Grass Heal Deck (no real name yet)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Zeno503, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. Zeno503

    Zeno503 New Member

    Hey this is a deck I'm helping my sister build, it's essentially a deck that supports it's main attackers with constant healing to keep them from dying.

    Pokemon: 26
    3-2 Yanmega TM
    4-3 Cherrim (x1 Cherubi SV, x1 Cherrim AR)
    2-2-2 Bellossom UD
    1-1-1 Meganium CoL
    2-1 Vespiquen UD (Vespiquen SF)
    1 Weedle RR
    1 Butterfree FB

    T/S/S: 23
    1 Duskball
    1 Dual Ball
    1 Pokeball
    3 Potion
    1 Twins
    1 Pokemon Rescue
    1 Interviewer's Questions
    1 Pokedex HANDY910is
    1 Poke Radar
    2 Energy Returner
    1 Switch
    1 Warp Point
    1 PlusPower
    1 Professor Oak's Visit
    1 Professor Oak's New Theory
    1 Emcee's Chatter
    1 Cheerleader's Cheer
    1 Pokemon Contest Hall
    1 Professor Elm's Training Method
    1 Good Rod

    Energy: 11
    10 Basic Grass
    1 Upper Energy

    Strategy in Depth:
    The Cherrim's and the Bellossom's are (my sister calls them Cheerleaders, now that I think about it that would be a good deck name) what heal the active pokemon with their Poke-Power Sunny heal which heals the active pokemon by one damage counter and the Bellossom's heal each of your pokemon, so with at least 3 of these pokemon on the bench that's 30 damage healed each turn. The potions in the deck help with the healing as well having for some really good recovery. The main attackers are Yanmega and Meganium. Yanmega sees more action and sets up for U-Turn and then switches out to either Meganium or another Yanmega to do it again. But 3 energy is a lot so set up is really slow, and the deck can fall behind but with twins it helps get some draw power and a pluspower for more damage. The Meganium is slow set up too but it's Giant Bloom can come through now and then healing Meganium by an extra 2 damage counters. Butterfree FB is there to take down any poke-body pokemon and the Vespiquen is just there. The deck is pretty amateur and I know some rare candies and some cards that allow more energy for a pokemon per turn would help, but I'm not familiar with any good healing pokemon so what we need is stronger pokemon that set up for less or better pokemon with moves that do better damage and can heal.

    Any suggestions?
  2. UkeleleMilo

    UkeleleMilo New Member

    Add in some Dawn's Stadiums... they heal 10 and remove all special conditions from that pokemon when an energy is attached. That being said, you could add in any Leafeons (I'd recommend all except the MD leafeons, because they're almost out of rotation. and they take to much energy). BUT Leafeon RR would be FANTASTIC w/ dawn's stadium and this healing deck. look it up. :)

    Also, I'd replace the Meganium you have w/ a Meganium Prime. it has a FANTASTIC power for all-grass decks.

    Serious problem w/ this deck. Consistency. You've got some super-terrible T/S/S taking up good deck spots. I'd put in solid 3 or 4 sets of some T/S/S. Mainly Dawn's Stadium, Bebe's search, Pokemon Collector, Seeker/SSU, 2 Palmer's, 1 Luxury Ball...
    Yeah... This is a great concept, but the T/S/S isn't there.

    Hope you get this sorted out. :)
  3. super ditto

    super ditto New Member

    Blissey might help

    May I suggest blissey prime and meganium prime... use meganiums leaf trans to move energy to a pokemon with no damage on it, then play blissey and use blissful nurse curing your pokemon then use leaf trans to put the energy back. then use seeker when you want do to do that again

    I reccomend

    -2 combee
    -1 vespiqueen
    -1 meganium
    -1 poke ball
    -1 warp point

    + 2 chansey
    + 1 blissey prime
    + 1 meganium prime
    + 2 seeker

    just a suggestion use as you want

    overall good deck :biggrin:
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