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  1. Corinth Maxwell

    Corinth Maxwell New Member

    I am giving up my entire (almost) Gym collection for $30. This inclues every Gym Leader Pokemon that I have, Gym Leader Trainer cards, Gym Leader Stadium cards, and any other trainer card tied in with the Gyms and their leaders. Exclusions to this are: Energy cards (I'm in a bit of a crisis........), Non-Gym trainers (that don't involve the gyms or the leaders(Trash Exchange, Max revive, etc.)) I just need to get rid of these useless cards. They also include certain cards that were retrieved from boosters. PM me immediately about offers, because several people have already made competing offers for these cards.

    The cards excluded from the sale besides energy cards are as follows..........
    This card is even more rare due to the fact that they're ALL misprints. For those of you that do use this card, the official ruling is that you put two damage counters on the pokemon in case of tails.

    I may also ask for your extras of these cards that you don't want anymore.
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I might want it, where u live
  3. Minun300

    Minun300 New Member

    How many pokemon cards do you have?
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    He only have Gym Expsanisosn 1 & 2
  5. Corinth Maxwell

    Corinth Maxwell New Member

    I think he was asking about total cards. The GYM set is at least 400 cards, but I have in excess, a total of at least 2000-3000 cards. This includes my fifteen decks and the Light and Dark decks I just recently bought.

    I live in Las Vegas.
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