Grumpig Lock Rules!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by drakeleon, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. drakeleon

    drakeleon New Member

    Redshark 3.91 Deck List
    Date: Sun Mar 20 14:13:00 2011

    Name: Grumplock


    POKEMON: 26
    Level-Up: 1
    1 : Glaceon Lv.X, MD-98
    Stage 2: 2
    2 : Vileplume, UD-24
    Stage 1: 7
    2 : Gloom, UD-27
    2 : Glaceon, MD-5
    3 : Grumpig, TM-23
    Basic: 16
    2 : Eevee, RR-59
    3 : Spoink, LA-121
    1 : Azelf, LA-19
    1 : Mesprit, LA-34
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    1 : Unown Q, MD-49
    4 : Spiritomb, AR-32
    2 : Oddish, UD-60

    TRAINERS: 20
    Supporters: 17
    4 : Professor Oak's New Theory, CL-83
    3 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    4 : Seeker, TM-88
    4 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97
    2 : Palmer's Contribution, SV-139
    Stadiums: 3
    3 : Broken Time-Space, PL-104

    ENERGY: 14
    Special Energy: 4
    4 : Double Colorless Energy, GS-103
    Basic Energy: 10
    5 : Psychic Energy, CL-92
    5 : Water Energy, CL-90

    This deck is hilarious. I like to see the look on people's faces when I play it. The strategy is simple (and gets destroyed quickly by Dialgachomp unless they are unlucky with coin flips- more on that in a moment.)

    You set up grumpig and vileplume with spiritomb, keeping the Glaceon, Lv. X in reserve for later in the game. The mesprit and seekers allow you to keep them power locked as you progress, and psychic lock shuts down powers. That's no trainers or powers on turn 3 with a tiny smidgeon of luck. Note that I usually miss the power lock on turn 1 or 2 (my choice), so I need to keep an eye on that.

    The fun part is when I seeker the Mesprit and then use Bench Manipulation: Your OPPONENT flips a coin for each of their benched pokemon. For each tails, deal 40 damage to the defending pokemon. No weakness or resistance. Most decks fill up their bench, making them easy marks for potentially high amounts of damage.

    The Glaceon, Lv. X is for power shutdown while hitting with speed slide (ignores all effects on the defending), snow cloak, and avalanche. This deck has been incredibly fun so far, but input is appreciated! It's a fun deck for League, but something may come of it someday.
  2. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    -1 Palmer's
    -4 PONT
    -1 Eevee

    +2 twins
    +1 Bebe's (normally I would say 3 but this is a lock deck so.......)
    +3 Warp Energy (since stuff like Switch and Warp Point are going to be locked, you should use these)

    This should help :thumb:
  3. Spink

    Spink New Member

    Definitely like the deck, but against decks that don't rely on switching their active, consider:

    -1 PONT
    +1 Grumpig LA

    Confusion is another form of lock that they will hate even more. Only the truly desperate player will risk 6 damage counters to attack you, so it could be useful in buying a few turns. (See my Viletree-o deck).
  4. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^ then he would need another Spoink....

    I think 3-3 is good
  5. wobbufet

    wobbufet New Member

    They can take out another card.

    I'd say this deck has some potential :thumb:, though you may want to find a way to make Psychic Lock do more damage.
  6. rayquaza2222

    rayquaza2222 New Member

    ^ I know he could take out another card I was just saying that you have to do that.....
  7. drakeleon

    drakeleon New Member

    I ripped apart a Machamp deck earlier. (Hee.) The trouble with making the Grump do more damage is that the methods for doing so involve trainers! >.> The bench manipulation alternative isn't terrible. :D Thanks for the help!
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