Guru Point Challenge - Making Feraligatr Prime work!

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  1. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Hi Pokemon Gurus!

    I've had many requests to start Guru Points up again. So, to make it managable, I will only give Guru Points to those who participate in these Guru Point Challenge threads (and the stickied thread-of-the-week).

    I'll be tossing up these brainteasing challenges to:

    1. Keep you from getting bored/ Give us all something to do.
    2. Help us share some nifty little tricks-of-the-trade that may lead to some powerful and creative ideas.

    Today's Card is: Feraligatr PRIME

    I've seen it tried and do OK, but maybe we can figure this deck out collectively and make it viable?

    SO... today's challenge is to contribute a REAL (viable) examples of how Feraligatr Prime could be successful in a deck that has synergy, consistency, and winning potential.

    Please read what has already been posted before you provide your own input.

    Good answers that lack detail = 1 Guru points
    Good answers that are detailed = 2 Guru points

    Brilliant Answer that may actually work! = 4 Guru Points!

    This excersize gets us in the habit of offering suggestions without destroying a player's effort to TRY his/her idea.

    To quote one of our members:
    <== Remember this when you help others. Sometimes, the decks that you THINK are no good win in places where you do not live.

    RULE = YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC and detailed to get full points (it helps fuel new ideas and keeps the thread alive)

    TIP - If you give an abbreviated effort, you won't earn as many points. ( i.e. You can't just say "Play it like Jumpluff with a 1-0-1 Flygon tech" and earn the full 2 Guru Points )

    Answers that appear to be off-topic (silly or spam) are subject to deletion.

    YOU LOSE POINTS if your respose is merely that the card is 1) not good 2) cannot work
    (TIP: Even if this is true, it's not creative and you'd be better off not posting a response at all.)

    A list of point leaders will be stickied to the top of the Strategy Forum.

    There are some very strong players visiting our forum, here's your opportunity to show off your knowledge of the game.

    Secret Tip = LINK cards that you mention in your examples to images in PokeGym's Research Tower. This will earn you 1 additional bonus point for your post!
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  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Submitted Idea #1

    3 Spiritomb (AR)
    2 Totodile (HGSS)
    2 Croconaw (HGSS)
    2 Feraligatr [Prime] (HGSS)
    3 Magnemite (SF)
    3 Magneton (TU)
    3 Magnezone [Prime] (TU)
    2 Uxie (LA)
    1 Unown Q (MD)

    4 Lightning
    16 Water

    4 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
    2 Cyrus’ Conspiracy (PL)
    4 Judge (HGSS)
    3 Bebe’s Search (HGSS)
    3 Broken Time-Space (HGSS)
    1 Luxury Ball (SF)
    2 Seeker (TU)
    1 Interviewer’s Questions

    Use the combination of Feraligatr’s ability to attach Water Energy from your hand to your Pokemon, along with Magnezone’s attack, which does 50x the amount of energy you send to the lost zone, and you end up with a lethal combination that allows you to one hit knock out any Pokemon that comes your way.

    This deck can keep up with the format due to the 4 Judge, which will disrupt your opponent, while not affecting you due to Magnezone’s Poke-Power.

    Submitted Idea #2:

    4 Smeargle (UD)
    3 Totodile (HGSS)
    3 Croconaw (HGSS)
    3 Feraligatr [Prime] (HGSS)
    2-2 Suicune & Entei LEGEND (UL)
    2-2 Floatzel GL Lv. X (RR)
    2 Uxie (LA)
    1 Unown Q (MD)
    1 Azelf (LA)

    12 Water

    3 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
    3 Pokemon Communication
    2 Bubble Coat
    2 Junk Arm
    3 Bebe’s Search (HGSS)
    3 Broken Time-Space (HGSS)
    1 Luxury Ball (SF)
    2 Seeker (TU)
    2 Warp Point (MD)
    1 Cynthia’s Feelings
    1 Palmer’s Contribution

    Strategy: The main goal here is to attack with ESL’s sniping attack to do 100 to any of your opponent’s Pokemon, then doing it again next turn via Feraligatr’s Poke-Power. The Floatzel tech is in here so that when ESL is knocked out, it will go back to your hand. The Bubble Coat is in here to help fight the weaknesses that ESL has.

    _____________ Two Lists Total

    Both of these lists contribute some solid ideas for using Feraligatr. The strategy summaries give the reader a geneeral (but not thorough) idea of what to do. Thanks. (3 points = Hatter)
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  3. Barkjon

    Barkjon Active Member

    I think that BlastGatr is probably the best idea for Feraligatr. I'd play it like:

    3-2-3 Blastoise UL (main attacker)
    3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime (tech, backup attacker)
    2-2 Bronzong SF (tech, getter of energy)
    2 Uxie LA (draw)
    1-1 Floatzel GL X (tech, backup attacker)
    1 Unown Q

    24 Pokemon

    3 Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
    3 Broken Time Space (PL)
    4 Rare Candy (HGSS)
    1 Luxury Ball (SF)
    3 Engineer's Adjustment (UL)
    4 Bebe's Search (RR)
    1 Pokemon Communication (HGSS)
    2 Fisherman (HGSS)
    1 Palmer's Contribution (SV)

    21 T/s/s

    14 Water Energy

    14 Energy

    High energy count, I know. But Blastoise and Engineer's burn though it.

