[H]Gardy X x2, Cress X, Cario X[W]RH Trainers, Holo Energies, and more!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by UchihaBlood, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    Welcome to UchihaBlood's Trading Thread


    1.No spamming.
    2.No ripping.
    3.No scamming;you will be reported
    4.I have 36 Positive References on PokeBeach, but have 0 on PokeGym, therefore for the time being, I will be sending first,
    5.All cards must be sent in sleevs and toploaders.
    6.My cards are in mint condition unless stated, I expect yours to be the same.
    7.Registered mail only.
    8.Once I receive your cards, I will PM how it all went etc etc.
    9.Once addresses are exchanged, the deal is finalized. If you back out, you will receive a negative reference.
    10.I am new here, so please bear with me.
    11.HAVE FUN!


    Majestic Dawn:

    • Infernape(5)
    • Torterra(2)
    • Empoleon(1)
    • Leafeon #24(1)
    • Glaceon #5(1)
    • Glaceon #20(3)
    • Plusle(3)
    • Minun(3)
    • Umbreon(4)
    • Espeon(7)
    • Jolteon(5)
    • Kabutops(3)
    • Aerodactyl(2)
    • Omastar(4)
    • Bronzong(3)
    • Flareon(2)
    • Palkia(1)
    • Zapdos(3)
    • Phione #12(1)
    • Health Energy(X)
    • Recover Energy(X)
    • Cresselia(2)
    • Call Energy(3)
    • Dawn Stadium(3)
    • Hippowdon(3)

    Great Encounters:

    • Cresselia Lv.X(1)
    • Tangrowth(3)
    • Slowking(4)
    • Altaria(3)
    • Beedrill(2)
    • Darkrai #3(1)
    • Cresselia(1)
    • Miltotic(2)
    • Primeape(1)
    • Latios(1)
    • Weezing(1)

    Secret Wonders:

    • Gardevoir Lv.X(2)
    • Pidgeot(2)
    • Cloyster(7)
    • Salamence(2)
    • Dugtrio(2)
    • Xatu(1)
    • Wormadam(Steel)(1)
    • Plusle(1)
    • Sharpedo(1)
    • Jynx(1)
    • Arcanine(2)
    • Gastrodon(1)

    Mysterious Treasures:

    • Lucario Lv.X(1)
    • Mantine(4)
    • Bronzong(1)
    • Bastiodon(3)
    • Raichu(2)

    Diamond and Pearl:

    • Empoleon(3)
    • Infernape(2)
    • Torterra(2)
    • Machamp(3)
    • Lucario(3)
    • Beautifly(2)
    • Roserade(2)
    • Skuntank(1)

    Other Stuff(Trainers, Supporters, Etc.)

    Celio's Network(7)
    Dawn Stadium(3)
    Crystal Shard(1)
    Cessation Crystal(6)


    Magnezone Lv.X(2)
    Claydol GE RH(X)
    Baltoy GE RH(X)
    Throw In's:

    Bebe's Search(8)*RH Only*
    Rare Candy(6)*GE Only and RH Only*
    Roseanne's Research(5)*RH Only*
    POV(3)*RH Only*
    Night Maintenance(1)*RH Only*
    Holo Energies(Steel, Grass)
    Binders(X)*unused only*
    Sleeves(X)*unused only*
    Eevee Plushie(1)*unused only*
    Deckboxes(X)*un-opened/unused only*

    Collection Wants:I don't value these high! A rare or two tops.These must be mint, anything else=bad ref.

    Venusaur Base(X)
    Blastoise Base(X)
    Charizard Base(X)
    Lucario EX;only Japanese(X)
    Happiny(X)Must throw in 5 to equal one value of one of my throw-ins.

    Pending Trades:

    dragon2pol(He received;awaiting ref)
    pokemonfreak(Sending tomorrow)
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2008
  2. Amt

    Amt New Member

    CMT for the Cressy LV.X!
  3. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    Amt~I liked the Bebe's Search(throw-in) and the 2 Rare Candy's GE. I have Kabutops MD if you are interested! Lmk. =D
  4. Amt

    Amt New Member

    I kind of need Cressy LV.X more than Kabutops atm. See anything on mah list that you'd trade it for?
  5. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    I would really only trade it for Leafeon Lv.X ATM! Which you traded away, so no I don't see anything, unless you are interested in the Kabutops. Lmk.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2008
  6. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member


    Updated Haves and Wants!
  7. cheetor586

    cheetor586 New Member

    Well, I'm interested in the Gardy X, want to check my list on the off-chance there's something you want?
  8. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    The only things I saw were the 4 GE Rare Candy, but those are throw-ins only! Would you cml for those please?
  9. Rahman

    Rahman New Member

    CML for 2 Cress X and a Gardy X. Make an offer if you see anything. I can only trade a Gallade and no Gardy,.
  10. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    I am interested in the Leafeon Lv.X! Could you please make me an offer?
  11. Rahman

    Rahman New Member

    Well, what would you trade for it? I need those 3 the most and also any Claydol or RH Plox Cards. I know how much LEafeon X is and it's a pretty decent amount.
  12. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    I have 10 Claydol, however none are for trade! =P Anyways, I myself am running PLOX and everything in there is RH, so I have no extras. Would you do:


    Cresselia Lv.X
    Leafeon Lv.X

    Lmk, I would be willing to throw somethings in! Lmk. =D
  13. Rahman

    Rahman New Member

    no thanks. That's a rip off. Thanks anyways. I really need Claydol Ge.
  14. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    It was just an offer. Not trying to rip anyone here. Do you see anything else other than Claydol GE you need that I could throw in?
  15. cheetor586

    cheetor586 New Member

    Sorry, not seeing anything for the Rare Candies. If you ever feel like trading the Gardy X away, you know where to find me:)
  16. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    I sure do buddy! Anything else anyone?
  17. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    do you have any JPN cards?
  18. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    I used to have alot of them, but I sold them right before the set came out. Sorry! Do you see anything you are interested in? I like the Magnezone Lv.X! Lmk. =D
  19. Rahman

    Rahman New Member

    only Claydol. Doe sanyone have any for tradE?
  20. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    As I said, I don't have any for trade! Anyone else?
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