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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by WeileMom, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Some of you are going to hate this deck but I don't have many choices so any minor suggestions to make the pokemon work better would be appreciated! That said, let me explain. I pretty much get my daughter's leftovers to make decks with, so trainers are scarce. My daughter plays a Gardevoir deck and I'm trying to help her get it ready for CC so she has the best cards. Anyhow, I like Sceptile and paired him up with Crawdaunt for this deck. We just finished playing an hour :eek: long game where I went through my entire deck trying to stay alive. One Sceptile and two Grovyle's were in my prizes. I drew my last card, had ONE prize left (I had already KO'd her 2 Gardys) and had Tail Rap Sceptile on the field. So it was down to roll two die, 50x the heads I get, plus Gardy EX had been resurrected and was on the field, so if I got two heads I would have won. Well..I got one heads and she made a quick finish of me since I couldn't draw any more cards (stupid rule, by the way ;) )
    So, here is my deck. I want to keep the Crawdaunt and Sceptile lines but need help with the rest. Most of our cards are EX-on so trainers from those are the only ones viable. Thanks in advance for the help!
    Pokemon (19)
    3x Treeko R/S #76
    1x Treeko Dr #80
    2x Grovyle R/S #31
    2x Grovyle R/s #32
    1x Sceptile R/S #11
    1x Sceptile R/S #20
    1x Roselia D #9 (for Speed Growth to attatch energy)
    2x Corphish D #53
    1x Corphish D #52
    1x Corphish D #54
    1x Crawdaunt D #3
    2x Crawdaunt D #13
    1x Azurill SS #31 (for drawing a trainer)
    Trainers (23)
    2x Professor Birch
    2x Prof. Elm's Research
    2x Energy Search
    2x TV Reporter
    2x Potion
    1x Energy Removal 2
    1x Fast Ball
    1x Bill's Maintenance
    1x Low Pressure System
    1x Balloon Berry
    1x Town Vol.
    1x Oracle
    1x Pokemon fan club
    1x Buffer Piece
    1x Switch
    1x Lanette's Net Search
    1x Oran Berry
    1x Relic Hunter
    10 Grass
    8 Water

    The main problem I ran into was no energy and no way to search for them for the first couple of turns.
    Thanks again,
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  2. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member


    Other than energy draw, did your deck run into any other problems? You have any difficulty getting your main 2 lines of Pokemon Evolved relatively quickly? About how many turns did this take?

    With respect to your energy draw problems, do you have any Fisherman to add in? They allow you to draw up to 4 basic energy cards from your discard pile.

    A basic Pokemon I've been using to help me get energy out of my deck are one of the Skittys. It's the one that has the "Energy Draw" attack, (that let's you take 2 basic energy cards from you deck and put them into your hand). With its second attack doing 10 damage and automatically putting the opponents Pokemon to sleep, I like starting off with it, if I can get it out quickly at the beginning of the game.

    In addition, you might want to add another Roselia in if you have it. Also, you could always add a couple more energy cards and maybe drop your Low Pressure System and Buffer Piece.

    - Tony
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  3. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Hi, thanks for the help.
    Yes, I have trouble getting Treeko out, but not Corphish. Today when I played it I had plenty of energy but no Treekos. Once I got a Treeko out I could usually evolve in 2 more turns to Sceptile.
    I don't have another fisherman but I the town volunteers acts kind of the same way.
    Its weird, last night I couldn't get energy, today I couldn't get Treeko. I really like Sceptile and once he's powered up he causes a lot of damage but having just one with Lizard Poison makes it tough. We can't seem to find anyone with another to trade either!
    I pulled Marrill and put in a Dunsparce. Maybe I need to find something else that works better with Sceptile??
    Also, we have some more Sandstorm cards now so a few more trainers to choose from.
    Thanks again for the help!
  4. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    Hello Nicole,

    Ok, basically other than the random draw trainer cards that you have in your deck, you really only have 2 that will allow you to directly pull a basic from your deck, your Pokemon Fan Club along with your Lanette's Net Search. If you have any additional of either (or both), you might want to boost up these cards by 2 or 3 more.