    Basically, you want to get a Feraligatr, Bronzong, Floatzel GL X, and two other things on bench, with a Blastoise active. Using Bronzong, you can search out energies to use with Feraligatr, and then put them on Blastoise. Engineer's Adjustment and Uxie are for draw, and you can use Palmer's and Fisherman to get energies from discard that you got in there with Blastoise.

    Using a combination of Bronzong and Feraligatr you can often chain together Blastoise's attack. This deck is pretty fast with the Engineer's and Uxie, and Rare Candy and BTS really speed it along.

    Unown Q is in there to get out someone of active you don't want up there, and Floatel GL X works well with Bronzong and can save your water Pokemon.

    You can see images of cards in the Researching Tower.

    I'd try this deck out in person, but I don't have many of the cards.

    This deck is amazingly fast and can snipe really well.

    Anyways, enjoy!

    Theoretical lists are good for giving readers something to go on (and the building/testing is completely on them to make the idea functional). Thanks for giving an overview of how you would attempt the combo. (2 Guru Points = Barkjon)
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  4. Trixster

    Trixster New Member

    gardivar pl and interviewers
  5. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb Active Member

    One that hasn't been mentioned yet is combining it with Wailord TM ( I worked on this deck a little bit for a Senior who ended up X-1ing swiss with it, albeit at a Cities tournament, and, as I said, in Seniors.

    The brilliance of the combo comes from the fact that almost every big meta deck today is lacking the ability to deal substantial damage. LuxChomp is based around doing relatively small amounts of damage but being able to mess with your opponents board. Gyarados does a decent amount of damage, but not enough to consistently OHKO a Wailord. VileGar also does decent damage, but it's dependent on trainers. DialgaChomp and Sableye are roughly the same as LuxChomp.

    It's a lot to get set-up, but if you can get a Wailord and a Gatr online, there's almost no way a LuxChomp can win, particularly if you're smart with Expert Belts in the Wailord. You're consistently OHKOing everything in their deck, and there's no way they can OHKO you without extending many, many resources.

    Thanks for the idea. I'm sure someone will say "YEAH! Wailord!!" I actually saw TWO of these at the last CC that I judged. They didn't do too well, but they beat all of the less-than-average decks by a landslide. (1 Guru Point = kwisdumb)
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    CFOURCOLTSFAN Active Member

    A deck that i've seen that i like was a Palkia G LV.X lock w/ Feraligator prime in it. Here's my version of it
    3 Mesprit
    2-2-2 Feraligator
    3-1 Uxie LV.X
    2-2 Palkia G LV.X
    1 Azelf LA
    4 Spiritomb PA
    1 Unown Q

    2 Interviewer's Question
    3 Pokeon Collector
    4 Copycat
    2 Energy Gain
    2 Poketurn
    2 Cyrus's Conspiracy
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Premier Ball
    1 Palmer's Contribution
    1 Aaron's Collection

    4 DCE
    12 Water
    It's basically a lock deck, that has the ability to do quick snipe damage or play a strategy similar to cursegar w/ splashin turn.

    I had been testing this in RedShark battles ALOT. I was never completely sold on it though. I can't get the rush down nearly fast enough. Part of this is due to a high energy count. The energies really hinder setup in T1 - T3. Perhaps I should've entertained regice + fishermans? It's SUCH a tempting combination though (like RaichuX without the double attack body; 80 snipe every turn). The list you have there will have issues vs. rush decks like Gdos, Donphan, even Machamp. Nevertheless, you've given our readers an idea and a list to go with. It's up to them to put in the practice hours needed to make this thing work. Thanks! (2 Guru Points = cfourcoltsfan)
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  7. ShadowGuard

    ShadowGuard <a href="

    I played the obvious Blastoise/Feraligatr at Battle Roads and it did quite well (4-0 win at a small one and 3-2 at a bigger one).

    Bronzong SF is a must-have in most Feraligatr decks, cause you don't want to wast your supporter turns for inefficient stuff like Interviewer. Bronzong gives +2 energy per turn and allowes to shuffle back cards in your back - this is just great for outplaying Vilegar (tested!). They can Shadow Room almost everything but since Triumphant you have Seeker for that which anyway is an obvious choice in any Feraligatr deck.

