H.o.g. Pokemon Team Seeks Members To Represent At Next City Champs!

Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by heights of gaming, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. heights of gaming

    heights of gaming New Member

    Alright guys Yeah it's the H.O.G. again and we are trying to recruit members for our NYC Pokemon team!

    What can we offer members of our team?

    All kinds of cool stuff. Team members get HUGE discounts on all kinds of merchandise for Pokemon! Team members receive coaching! Look i'm not an expert of Pokemon probably a lot of ya'll are better pokemon constructed players than me, but look at olympic atheletes and world famous musicians. Even they use coaches and trainers to get them in tip top shape! It ain't just about being a great battler but it's also about rooting out inefficiencies, building in a persistant and intelligent fashion and knowing that the way you practice is the way you perform! We bring in magicians and card sharks from other card games like poker and yugioh and show you how people attempt to stack so you won't fall victim to an unfair shuffle!

    We also use procedures that we ingrain into our team members such as, Always having your decklist on you, keeping a notebook to record what happens in a tcg battle so you can have accurate data on which to rebuild your deck rather than emotion and imperfect recall! Also we don't like getting DQ'd on some technicality such as an improper decklist. And if you have already cycled through all the pokemon in your deck than you really shouldn't be wasting those Pokeballs.

    We also have a system for maximizing playtest sessions including well... I don't want to reveal all our team secrets!

    We do casual play at the H.O.G. but for our team we are looking for people that have a very strong desire to not just win but to dominate.

    Our goal is not just to win a world championship it is to win world championships several years in a row clearly establishing ourselves as the greatest of all time.

    Yeah, talk is cheap but I can't do this all myself. Our plan spans decades and we actively build up our Jr ranks. We WILL pay for hotel stays and flights around the world (to world tournaments and such... not for your personal vacation!) as well as get you cards and everything, but you gotz to prove for us first! If you want to be pro, and you think that having a store backing you is something that can give you an edge than get at us!

    First stop! Winning City championships. Uh.. yeah for all this big talk we haven't even entered a single tournament. :nonono:

    Well everybody's got to start from somewhere and we already have something good going with Yugioh and we want to duplicate our success in that realm in Pokemon as well cuz Pokemon is a seriously kick butt TCG that is slept on by a lot of people. Why? Because they are dumb! Pokemon RULZ!

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  2. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Obviously, I will join :D

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