Gyarados deck help wanted

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Heartgold22, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Heartgold22

    Heartgold22 New Member

    So, here is my G'dos deckbuild:thumb:
    4-3 G'dos
    4-Sableye SF
    2-Smeargle UD
    1-Combee SF
    1-Azelf LA
    1-Mesprit LA
    1-1 Uxie Lv.X
    1-1 Dialga G Lv.X
    1-Crobat G
    1-Luxury Ball
    2-Expert Belt
    2-Bebe's Search
    3-Pokemon Communication
    4-Junk Arm
    2-Sage's Trainig
    2-Pokemon Collector
    2-Warp Energy
    2-Cyclone Energy
    4-Rescue Energy
    1-Water Energy

    Like all G'dos's get M'karps in the discard pile Belt the G'dos and OHKO all around for 110.
  2. jumpluff82

    jumpluff82 New Member

    Take out:
    1 Smeargle
    1-1 DGX
    2 Poke Comm
    2 Sages
    2 Pokedex
    1 Rescue En
    1 Water En

    2 Uxie
    1 Crobat G
    1 Bebe
    1 SSU
    2 Collector
    4 Poke Drawer + OR 4 Dual Ball

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  3. Heartgold22

    Heartgold22 New Member

    Watcha mean by bat?XD
  4. jumpluff82

    jumpluff82 New Member

    Crobat G! =D...

    You also need 1-3 Pokemon Rescue, but idk where to fit 'em.
  5. Heartgold22

    Heartgold22 New Member

    Yeah, idk where to put them either.. can anyone help?

    ok, what about...
    -2 pokemon communication
    -1 Sage
    -2 pokedex

    +2Pokemon collector
    +Pokemon Rescue
  6. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    try this---


    18 pokes

    4 karp
    3/4 dos
    3/2 smeargle
    2 uxie
    1 regice
    1 combee
    1 azelf
    1 crobat g
    1 skuntank g
    1 Q

    36 T/S/S

    4 collector
    4 junk arm
    4 dual ball
    4 pokedraw+
    4 BTS
    4 seeker
    2 expert belt
    2 pokemon rescue
    2 ssu
    1 vs seeker
    1 bebes search
    1 pokemon communication
    1 luxury ball
    1 black belt
    1 poketurn

    6 nrg
    3/2 warp
    2/3 rescue
    1 cyclone

    VS luxchomp-- black belt is the only card that gives you a good shot in this matchup as it allows dos to ohko a belted luxray reuse it as you can with vs seeker and junk arm tricks.
    VS Vilegar -- use skuntank to get around fainting spell. Use regice to dump t/s/s to avoid poltergeist.
    VS mirror-- you should be able to outspeed them

    most other decks can't quite keep up with this but playtest and tweak according to your meta. Mine just happens to be heavy chomp, vilegar, and Dos.

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