Gyarados w/ black and white set

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by poke50000, Mar 19, 2011.

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  1. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    hey everyone i have a gyarados deck that i am preparing for the new set of black and white and i need help!!!... It contains things like gust of wind and max restore.So here it is.

    Qu Name Set #
    1 Azelf LA 19
    1 Combee SF 57
    2 Crobat G PL 47
    3 Gyarados SF 19
    4 Magikarp SF 65
    1 Mesprit LA 34
    1 Regice LA 36
    3 Sableye SF 48
    1 Smeargle CL 21
    1 Unown Q MD 49
    2 Uxie LA

    Qu Name Set
    2 Bebe's Search RR
    4 Broken Time-Space PL
    2 Expert Belt AR
    4 Pokemon Catcher BW
    1 Luxury Ball SF
    4 Pokemon Collector GS
    2 Pokemon CommunicationGS
    2 Pokemon Rescue PL
    2 Prof. Oak's New Theory CL
    4 Seeker TM
    4 Super Scoop Up UL
    2 TGI G-105 Poke Turn PL
    1 Volkner's Philosophy RR

    Qu Name Set
    3 Rescue Energy TM
    3 Warp Energy SF

    P.S. I just looked at the max restore so if any of yall can find room for that too that will be great.

    Stragedy: Start with sableye and use Pokemon like regi ice to get magikarps in the discard pile. Get gyarados out and smack for 90 a turn with tail revenge. Recover with ssu and warp seeker to heal, and rescue to recover.

    Max Restore
    Choose 1 of your Pokemon, and restore all of its HP. Then, discard all Energy attached to that Pokemon.

    Pokemon Catcher
    Trainer’s s
    Choose 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon, and switch it with his or her Active Pokemon.

  2. Arcanite

    Arcanite New Member

    Max restore means byebye rescue energies...:nonono:
  3. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    ^Why... Wouldn't it mean by by warp and seeker.... REscue is awesome because it give you a chance against decks like magnezone who one shot you.... i want to keep some seeker though

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    Come on anyone!!!! please i needs some helps....... NOW
  4. jalkan

    jalkan New Member

    looks pretty great. not so sure about volkner's though..
    i find it to be a little clumpy because you always seem to have at least 6 or 7 cards in hand.
    junk arm?
  5. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    what should i take out
  6. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    No more Seekers, Max Potion does the healing for you.
  7. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    what about my mesprit lock and vileplume and discarding the rescue energy
  8. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames Active Member

    Well then keep a couple in there then...
  9. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    ^i think they are not even worth it... when i can just keep using ssu and seeker to heal.... i kind of want to add another sabelye , junkarm( dont Know) and a cyrus conspiracy for lost gar... help please
  10. FJPonce

    FJPonce New Member

    In the future format everyone will use pokemon catcher in his decks, therefore you can not use Pokemon with high retreat. I'd take Regice and put 2 Professor Araragi to discard Magikarps.
  11. poke50000

    poke50000 New Member

    well i run warp energy in my deck and it is not like i really need th regice too much cause they are going to knock it out...also proffesor aragi discards your whole hand and that really isnt to splended... i dont think i will run it... my main question here is if the list looks effecient enough and maybe putting in another sabely, cyrus's, and junk arm. ... i was thinking this

    -1 bts
    -1 collector
    -1 pokemon rescue
    -1 voltners philosophy
    -1pokemon catcher

    +3 junk arm
    +1cyrus's conspiracy
    +1 sabelye

    What do yall think about that?

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    ollo anyone will help me

    P.S. I did ollo on purpose (megamind)
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