H/W List [12/1] Need Absol SW, Gardevoir Lv X, Delcatty ex

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PojosamaWannabe, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. PojosamaWannabe

    PojosamaWannabe New Member

    Same time trades only since I need these for next Friday, 12/7

    Here are my small wants:

    3x Absol SW
    1x Delcatty ex
    2x Roseanna's Research
    1x Gardevoir Lv X

    I have the following to trade:

    2x Flygon d ex
    1x Jolteon Star
    1x Crawdaunt ex
    1x Kingdra d ex
    1x Groudon ex CG
    1x Mightyena ex
    1x Shiftry ex PK
    1x Clayol ex

    2x Empoleon
    1x Lucario
    1x Infernape
    2x Electivire DP
    1x Electivire SW
    1x Arcanine SW
    1x Magmortar SW
    1x Delcatty PK
    2x Flygon d HP
    5x Meganium d DF
    8x Nidoqueen d DF
    1x Sableye CG
    4x Feraligatr d DF
    4x Tauros CG
    1x Mew d Pop 5
    3x Gardevoir PK
    3x Blaziken PK
    2x Latias d HP
    9x Holon's Castform
    2x Charizard d DS
    1x Charizard PK
    3x Ampharos d DF
    1x Luxray DP
    3x Machamp PK
    4x Swalot CG

    1x Windstorm RH
    1x Battle Frontier RH
    1x Copycat RH
    3x TV Reporter RH
    1x Steven's Advice RH
    1x Scott RH
    1x Scramble Energy RH
    3x Double Rainbow Energy RH

    DO NOT TRADE WITH KIRSTIN - Ripped me off, no cards for over 2 weeks and now no responses, STAY AWAY
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