H: LV. X's/EX's N: Will trade big for Magmortar/LV X

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by r e i n, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. r e i n

    r e i n New Member

    1. Don't rip me.
    2. U.S. Only
    3. No backing out
    4. Mint Condition ONLY!!!
    5. Don't tell me to see your list, I don't care for browsing.
    6. No japanese cards/foreign languages plz.
    7. Don't offer me cards that are expired.

    Felicity's Drawing x2
    Magmortar SW x3-getting 2. Need 1 more.
    Magmortar LV X x1-getting.
    Delcatty ex x1-SUPER NEED!!!!!!!!!
    DRE x2-getting 2.
    Pachirisu x4-SUPER NEED!!!!

    NOTE: I'll trade big for anyone who has all of my wants/most of them. Especially Maggy lv X/Catty ex!!!! I'll trade big for them, so please ask about deals.

    LV X/EX:
    Honchkrow lv X x1
    Dragonite ex df x2
    Blaziken ex cg
    Suicune ex
    Shiftry ex pk
    Raikou ex
    Empoleon lv X
    Torterra lv X
    Infernape lv X
    Moltres ex
    Zapdos ex
    Regirock ex hl
    Registeel ex hl
    Regice ex hl
    Lucario lv X

    Mew d pop5
    Roserade sw
    Magmortar mt
    Blissey x3
    Bronzong x2
    Dusknoir x2
    Gatr mt
    Nidoqueen df x2
    Lucario dp/pop6 x3
    Banette sw x2
    Delcatty pk x3
    Raichu hp
    Garchomp mt x2
    Celebi mt
    Honchkrow x2
    Skuntank x2
    Electivire dp x3
    Infernape x2
    Raichu mt x2
    Empoleon x3
    Electivire sw x3
    Entei sw
    Gardevoir sw
    Suicune sw x2
    Blastoise sw
    Lugia sw x2
    Ampharos sw x3
    Sabeleye cg x2
    Salamence sw
    Raikou sw x3

    ask about trainers/commons/rares/energy. Too lazy to list.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2008
  2. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Please cml for these

    Honchkrow lv X x1
  3. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    I have Mag LvX, Magmars MT, DRE's. Interested in these current and rotated EX's:

    Dragonite ex df x2
    Suicune ex
    Raikou ex
    Moltres ex
    Zapdos ex
    Regirock ex hl
    Registeel ex hl
    Regice ex hl

    Make me an offer cuz I suck at making offers. LMK thanks!
  4. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    CML for ur 2x Dragonite Ex's
  5. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    CML for....

    Blissey x3
    Gardy x1 SW
  6. r e i n

    r e i n New Member

    just tell me which ones you want the most. How many DRE's/Magmars do you have? I could do Maggy Lv X, DRE(2) and Magmars(3) for like 4 EX's??? dunno. Pick some.

    Everyone else, didn't see anything. Though make an offer if you'd like.
  7. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

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