Greek National Tournament

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by darvor, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. darvor

    darvor Member

    today was the greek national tournament. after a big misunderstanding.(whcich was that today was supposed to be a yo gi oh national tournament and not pokemon after some very "kind" talks with the event guys 4 days before they added pokemon tournament too) for that reason only 17 people appeared (and only imagine that rly a lot people didnt know that there was a tournament today and they didnt bring decks -.- )

    1st place won my friend using an Empoleon deck with mantyke /rayquaza/palkia (guys sorry but he told me not to post the whole decklist xD )

    2cnd place me using a banette with lunasol (im gona write the decklist after)

    3rd place a guy that always appears only for the nats . he played G&G with stantler

    4th place a new guy (im saw him 1st time) he played porygon Z deck with illumise/volbeat

    5th place a guy that im sure he saw somewhere in the net a magmortar list andjust copied it cause he didnt know how to use his deck extremly effective (or just he had wrong choices/strategy)

    6th place my friend's little brother who was playing a verry strange deck but it was funny . he had lucario skarmory ex and octillery and pachis for start

    7th place an infernape-typhosion-furret deck very skilled player but he lacked at cards (consider that im sure he should use more rare candies .the reason he lost hihiihi )

    8th place a no so skilled G&G player with dusknoir

    9th place a eletrivire player using a rly good strategy but he lacked at search machine and skill

    from 10 and more there where some players with banned cards or just playing for 1st time etc etc etc so im not gonna write their deck (neither i can remember them xD )

    my matches :

    got 3 easy wins by players that qualified at 10th to 17th place


    played with the guy that qulified 7th
    1st match i get by T2 banette with lunatone and start to do the discards he manages to bring out an Infernape and kos my banette. then my next banette ko his infernape but he manages to bring out an another infernape prizes left 3 for me 2 for him. i manage to ko his infernape but then he realised that he didnt have another rare candy in his deck to search for infernape+ rare candy and he admit his loss
    2cnd match was a big luck hand : banette tvr 2 psy nrgies and 2 plus pwers .he only hadfuret down. easy win :D

    next round me vs 9th
    1match i won him fast with banette he didnt have any bench.
    2nch match was little long but i managed to win :D

    next round me vs 4th

    1st match he outspeed me ( i had rly bad hand ) i lost
    2cnd match i win (why ? hihihi both illumise and volbeats in prizes he and 1-1 line ) took out banette fast ko2 banettes but then he couldnt bring back the dark nrgies to discard and i started to ko his pokemon (with some luck that in 3 rows his attacks were all tails xD )(also thnx to windstorm to rid of that boundary stad xD )

    next round me vs 3rd

    he had G&G with stantler easy win

    next 2 rounds me vs the guys that were qualified 10th++++ easy wins dont even remember their decks xD )

    next round me vs 5th

    1st match i ko his pachi but he didnt have a scramble in his hand so you can realise what followed...
    2cnd match he nad scramble but i was faster ...

    next round me vs my friend.
    1st match bad start/hand loss
    2ncdmatch i out speed him but he manages not to loose bring out a fast with rare candies empoleon start sniping my shuppets then i lost.....

    now my deck list

    : Turn 2 banette with lunasol
    crebit to me

    Pokemon 10

    4CG-4 banette SW
    1-1 lunasol GE

    Trainers 24
    3 great ball
    3 windstorm
    4 quickball
    3 night main
    1 warp point
    4 pokedex handy 910is
    2 lake boundary

    2 plus power
    1 strength charn

    2 roseannes res
    2 prof elm train method
    1 scott
    4 bebes
    2 holon mentor
    1 felicity's draw
    2 tvr

    energies 12
    10 :psychic:2 dre

    thnx for readin / enjoy coments are welcome and good luck to your tournament as well
    (mods if this in wrong place move it .ty and srry for my grammatical mistakes hihihhi )

    :psychic:2ncd at Greek nationals is out.:psychic:
  2. Kevin89

    Kevin89 New Member

    finally some information from Greece!

    Good job on getting second, how did Georgios do? does he still play?
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    is the Greek getting invitations or not?
  4. darvor

    darvor Member

    hmm look Georgios is the most common name in Greece even the guys that qualified 3rd names is gergios and the guy that qualified 5th too :p also my friend name is georgios..... so i dont knw which george you r looking for xD

    btw thnx. and

    is the Greek getting invitations or not?

    as for that not..... and you can realise the reason. if in the nats played only 17 persons..... (and dont remind that there are far more players that they didnt knew that there was a nats yesterday...
  5. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    well since there are more players why not run an after nationals tournament and try to get a much bigger atttendance? It won't affect the decision over this year's invites to worlds but wo knows for next year. Sales+Tournaments = Invites
  6. darvor

    darvor Member

    thats the prob ive though that my self too but after the tournament in greece the schools are closed for 2 weeks and almost all are leaving for vacations. after that school and universities got exams and then summer vacations... :(
  7. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    Just out of curiosity, would this happen to be Greece's first ever Nats? I love to see POP bring happiness and joy to countries it hasn't before.

    - Croatian "it's all Pokemon to me" Nidoking
  8. Kevin89

    Kevin89 New Member

    The georgios who won 2006 nationals with LBS... if you know him. I met him at worlds.
  9. darvor

    darvor Member

    im not sure he came.

    @ : Croatian_Nidoking

    nop in greece every year this period we organize a tournament.

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