    Floatzel is nice, but imo not worth it. Against Luxchomp it's a free prize, and against Gengar it's useless because they attack you Shadow Room (you can pervent Poltergeist with Bronzong, as said).

    Really interesting and overseen by most players is that there are several Stadium cards to aid Feraligatr. Most player take BTS as standard for any stage 2 deck, but keep in mind that it is useful against SP decks and for seekering Pokémon. As relatively, BTS sometimes helps the opponent more than yourself. Cards like Dawn Stadium or Burned Tower can be very nice if the list is adapted for it.

    An interesting card not named yet is Lanturn Prime. I never played this by myself, but saw some of these deck and it looks quite nice.

    INSIGHT/Perspective posts like this really gives us an "OH! Ok." moment. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of someone else's suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to drop a couple of "btw" gems in here. Thanks! (1 Guru Point = ShadowGuard)
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  8. Darkmot

    Darkmot Active Member

    A really funny way to use Feraligatr Prime is together with Magnezone Prime.
    I've tested that deck several times and it works awesome.
    It's only weakness is Machamp, because the weakness agains Fighting Pokemon is bad, but even more funny if you face a Donphan Deck, because then you have Feraligatr as the best counter itself.^^
    However the strategy is to get them set up as soon as possible for sure and start hitting for crazy by lost zoning some Energies.
    How do you do that?
    Well as Magnezone allows you to Lost Zone Energies attached to ANY of your Pokemon you can simply attach the needed Energies to Feraligatr and that's what makes it an awesome combination, as Feraligatr Prime allows you to attach as many Water Energies as you want to any of your Water Pokemons.

    Here is a sample list:

    Pokemon 23
    4 Spiritomb
    4-3-4 Magnezone Prime
    2-1-2 Feraligatr
    1 Azelf
    1 Uxie
    1 Unown Q

    Trainer 21
    4 Pokemon Collector
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Judge
    1 VS Seeker
    1 Expert Belt
    1 Warp Point
    3 Rare Candy
    1 Broken Time-Space
    2 Pokemon Communication

    Energy 17
    5 Lightning
    12 Water

    Hope this post gets me some Guru Points^^

    Already suggested in a post before yours. Your list looks EXTREMELY dependant upon getting a Spiritomb start. What if you don't start tomb and your only Uxie is prized. Wouldn't that put you way behind in setup? You can't use Prime's power until it's on the table and those 3 candy's are useless if you have nothing to candy to (judge draw can HURT). This list looks very theoretical, so I'll just take it as a suggestion instead of a plug-n-play option. Thanks for taking the time to submit an idea. (1 Guru Point = Darkmot)
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  9. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    I don't have much time but this is how I used Gatr at Battle Roads.
    It's about using the 3rd attack of Gyarados early game (so much fun) and at the time you run out of nrg, you will have 3 Magikarp in the discard to use the first attack of Gyarados.
    When you are out of Gyarados there is the damage spreading Gatr to finish things.

    (btw I tried the same with Wailord, but this one is more fun)

    Pokemon 24
    4 x Spiritomb
    4 x Magikarp
    4 x Gyarados
    3 x Totodile
    3 x Croconaw
    2 x Feraligatr Prime
    1 x Feraligatr (spread attack)
    3 x Uxie

    Trainer/Supporter/Stadium 18
    4 x Pokemon Collector
    4 x Bebe's Search
    4 x Professor Oak's New Theory
    1 x Volkner's Philosophy
    1 x Fisherman
    3 x Broken Time-Space
    1 x Luxury Ball

    Energy 18
    3 x Call Energy - Special
    2 x Warp Energy - Special
    13 x Water Energy - Basic

    This is a FANTASTIC way to use Gyrarados! It's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw FeraligatrPrime for the first time! That 3rd attack is NASTY when you flip heads and it's SUPER hard to bring down a Gyrarados (and keep him down) once, you got the loop going. I'm very curious about the lack of Floatzel X (or rescue energy) in this. Floatzel GL X would make him autoloadp and re-attack every turn. Awesome suggestion! Thanks! (3 Guru Points = Rainbowgym)
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  10. chase4787

    chase4787 New Member

    First, lets look at all aspects of the card.

    It's the stage 2, water starter from the Johto era. (woo! Johto!) It's name is missing an o, probably because the pokemon games couldnt fit it and it has a solid 140HP.

    Its a prime so its sparkly and has a pretty picture, I especially like the swirls in the background.

    It's :ppowr: is essentially a reprint of Base Set's Blastoise's.

    Hydro Crunch, without the power, would be a very overpriced attack with little payout but with the power it makes it acceptable.

    :grass:x2 is a great weakness in our format, no resistance is common and :colorless::colorless::colorless: retreat cost is very steep.

    How can Feraligatr work?

