Grass rush. (IFDS-on Article included.)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by The Knee, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. The Knee

    The Knee New Member

    pokemon-20 (9 basics)

    2x Turtwig
    2x Grotle
    2x Torterra(IFDS)

    4x Cherubi(IFDS)
    4x Cherrim(IFDS)

    2x Shaymin
    2x Shaymin lv.X

    1x Baltoy
    1x Claydol


    4x Felicities drawing
    2x Rossane's research
    2x Rare candy
    4x Bebe's search
    4x Energy patch
    2x Night matinence
    1x Luxury ball
    2x Premier ball
    4x Pokeradar


    13x Grass energy
    2x Call energy

    Spoilers for new cards

    Cherubi LV.9 – Grass – HP50
    Basic Pokemon

    [.] Nap: Remove 2 damage counters from Cherubi.
    [G] Bullet Seed: Flip 4 coins, this attack does 10 damage x the number of heads.

    Weakness: Fire (+10)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 1


    Cherrim LV.30 – Grass – HP80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Cherubi

    Poke-Body: Sunny Day
    Each of your Grass-type and Fire-type Pokemon’s attacks does an additional 10 damage to your opponent’s Active Pokemon.

    [.] Sweet and Salty Pollen: 20 damage. Remove 2 damage counters from 1 of your Pokemon.
    [G][C][C] Solar Beam: 50 damage.

    Weakness: Fire (+20)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 1


    Shaymin LV.42 – Grass – HP70
    Basic Pokemon

    [G] Flower Aroma: 10 damage. Remove 2 damage counters from Shaymin, and the Defending Pokemon is now Asleep.
    [G][C] Damage Aid: 30 damage. If the Defending Pokemon is affected by a Special Condition, this attack does an additional 50 damage. Then, remove all Special Conditions from the Defending Pokemon.

    Weakness: Fire (+20)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 1

    Shaymin LV.X – Grass – HP100
    Level Up

    Poke-Body: Sense of Gratitude
    Each of your Grass-type Pokemon in play (excluding any Shaymin) has its maximum HP increased by 40. This Body stops working if you already have another Sense of Gratitude Poke-Body in effect.

    [G][C][C] Seed Flare: 40 damage. You may choose any number of Grass Energy in your hand and attach them to your Pokemon in any way you like. If you do, this attack does an additional 20 damage for each Energy card you attach.

    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 1


    Torterra LV.47 – Fighting – HP140
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Grotle

    Poke-Power: Solar Song
    You can use this Power once during your turn, when you play this card from your hand to Evolve a Pokemon. Choose any number of your Grass-type Pokemon in play. Search your deck for an Evolution card that Evolves from each of the chosen Pokemon, and Evolve them. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    [C][C] Crash Impact: 60 damage. Torterra does 20 damage to itself. Switch the Defending Pokemon with one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Your opponent chooses the Benched Pokemon to switch.
    [G][G][C][C] Ground Shaker: 80 damage. During your opponent’s next turn, whenever your opponent plays a Basic Pokemon card from his or her hand onto the Bench, place 2 damage counters on that Pokemon.

    Weakness: Water (+30)
    Resistance: Lightning (-20)
    Retreat: 4

    Luxury Ball – Trainer

    Search your deck for 1 Pokemon card (excluding Pokemon LV.X), show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    If there’s already a card named Luxury Ball in your discard pile, you can’t play this card.

    Poke-radar – Trainer

    Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose any number of Pokemon you find there, show them to your opponent, and put them in your hand. Return the remaining cards to your deck and shuffle your deck.


    Energy Patch – Trainer

    Flip a coin, if heads attach 1 Basic Energy card from your discard pile to one of your Pokemon.

    The plan? Simple. Fill up my bench quickly, get 2-4 Cherrim's on it, get out a shaymin X and hit away. Torterra makes this easy, and felicities+Claydol let me drop cards i don't need yet. Torterra covers the fire weakness well enough, and having a stage 1 that can hit for 80 for 3 with 120 hp is downright scary. Night matinence to pick up the pieces, and energy patch for some acceleration to an otherwise slow energy lineup. (Although doing 50 for free and healing 2 is extremely nice) Pokeradar does the trick for the search, and i have specialized search for the shaymin that i need to get out by turn 4-5. I need to find a way to fit warp points into this deck, or at least switches, but i really don't know what to drop right now. Any help in that area is greatly appreciated.

    As for current testing against decks in this meta.....

    It looses to skittles. Just about every single time. Ho-oh ohko's it without shaymin, and even with shaymin, it can ohko it with 5 energies. It can also set up faster and simply wreak havoc.

    G&G is a fairly good matchup. I can usually win the matchup. It takes them 2 hits to kill anything i have, and i can heal to mess with calqs if im getting hit for 60 per turn. I win this matchup more then i lose. Probably a 55-45 at the moment.

    Kingdra- I've only tested against this once, and i really don't know how to explain it. I had the game won, until my shaymin got sniped. I ended up losing, but i felt like i controlled the game and probably lose moreso due to a playing mistake rather then the deck failing me. The resist's really helped, but getting hurt on the bench and some misplays lost me the game.

    Magnazone- I can't seem to beat this deck for the life of me. I get locked, and just can't seem to find a way out of it. This is the cause of the warp points in the deck. I really need to make room for them. Im considering dropping 2x Bebe's and something else to make room for them.
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