger the power, correct? BTW, it is my understanding that Venusaur's Harvest Bounty does NOT set off Conductivity... is this true?

    3. If you attach a Potion Energy to one of your Pokémon while your opponent has an Ampharos ex or Dark Ampharos in play, which comes first: take the damage from Conductivity, or remove damage from Potion Energy's effect? I assume it would be the same for Swampert's Natural Remedy.
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  2. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    1.> The Giovanni trainer card is a rare exception that specifically permits an evolution on the first turn; it says so right there on the card. It just goes to show that "nothing is absolute", I guess. ;)

    2.> I have no idea what the "FX" you're referring to is, but it has been recently ruled (all the way from Japan) that Flygon's Energy Shower WILL trigger Conductivity. Here's an excerpt from the Compendium-EX:
    == CONDUCTIVITY (Dark Ampharos - Neo: Destiny; Ampharos EX - EX: Dragon)

    Q. Would Flygon's "Energy Shower" attack set off Ampharos-EX's "Conductivity" power? Like if I set down 6 energy, it would do 60 Damage (however I set down the energy)? And if yes, would the damage be done to Flygon or to each separate Pokemon that I attach an energy to?
    A. Yes, Flygon would indeed trigger Ampharos-EX's Conductivity; it also works the same way for Azumarill's "Drizzle" attack. And the damage would be done to each individual Pokemon that gets an energy attached to it. (Jan 29, 2004 PUI Rules Team)

    We didn't ask specifically about any of the other cards you mention, but here's some rulings from the old Compendium that may help some:
    == CONDUCTIVITY (Dark Ampharos - Neo: Destiny Expansion)

    Q. If I attach two energy cards to my Active Pokémon using Harvest Bounty, and my opponent has a Dark Ampharos in play, does that Pokémon take 20 damage? If so, what about using the Blaine trainer or Blastoise's Raindance?
    A. Yes to all. (Sep 19, 2002 WotC Chat, Q465)

    3.> In the case of Potion Energy and Conductivity, past precedents tell us in general that when two effects go off simultaneously, the Active player's effect goes first, then the Defending Player's effects go second. Here is an excerpt from the old Compendium:
    == CONDUCTIVITY (Dark Ampharos - Neo: Destiny Expansion)

    Q. If my active Light Dragonite [100 hp] has 9 damage counters on it, and my opponent has a Dark Ampharos benched, what happens when I attach a Potion Energy to the Light Dragonite? (Remove 1 counter, then place one counter?)
    A. It's the same old answer when you have two effects that take place at the same time. First, Light Dragonite does NOT prevent the healing effect from the Energy card as it is not in play yet. The effect from Conductivity and the Potion Energy do take place at the same time however. So the Active player's effect goes first, then the Defending Player's effects go second. If one player controls more than one effect, they get to decide what order they go in when their effects take place. (Mar 7, 2002 WotC Chat, Q541)

    Hope all this helps,
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