    Feraligatr's :ppowr: Rain Dance provides stupendous energy acceleration for :water: decks. This unique ability to attach energy rapidly makes Feraligatr a great bench sitting tech, but his attack is lack-luster. Dealing 60 + 10 for each damage counter on the defending pokemon, Hydro Crunch is an attack that could possibly KO, granted the defending pokemon already has (based on popular meta attackers) around 30 damage on it already. Flash Bites, Curse, or Poke Blower + could potentially be used to get this 30, but it would take quite a bit of work and just isn't worth it as a main attacker.

    So, Feraligatr Prime is a support pokemon, who can it help?

    Many decks have been made involving Feraligatr as a support and seperate main attackers. Here are a few.


    BlastGatr uses Blastoise from Unleashed :)setsUL:). Blastoise's attack Hydro Launcher snipes 100 on any pokemon for a simple return of 2 :water: energy. When combined with Feraligatr's :ppowr:, it makes a powerful, frusterating deck.


    MagneGatr uses Feraligatr to attach energy to Feraligatr then burn it off with Magnezone Prime doing 50 damage for each. This deck is another fast one that can OHKO any pokemon. Magnezone's :ppowr: Magnetic Draw also helps accelerate things, making faster and more vicious.

    Suicune & Entei Legend

    Suicune & Entei Legend although a deck could be made with it as a main attacker, it is often used as a secondary attacker or tech. Suicune & Entei Legend's Torrent Blade attack is its main feature when used with Feraligatr. Similar to Blastoise's Hydro Launcher, Torrent Blade snipes for 100 with 2 downfalls:
    :setsOP1: It can only hit benched pokemon
    :setsOP2: Your opponent takes 2 prizes when Suicune & Entei Legend is KO'd

    Floatzel GL Lv X

    Also usually reserved for a tech, Floatzel GL Lv X's attack Energy Cyclone is the attack that gets the attention. Dealing 20 damage times the amount of energy chosen and shuffled into the deck, Energy Cyclone can hit hard, but at the disadvantage of losing your energy, rather than returning it to your hand. Incite and the Lv X's :pbody: Water Rescue are good bonus moves.

    Lanturn Prime

    While less common than the rest, Lanturn Prime is a completely viable option for a Feraligatr partner. Powerful Spark deals 40 + 10 for each energy on all of your pokemon (so really an auto 70) for :lightning::colorless::colorless:. Feraligatr's :ppowr: Rain Dance helps add to this damage and Lanturn Prime's :ppowr: Underwater Dive helps it to counter its commonly used weakness, Donphan Prime.

    In conclusion, Feraligatr Prime is a great energy accelerating support card.

    Thanks for the array of suggestions. (2 GuruPoints = chase4787)
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  11. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    I'd be amused by something like this:

    Pokemon: 23
    4 Spiritomb
    3 Bronzor
    1 Bronzong MD
    2 Bronzong SF
    4 Totodile
    3 Croconaw
    2 Feraligatr Prime
    2 Feraligatr Spread
    2 Uxie

    NRG: 13
    10 Water Energy
    3 Warp Energy

    TSS: 24
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 PONT
    2 Twins
    2 Rare Candy
    2 Seeker
    3 BTS
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 VS Seeker
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Palmer's Contribution

    Basic idea is to spread with Bronzong MD and the cheap Gatr, then follow up with Gatr Prime for successive KOs. Chose to run the supporters in threes and twos because of VS Seeker's inclusion.

    List is totally untested and fell out of my head just now, literally.

    The last sentence made me LOL! Even you know that Bronzong MD is painfully slow in this format. PokeTurns, HealingBreath, Seeker, and SSU make the strategy futile to develop and practice. Perhaps if you reverse the attack sequence to push up Bronzong late game to help recover/reload/rebuild ? I love the suggestion of tossing in 'the other Bronzong' since you'll be using the Cycler one to grab energy anyway. My problem with Bronzong MD is that he really only lasts 1 turn when he goes up there to fight the 'next generation' (MD-on) of active slayers. The poor guy just doesn't play a full quarter like he used to :( - Thanks! (1 GuruPoint = PhazonElite)
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  12. AyameHikaru

    AyameHikaru New Member

    3 Totodile HS - This is the only legal Totodile, so there's not much choice here. It's got a sturdy 60 HP, a good weakness, and VERY mediocre attacks. Don't attack with it unless there's no other option.

    2 Croconaw HS - Again, your options are nil here. 80 HP's kinda bad for a Stage 1, making it prime Dragon Rush bait. My advice would be to get it and Feraligatr down in the same turn if at all possible.

    2 Feraligatr Prime - The star of the deck! Eh, not really. As mentioned before on this thread, his attack isn't very good, and it's costly. His Power works just as well on the Bench, so try not to have him active for too long, if at all.

    1 Feraligatr HS - Good for softening up your opponent early game, or cleaning up late game if you miss a couple of KOs. Not a bad attacker, overall.

