Grass/Psychic (Torterra) Deck Help?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DarlingJacket, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. DarlingJacket

    DarlingJacket New Member

    I'm new to deck building, so I'm pretty sure there's LOTS of room for improvement. I'm not even sure what questions I need to ask..I'm just looking for help making this deck more playable and more able to win, which I'm sure is the same for everyone asking for help on this forum.

    Pokemon: 25
    Torterra 1
    Espeon 1
    Leafeon 1

    Grotle 2
    Ambipom 2
    Kangaskahn 1
    Toxicroak 1

    Turtwig 4
    Koffing 1
    Croagunk 3
    Eevee 4
    Aipom 3
    Spinda 1

    Trainers :11
    Potion 2
    Prof Elm’s Training Method 2
    TV Reporter 1
    Mom’s Kindness 1
    Duck ball 1
    Night Maintenance 1
    Buffer Piece 1
    Energy Search 2

    Energy: 24
    Grass Energy 13
    Psychic Energy 10
    Call Energy 1

    Torterra is the big force in the deck, with high HP and strong attacks, but it needs to be built up, so I put in secondary attackers, with good attack strengths and basic pokemon that can help draw cards(aipom and Spinda) or inflict special conditions.
    Lefeon and Espeon compliment each other using Espeon's Sunlight Veil Poke-Body to increase their HP's and they both have good attack strength.
    Toxicroak only needs 2 energy and does 30 damage plus definite poison, and it's Poke-Body, Poison Sacs, makes it harder to cure the poison.
    Prof Elm Tv reporter and Mom all help to draw the necessary cards to get the evolutions etc. And energy search to help build up energy for attacks that need it.

    Thanks so much for any help or advice you could offer! I really appreciate it!
  2. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    is this a tourniment deck, cuz if it is, you need alot of help. lets go with this pokemon line.
    2 torterra MD
    1 torterra DP
    1 torterra lv.x
    2 leafeon lv.x
    2 leafeon (your choice)
    1 espeon
    2 umbreon
    2 grotle (again, your choice)
    4 turtwig (MD, no berry)
    4 eevee (call for family)
    total: 21

    3 rare candies
    2 premier balls
    2 warp point
    4 bebe's search
    4 prof. oak's visit
    2 tgw
    2 tgm
    3 roseanne's research
    2 dawn stadium
    total: 24
    3 multi
    2 call
    10 grass

    this is an a lot more competitive version of your deck, and should win some tourniments.
  3. DarlingJacket

    DarlingJacket New Member

    I've never been to a tournment before, but I do hope to go to one soon (ish), so thank you SO MUCH for helping me out.
  4. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    It all depends on what cards you have on hand. As a rule, you need to flesh your line out a little more, while using fewer differant pokemon.
    Your current Lines:
    4-2-1 Toreterra
    4-1-1 Eveelution
    3-1 Toxicroak
    3-2 Ambipom
    1 Kangashkan
    1 Koffing
    1 Spinda

    Lots of stuff here thats not helping anything out (Koffing, Kengashkahn, and Spinda), and you have alot of thin lines, meaning you cant reliably get them out quickly. Also, if something is prized, your in trouble

    My reccomendation:
    4-3-3 Toreterra
    4-2-1-1 Leafeon/Umbreon/Espeon
    3-2 Toxicroak

    This focus's you more on 3 pokemon, giving you a better chance of getting the cards you need to evolve, and also freeing up some more space for trainers. The Leafeon LvX and Torterra LvX would of course be great additions, but those are a little harder to come by.

    For energy, you shouldnt ever run more then 20 in a competitive deck (Decks running Togekiss are the exception, as they rely on lots of energy in the deck) Most people run around 16. Call energy is GREAT, and if you have some more of that, throwing it in would be nice. I would reccomend 4 Call, 2 Multi, 2 Psychic, 8 Grass.

    For trainers, its another spot that realy depends on what you have. Rossannes Research is a GREAT card, as it lets pull out the energy you need, or basic pokemon. Most decks run 3-4. Bebe's Search is another must have most of the time, as it lets you search out any pokemon, including LvX. Other useful trainers include:
    Night Maintaince- Pull pokemon and energy out of your discard. Most decks run 1-2
    Warp Point- Catches your opponent off gaurd, and helps with high retreat pokemon of your own (Like Torterra!). Most people run at least 2
    Professor Oaks Visit, Team Galactics Mars, TV Reporter, etc- Draw Power is critical in every deck, it lets you get the cards you need that much faster. Most decks run 4-8 in a combination of the many cards availble.
    Team Galactics Wager, Professor Rowan- Hand renplenishing cards are a huge help when you find you hand empty. Wager comes with the ability to disrupt your opponents hand as well. most decks run 2-3 of these kinds of cards.
    Rare Candy- a staple in decks running stage 2 pokemon, these allow you to evolve a basic immidiatly, as well as being able to skip the stage 1! You could evolve Turtwig into Toreterra, the turn you play the Turtwig! Decks running stage 2's generaly run 3-4 of these, while running less of the stage 1 pokemon (IE 4-2-3 Toreterra)

    Hope this stuff helps out, good luck getting into competitive play!
  5. DarlingJacket

    DarlingJacket New Member

    ShuckleLVX, Thank you SO MUCH.
    That was really helpful, especially since I don't have many modified legal cards, since I'm getting back into pokemon from WotC times, and there's not many places to buy single cards here, so I have to rely on boosters, and my luck has been bad.
    I really appriciate your explainations of everything!

    I'm really hoping to get better at this over time, and you've been really really helpful and I learned a lot of things form your post. :D
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