Discussion in 'Redshark' started by Rogue Archetype, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Cartoon_Eric

    Cartoon_Eric New Member

    I'm CartoonEric on Hamachi. I'm willing to play the game any time.
  2. Darkest Light

    Darkest Light New Member

    I'm Darkest Light on Hamachi.
  3. prodigal_fanboy

    prodigal_fanboy New Member

    What's Hamchi? *pokes thread title*
  4. rtsmaniac

    rtsmaniac New Member

    rtsmaniac (rtsmaniac)
  5. Lopunny

    Lopunny New Member

    Im Lopunny on Hamachi
  6. gwendok

    gwendok New Member

    gwendok on Hamachi.
    Looking for matches >.<
  7. Moxinumon

    Moxinumon New Member

    Im on hamachi! :D
  8. Rockmanexe

    Rockmanexe New Member

    My Screen Name is Rockman.EXE
  9. pokemonfreak5

    pokemonfreak5 New Member


    My name is Liam
  10. neophenx

    neophenx Member

    It's neophenx. I'm new to Redshark and Hamachi, but should be able to get on possibly once a week.
  11. Dark_Mizuno

    Dark_Mizuno New Member

    I am new here, but been playing solo games on Red Shark for a bit.
    Mainly play Unlimited style.
    SN = Dark_Mizuno

    I will be around soon. =)
  12. SethDr

    SethDr New Member

    here's my network

    ---------- Post added 03/19/2011 at 07:32 AM ----------

    mine's ShinyHuman
  13. Fleetfiend

    Fleetfiend New Member

    Mine is Fleetfiend, same as my username!
  14. flea212

    flea212 New Member

    my hamachi is now flea212 but ill use stricker223 until you change it :)
  15. critler

    critler New Member

    my name is Critler

    i am new to playing online via redshark and hamachi.
  16. filonzo

    filonzo New Member

    network name : pokefightking
    screen name : filonzo
  17. CyberTails

    CyberTails New Member

    I'm ShayminTails on Hamachi and Redshark (same as my Pokebeach Name)
  18. sToRm07

    sToRm07 New Member


    im on hamachi now and use redshark
  19. danio13

    danio13 New Member

    Mine is Kendio
    hope i did it right
  20. DJKero

    DJKero New Member

    Mine is Kero
    Network: RedSharkWTF
    Pass: WTF

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