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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by SuperWooper, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    That's right, I'm looking for Aquapolis Suicune. Trade them away quickly, because I'll need all offers in the week to consider the best possible trades. I don't care if your Suicune is Holo, Reverse Holo, or Rare, (although that will affect what I trade for it) because I need them soon! This card is a top priority, so start trading!


    Expedition Shellder #129

    Aquapolis Psyduck #104
    Aquapolis Fire Cube
    Aquapolis Traveling Salesman
    Aquapolis Boost Energy :D

    Skyridge Ledyba #72

    R&S Delcatty #5 :D
    R&S Dustox
    R&S Gardevoir x2 :D
    R&S Grovyle #32
    R&S Manectric #39
    R&S Marshtomp #45

    Sandstorm Cacturne
    Sandstorm Mawille
    Sandstorm Baltoy #32
    Sandstorm Electabuzz
    Sandstorm Mysterious Fossil
    Sandstorm Multi Energy

    Dragons Plusle :D

    HOLOS (I got nothing :p)
    Expedition Venusaur

    R&S Delcatty :D
    R&S Gardevoir :D
    R&S Swampert

    Sandstorm Solrock

    Dragons Roselia :D

    Expedition Blastoise (Jet Stream)
    Expedition Nintales
    Expedition Poliwrath x3
    Expedition Typhlosion (Heat Up)
    Expedition Venusaur (Harvest Bounty)
    Expedition Vileplume

    Aquapolis Entei
    Aquapolis Exeggutor x2 (Grass type)
    Aquapolis Octillery x3
    Aquapolis Porygon2
    Aquapolis Rapidash
    Aquapolis Togetic

    Skyridge Alakazam
    Skyridge Piloswine

    R&S Blaziken
    R&S Seaking
    R&S Sharpedo x2

    Sandstorm Golduck x2
    Sandstorm Omastar x2

    1st Edition Jungle Electrode Wrong Artwork
    BEST Professor Elm
    Some money...and...that's about it.
    Oh, and Dark Raichu! That is a cool card.

    That's all of it. Well, all of it I'm trading to you, anyway. There's some good stuff in there, indicated by the smiley faces, but that shouldn't stop you from trading for whatever you want.

    Aquapolis Suicune! Aquapolis Suicune! Aquapolis Suicune! HIGH PRIORITY!
    Aggron EX

    Thanks for viewing and or posting. Please don't tell me to view your haves list if you don't have any of these three cards, but Suicune will be very much appreciated. Very Very much. Only post if you have one of the three cards above. Thank you. Wooper out.
  2. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Lock this thread, I have reached a trade. Thanks,

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