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    Anybody on these boards play Gladius? I think that those that enjoy RPG's and the Pokemon series will enjoy this game. We have it for Gamecube but it is available for other platforms also. Your "Gladiators" have different types of Affinities such as Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Very similar to Pokemon in that regard.

    If anyone has played this game please help us. We are stuck near the end. After we beat the Caltha stadium we go back to Nordagh and the Evil Queen attacks and you are faced against 3 Ogres who are all higher levels. Since you can only use your medium characters, the Heavy Ogres always win. The 2 that have the Death Swords are really annoying. One hit ko's with that weapon is real bad. I read somewehere that with Eiji the Archer you can use her Charm attack but I never taught her that so she doesnt have it. I hate to start the game over after putting so much time into it but I cannot beat this level. I checked the strategy guide and this is not much help either. Any suggestions?

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