    3 Chinchou LA (Water) - Of the Chinchous, this one is definitely the best. 60 HP makes it superior to the other LA Chinchou, forcing Sablock to drop a Bat to take out a lowly Chinchou. 2 retreat hurts, but its attack makes up for it. Confusion is great against a lot of decks - namely anything that runs a starter Pokemon that can't evolve. T1 confusion can really slow down your opponent, buying you valuable time.

    3 Lanturn Prime - The shining star of the deck! Main attacker extraordinaire! 110 HP is a hefty amount to take out in one turn. His Power gives him twice the chance to hit for weakness, and makes his attack a OHKO on Donphan Prime OR Gyarados without any extra energy at all. By the time you've got three fully powered up Pokemon in play, you're one shotting Gengar Prime.

    2 Uxie - You want as many opportunities to draw energy as you can, and double Uxie can do that for you.

    (Quick note - Why only 16 Pokemon? There's a plentiful plethora of powerful Pokés to pack a punch, for sure. But with Gengar being the up-and-coming new thing, having a cluttered hand of Pokemon just isn't as useful as it used to be. Also, this streamlines the deck, since you don't have to focus on any techs to build up.)

    2 BTS - Allows for maximum Rain Dance abuse. SSU/Seeker + BTS = fresh attacker instantly.
    2 Rare Candy - Setting up Feraligatr T1/T2 is your best chance. Rare Candy make it so you don't have to draw Croconaw and BTS to get him out.
    3 Collector - If you're lucky, most of your hand will be energy when you drop Fera Prime. Having 3 Collectors means you can immediately refresh for even more energy.
    3 Quick Ball - Odd choice, I know. But with only three lines of Pokemon, the chances of you not getting something useable is pretty small. It also thins your deck, letting you pull stuff out before using your supporter.
    2 Bebe's - Standard issue. Not much to say.
    2 Fisherman - If you happen to lose a Lanturn, this lets you instantly reset without losing steam.
    1 Lux Ball - Standard issue. Bebe's + Lux Ball can net you a Chinchou-Lanturn, or flesh out a Totodile line that you only had one of.
    2 Palmer's - 110 is a bit low in our format clogged with 130-160 HP Pokemon, so it's likely that you'll trade prizes back and forth for a while. Having 2 instead of just 1 means you can use one early to recover from a bad start, such and losing two Chinchou in two turns. Then, late game, you've still got your recovery options.
    3 PONT - Getting energy is the name of the game with Feraligatr. Six card refresh has a good chance of netting you at least 1 energy, making it superior to Judge and Looker's.
    4 SSU - The beauty of Feraligatr's Pokepower is its reuseability. Why not abuse it to the max? Oh, your active Lanturn took a Dragon Rush? Scoop it for your benched one, drop the Chinchou, and Dance those energies back on!
    2 Seeker - I know what you think. High retreat! even Lanturn's got a two retreat, and don't even think about Feraligatr! How you going to get your wounded one on the Bench to pick it up?? Just pay it. Between 2 Fisherman and 2 Palmer's, those energy are sure to make a comeback.
    3 Interviewer's - What's to say? More energy is good energy. This also helps make sure you've got those Lightning Energy in good time to use them.

    2 Warp Energy - Save Feraligatr from a Bright Look if you don't happen to have enough energy to retreat AND make a KO.
    10 W Energy - The entire point of Rain Dance!
    3 Lightning Energy - Ensuring that Lanturn can attack.

    Long story short, start with Chinchou. Confuse. Set up. Get a Benched Fera Prime as fast as possible, evolve active. Drop energies, squish. The main thing that Lanturn has going over Gardevoir is that the energy can be on ANYONE. Meaning those three on your backup lanturn, those four on your Fera Prime, they all count. If given the choice, spread your energy out so that if one of your Pokemon is taken by surprise, it doesn't cripple you.

    Thanks for the suggestion. The suggested build is very suspect (that's very little draw for ALOT of setup/strategy to execute and sustain). However, the idea of using LanturnPrime with Feraligatr could be good in a format full of Donphan decks and Gyrarados decks. I haven't seen a sucessful build of these two pokes yet, but it doesn't mean that someon won't make it work. Thanks. (2 Guru Points = AyameHikaru)
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  13. Mama_Luigi

    Mama_Luigi New Member

    Dang, looks like I'm too late. Most of the good Gatr ideas have already been suggested. Ehh, how about this one?

    WARNING: This list has not been tested and may or may not work.

    Pokemon: 22
    4 Sableye SF
    2-1-2 Feraligatr Prime
    2-2 Kyogre Groudon Legend
    2 uxie
    1 azelf
    1 mesprit
    4 unown r
    1 unown q

    Energy: 13
    8 water
    3 warp
    2 DCE

    Trainers: 27
    4 PokeDrawer +
    2 Bebe's Search
    2 Copycat
    3 Pokemon Collector
    4 Super Scoop up
    3 Twins
    3 seeker
    2 Legend box
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Indigo Plateu
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Pokemon communication

    I'm POSITIVE that there's some staple that I'm forgetting about, but this is a list I made from scratch, that I might edit later if I feel the need to.