    Dunsparce, (#60 in the Sandstorm series) will also allow you to search for up to 3 Basic Pokmeon and put them on your bench, with it's Strike and Run attack. If you have or can obtain any of these, you might want to throw 2 - 4 into your deck in place of the additional Fan Clubs and Lanette's Net Search.

    The Skitty card that I was describing previously is #33 from the Ruby & Saphire series, and it's attack is actually Minor Errand-Running, (that allows you to search your deck for 2 basic Energy cards, and put them into your hand), and not Energy Draw.

    The Town Volunteers actually works similarly to the Fisherman. However, the cards you are choosing from your discard pile are going to go back into your deck and not directly into your hand, like they would with the Fisherman.

    You might also want to add two more TV Reporters to your deck, possibly substituting them for your Buffer Piece and Low Pressure System. This, in addition to the 2 you already have in your deck will help you cycle through your deck faster than you're currently doing, which tends to be helpful when you have those four sets of Treekos, Grovyles and Sceptiles and 4 sets of Corphish and Crawdaunts.

    I personally like the combination of grass and water Pokemon in a deck, since those grass are generally weak to fire Pokemon, which in turn are weak to your water Pokemon.

    With respect to the additional trainers and the Dunsparces, since many of are common cards (as opposed to EX or Holo-rare Pokemon) you should be able to find someone who has some of them for trade, by posting your Wants and Haves on the Pokegym Trading Post.

    - Tony
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  5. Okay put some Wynaut and Wobbufet and Multi Energy in.Wynaut helps you get trainers and Wobbufet protects you from GardyEX , RayEX , and AmphyEX (those are the commenest EX played) plus 50 damage is good wile doing 100 to GardyEX taking 2 shots to knock out plus 1 shot to knock out RS Gardy.
  6. number_one_pokemon

    number_one_pokemon New Member

    i would agree you should find a way to put in dunsparce that has strike and run and lanet search to help out with the pokemon and i would try to find some way to put in energy search that would help to
  7. Lannet Net Search?Why unless you put in Wy an Wob in instead of Lannet use Fan Club.
  8. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    ..Because the Wynauts are going to only help her if she "lucks out" and draws a Multi Energy to drive its attack. Four out of 54 odds (is she puts 4 Multi-Energy cards in) are not good odds, when alternately she would only have to draw either a Dunsparce, Fan Club or Lannet's Net Search to get basics onto her bench.

    Also, she didn't mention having trouble pulling trainers, just getting the Treckos onto her bench, along with having some trouble pulling energy cards.

    I use Wynauts, but only use them in my Psychic deck, (where they do work out Great, especially if they come out to play early in the game).

    - Tony
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  9. 4 Multi's is how I play my deck and I get Wob to attack all the time.
  10. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    ....Well, that's good for you.

    In addition to pulling one of the 4 Multi Energies, you also have to match it up with one of the Wynauts, (which makes things more difficult).

    Still, regardless it will be easier to pull a Dunspace OR a Fan club OR a Laynettes Net Search, as opposed to pulling BOTH a Wynaut AND the Multi-Energy card that would be needed.

    In addition, a Wynaut (on its first turn) is only going to allow Weilemom to pull one card from her deck. With the Dunsparce she can choose 3 basics, and switch with one of her benched Pokemon to boot.

    The Fan Club will give here 2 basics or babies, and the Lanette's Net Search will give her 3 different types of Pokemon. If your bench is starving for Pokemon, which cards would you want to start out with?

    - Tony
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  11. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Ok, I'm working on changes for this deck with all of the ideas here (Thank-you!) and I'm trying to decide between two Dunsparce or a Zigzagoon/Linoone line. I know its odd, but I like the Zigzagoon/Linoone for drawing and attacking dragons if necessary. I've had good luck with Linoone's Continuous Headbutt. The Wynaut/Wobbuffet line sounds good too, but the energy factor worries me. I can't energy search for a Multi, but I suppose Linoone could pull it.
    Another factor, my daughter was able to trade for another Lizard Poison Sceptile today so I have another for my deck, yea!
    I'll post my new list tomorrow, please let me know what you think! I REALLY appreciate the help.
  12. Okay if you are deciding between those evalution lines go Delcatty Draw Evo line.Oh yeah maybe instead of Sparce Sky Ditto.Dark Tyranitar if that is the case howbout Rainbow and some more healer trainers.
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