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  1. Vaporeoo

    Vaporeoo New Member

    Mainly I need Trainer/Supporter advice. When I built this deck I could only use what I had with me. Please tell me which Trainers and Supporters you think would work best. Thanks!

    23 Pokemon

    4-Psyduck (SW)
    3-Golduck (SW)

    4-Natu (SW)
    3-Xatu (SW)

    3-Spoink (CG)
    2-Grumpig (CG)

    4-Delibird (GE)

    Trainers/Supporters (The part I need most help with)

    2-Plus Power
    1-Energry Restore
    2-Professor Oak's Visit
    2-Energry Search
    1-Felicity's Drawing
    1-Team Galactic's Mars
    1-Quick Ball


    17-Water Energy (I'm switching some of these out once I get more Psychic)
    7-Psychic Energy
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  2. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    What you need for supporter and trainers is is that celios network and rosannes research to search for some of your pokemon. and a castaway to get a supporter, energy and a pokemon tool, some strenght charms werent bad too, for pokemon a stantler would be good to search for supporters, a speed stadium and great ball are good cards to pump your deck up, and
    a copycat when your opponent has to many cards in his hand, and at last but not least a warp point.
  3. Vaporeoo

    Vaporeoo New Member

    Thanks for the advice! Very helpful =)
  4. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    way to many nrgys, both golduck and xatu only need 2 nrgs tops. i also would say take out 3-2 on grumpig and 1 delibird. replace them with a 2-2 wigglytuff (GE) and 2 stantlers to get your supporters. wiggly and stantler only need 2 nrgy tops two, so i say play 6 water nrg, 6 psychic nrg, 4 Holon nrg WP. that is all u need for the nrg. use the xtra nrg spots to add in some supporters. that is all
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