    Basically, your starter is sableye. He's real important as he digs out all your supporters so you can get a KGL rolling quickly. Feraligatr, whille not your attacker, is the whole reason the deck works (or should work) as he can get your energy on faster, and after a seeker or super scoop up, put your energy back on Kyogre Groundon legend right away so you can keep attacking. The main attack that you are going to be using is Mega Tidal Wave, which lets you discard the top 5 cards of your opponent's deck, THEN for each energy you discarded, it does 30 damage to each of your opponent's benched pokemon. One of the deck's biggest flaws is it's x2 weakness to luxray, which is fixed (or at least partially fixed) by indigo plateau then super scoop up, or warp energy seeker to pick up you KGL, removing all damage counters from it, putting it back down, then putting all the energy back on it with Gatr.


    Floatzel Gl lv x : is a cool tech which, after your KGL is knocked out, let's you return it, and all the energy on it back to your hand. It's a really useful tech, but I run healing things over it which can be better than actually letting your opponent take prizes off the KGL.

    Suicune Entei Legend: This is an interesting tech letting you snipe for 100 on one of your opponent's becnhed pokemon. However, the deck mostly wins by milling, and therefore this is kind of unnessasary.

    Feraligatr GS: Theortically, this could be a backup spreader if something goes wrong. It's kind of cool, but adding it in would mean a 3-2-3 Gatr line which takes up lots of space.

    Flygon: After your KGL is done for the day, you could start milling with this, but if you're going to run this with gatr, then it's just really clunky and unnessassary.

    Dialga X (Not sp): One of the most LOL wut? techs that could be used in this deck. I don't really think it's worth it, but if your opponent flips a few tails, it could be devestating for them watching as you mill 10 cards from their deck. Unfortuently, your turn is also likely to end, althoughmost of the time it just won't do anything

    Bronzong TM: Used to search out your Kyogre Groudon Legend in one turn. Many people believe that this is staple.

    Rather than posting individual matchups, most of your games will go along the same lines. Your main goal is to deck them out using KGL, doing anything it takes to keep KGL from being knocked out. Most of it's matchups arearound even, except for Gyarados which is unfavorable (You can't keep up with their heavy damage) Vilegar which is also unfavorable (They tend to 1-2 shot you whille you're struggling to do anything, and Mewperior which is a complete autowin (Just pull off 1- Mega Tidal waves, and it's game as their whole bench will be gone.)

    KGL is a fun deck to play, and most of it's matchs are hillarious. Unfortunetly, alot of the deck relies on lucky discards to disrupt your opponent (That's the only way you can win against sp) and thus does not give out consistent results. I urge you to try this deck in league though, it's hillarious.

    Sorry, I'm not sure how to link to cards in the researching tower :p

    Well, you've got an idea on the table, but it's a REALLY shaky idea that can lead someone to test for hours to no avail. However, there are a few cards that you didn't include in your list: Bronzong TM, Floatzel GL X, and Dialga LvX. Those are just silly fun and make the deck an intriguing thing to attempt (if nothing else, it makes for a backburner/league deck that you just kinda chip away at and improve over time as more cards are released). Thanks for the idea. (2 Guru Points - Mama_Luigi)
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  14. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    Have you thought of using Chatot G and Judge for disruption? Kecleon (Rising Rivals) might not work because of Machamp, the same for Gyarados G.
  15. pokemon 18
    2-1-2 feraligator
    4-3-4 empoleon md
    1-1 floatzel x

    tss 25
    4 rare candy
    3 collector
    3 bebe`s search
    2 bts
    2 junk arm
    2 twins
    1 palmers contribution
    2 pokemon communication
    4 ssu
    2 seeker

    energy 17

    startegy use floatzel x when empoleon gets knocked to return empo and all cards attached back down with bts and raindance

    Thanks for the skeleton list and deck idea. (1 Guru Point - Lucario aura wielder)
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  16. amphachu

    amphachu New Member

    Didnt notice this thread, and just posted this in another one.

    3-3 Golduck(Platinum Psyduck)
    2-1-2 Feraligatr Prime(can be bumped to 3-2-3)
    4 Jirachi/Sableye(Its all play style there. Jirachi possibly gets you 2 Interviewers in 1 turn as where Sableye guarantees an Interviewer)
    2 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    1 Unown Q

    3 Collector
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Expert Belt
    1 Junk Arm
    3 Seeker
    3 Bebe's Search
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 Expert Belt
    2 Dawn Stadium(heal Golduck even more)
    2 Broken Time Space(not exactly needed, but helps)
    1 Palmers
    2 Lucians Assignment
    1 VS Seeker

    12 Water Energy
    2 Rescue Energy

    The Platinum Psyduck is an amazing card actually. Its first attack on a coin flip, can shut your opponent off from Trainer, Supporters, and Stadiums. Heads on this attack the first turn could really mess up an opponent.

    Golduck- The main attacker of the deck. Obviously, you dont want to stack all the energy on him, so if he takes a hit, throw some energy onto him to heal it all off, and then use Lucian's to move the energy to something else.

    Feraligatr- Rain Dance makes for a happy Golduck. Unlimited water attachments ever turn is awesome.

    Optional Starter #1 Jirachi- Detouring Interviewer's questions makes for getting really speedy water energy attachments which makes for a fast attacking Golduck. Final Wish can also be amazing because it gets you whatever you need once it gets knocked out.

    Optional Starter #2 Sableye- Overeager + Impersonate = a T1 Interviewers, and thus also means fast energy attachments for Golduck to start hitting big quick. Only downfall from Jirachi is no Final Wish.

    Dawn Stadium- Golduck already heals itself for every Water you attach, so why not make it heal even more?

    Interviewer's Questions- Gets you your energy

    Lucians Assignment- Move water energy off of your active Golduck to avoid losing it all.

    I know it isnt the best deck, but its really fun to bring to league to just play casually.

    I've played Swamper/Golduck w/ disruption. This build you have here is STRAIGHT GOLDUCK. This is alot of effort being put into a lowHP stage1 main attacker. Even if you get it all set up and going, you're hitting for 60 and pushing up something to get smashed. I'm not sure if this is even worth building out as a fun deck. Thanks for the idea. (1 Guru Point - Amhachu)
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  17. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    Going a little rogue.

    4 Psyduck PL
    3 Golduck TM
    2 Totodile GS
    2 Croconaw GS
    2 Feraligator Prime
    2 Chansey PL
    2 Blissey PL
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Unown Q
    1 Azelf LA

    3 Bebe's
    2 Seeker
    2 Fisherman
    2 Collector
    4 Quick Ball
    4 PokeDex
    4 SSU
    2 Expert Belt
    2 Burned Tower
    1 Vs Seeker

    4 Call
    9 Water

    This strategy is simple, you are basically creating a tank with the combo of Gatr and Golduck.
    Attach numerous of times with gatrs power, and heal your golduck via his pokebody. You run seekers and Super Scoop Ups for many energy drops and supreme healing of Golduck. This may not do a lot of damage, but it will ko pokemon while stalling out with the heal. Plus Blisseys power after discarding 2 cards allows to heal 2 Damage. Combo this with a stadium, after a flip, allows you to pick up an energy card from your discard pile, which helps the heal factor. The only way to ko this pokemon is by doing atleast 110, and not many in the format do that much. This things is annoying.

    I elected to go with quick trainer setup, basically because it is FAST! Its makes it insanely consistant, and makes everything you need nearly topdeckable.

    Looks like a rough draft for an old idea. Basically, this is a "verdant dance" type of deck with a low water energy count list. If you're up against anything that does 80 (or belt), you will go down in a blaze of glory. I saw this because it's not built to swarm (heavy recovery and shootout exchange tactic); once a duck goes down, he's out of the game. You do have water energy recovery and that will, ultimately, have you defaulting to Feraligatr for mid-late game. As you mentioned, this deck has the potential to attack right-away, but just not the way you've built the list out here (lack of Candy and BTS means it won't set up for at least 4 turns WITHOUT anything getting KO'd)! This would be an annoying rogue to face. I'd toss in a Palmers, Dawn's stadium (for Feraligatr and special conditions eliminator), and BTS ???

    Thanks for the rough draft and idea (1 Guru Point = Vegeta_ss4)
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  18. AyameHikaru

    AyameHikaru New Member

    ^Insanely consistant, unless your opponent starts with one of the many types of Trainer lock. Dialga G, Gastly, and Spiritomb are very popular cards, and you've got 15 Trainers in there.
  19. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    The goal isn't to face a metagame, its to be a deck that can set up, and do what it needs to do to be successful.

    If that was the case, I can tweak this easily to fit the metagame and still be viable. I chose to show what insane consistancy and very solid synergy look like.
  20. Melee Mewtwo

    Melee Mewtwo New Member

    Well, since I am scraping the deck for something I like better, I may as well let it leave a mark. (Afterall it starred my favorite Pokemon)

    Anyways, lets analyze what is so wrong with Feraligatr that it becomes a challenge to actually make it viable.

    Feraligatr has an incredible Pokepower, Rain Dance, that lets you attach as many water energies as you like to your water Pokemon. It is because of this power that it recieved SO much hype before being released (Like Darkrai X, Scizor, Lostgar, etc.). However, when it did finally come out, it failed to satisfy expectations. Why? Well, basically the problem was that Feraligatr is a Stage 2. This means that it's difficult to get out early game, which is when energy acceleration really becomes useful. In other words, Gatr became a clunky way to keep recovering from knockouts. To make things worse, most of the Pokemon that could actually benefit from its Pokepower were also clunky Stage 2s. This made for decks that were just too slow to do much.

    However, there is this one overlooked card...


    Now, why this card? Well like I said earlier, the downfall with Feraligatr is that it is difficult to get the early energy acceleration. This problem is solved by Kyogre's Drizzle. This means that you will a consistent T2 High Tide. Feraligatr can then help with keeping up the High Tides, which is a lone Kyogre's downfall. The synergy doesn't stop there. Kyogre dishes out a decent 60 with a strong spread of 20 to each of your opponents bench. In other words, major fuel for Feraligatr's Hydro Crunch. Along with that you have some minor (but valuable) combos, such as an easier way to retreat via Raindance (although you lose 3-4 energies in the process) and two different weaknesses that help you get around threats like Luxray Gl X.

    Here is the list I used*:

    Pokemon: 23
    4 Kyogre
    4-1-4 Feraligatr Prime
    2-2 Bronzong (TU-MD)
    3 Uxie
    1 Azelf
    2 Mesprit

    T/S/St: 22
    3 Fisherman
    3 Bebe's Search
    1 Warp Point
    4 SSU
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Dual Ball
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Expert Belt

    Energy: 15
    15 Water

    This is the list that I used based off of my personal preference and meta. I liked abusing trainers, Rain Dance, Uxie, and SSU to have a really fast set up. This list is an auto-loss to trainer lock, but since there was so little of that in my meta, I took the risk. This can easily be changed to something that isn't so trainer heavy and still work (as best as a deck like this can do). Afterall, thanks to Drizzle, you can afford to set up a Gatr as late as T3. Just watch out for your benched Totodiles and Croconaws, Luxchomp will like to snipe them before you get the chance to evolve them to Feraligatrs.

    Explanations: I ran 4 Feraligatrs because it was crucial that I get Feraligatr ASAP. I ran only one Croconaw, since most of the time it was dead draw due to Candy. Bronzong is to keep a constant stream of energies while also getting rid of cards that I don't need (Cycler + Rain Dance= better draw from Uxie). Uxies are what sets this deck up. Azelf in case of bad/good prizes (It nice to play a dual to get an Azelf and end up with a Gatr in your hand through Time Walk). Mesprit prevents Healing Breath, while also slowing down my opponent and protecting me from other dangerous Powers (like Bright Look and Flash Impact for x2 damage to a Kyogre). * I actually never ran Mesprit and TU bronzor. The last time I had used this deck, I used LunaRock and MD Bronzors. If I were to play this deck more, I would probably run it like this since LunaRock didn't really do much for me and TU Bronzors are just superior to MD Bronzors. 3 Fisherman is for easily getting back the many discard water energies. Bebe's Search to get me Pokemon I need. Warp Point is to help with the heavy retreat. SSU also helps with retreating and healing while also allowing to abuse Uxies like crazy (Mesprits, too). Luxury Ball is just too good to say no. I used Dual Ball since Pokemon Collector is a supporter that often clogged my hand and Great Ball puts things directly on the bench. Expert Belt for extra bulk and power when needed. There is a high Water count due to heavy attack costs and constant discard.

    Basically, you use High Tide and Hydro Crunch to take multiple prizes with spread, or tank while getting easy KOs thanks to an early spread. Make sure you keep track of the number of water energies left at your disposal. The only real noticable difference in playstyle is against LuxChomp. In which case, only use Kyogre ONCE to get some spread for easy KOs for Gatr. Keep any extras in your hand to avoid Bright Look. This should open up enough bench space for LunaRock or Mesprit (whichever you decide to run). Also, watch both players prizes, along with the number of Uxies, Mesprits, and other cards that are an easy KOs from a Entei Raikou Legend tech.

    Overall, this is definitely a fun deck to play.

    Oh, and one last VERY important note. If you play any Feraligatr deck, make sure you SHUFFLE really well. Since Feraligatr causes so many water energies to be played at once, it is very likely that you will end up with a starting hand consisting of Totodile and a bunch of water energies if you do not shuffle enough.

    There's something about Kyogre and Feraligatr that looks bad on paper, but works when put into practice. I've seen this deck win (this deck has kept ME out of the cut once). The thing is, if it gets set up, it just SLUGS and SLUGS away. I've seen it beat SPs (dialgachomp AND luxchomp) and I've seen it beat stage 2 decks. This deck works, I've faced it and I still can't believe it. This is a great sleeper deck if you want to put the time into building it out and reading Melee's suggestions. (3 Guru Points = Melee Mewtwo)
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