Hand Twister(Review and help)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by danio13, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. danio13

    danio13 New Member

    2-2-1: Empoleon
    1 Empoleon Lv x
    2-2-1 Gardevoir SW
    2-2-1 Walrein
    3(Armor Fossil)-2-1 Bastiondon
    2-1 Golduck SW

    Trainers(Except 3 fossils)
    Phoebe's Stadium
    Roseanne's Research
    Speed Stadium
    Bebe's Search
    2 Fossil Excavator
    Rare Candy
    Energy Restore
    Night Maintenance

    10 Psychic
    9 Water
    6 metal(4 basic, 2 special)

    My main strategy is to force the opponent to give up some cards in thier hand(Walrein and Empoleon lv x) and to use thier cards against them(Gardevoir). I put phoebe's stadium to make quick escapes with my psychics. I replaced energy search with roseanne since i can get 2 energy rather than 1.

    I have some questions to those who are willing to help me out with this deck. What are the pros and cons of Speed Stadium? And what other current psychic pokemon that are good so I can replace my golduck line.


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  2. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    I understand the general concept, but you have way too many pokemon lines to ever have a reliable way of setting up. Golduck and Bastiodon have to go as they really don't fit with anything you are trying to do here. Empoleon Lvl X and Walrein both are able to remove cards from your opponents hand, but Empoleon Lvl X doesn't discard those so it doesn't help as much either. Ambipomb (MT) has a pretty cool discard attack effect that can help fuel your Gardy (SW). Absol (SW) is another good starter that can hit their hand quickly and allow you to use their supporters also. Try this for pokemon lines and you might have a little more success.

    3-2-2/1-1 Gardevoir (SW)/(PK)- Gardy Lvl X
    4-4 Ambipomb (MT)
    4 Absol (SW)

    The Gardy Lvl X is completely optional, I just find it's Poke Power useful.

    As for trainers, you should use 2-3 Rare Candy, 4 Team Galactics Wager, and 4 Team Galactic's Mars to help you set up and furth hinder your opponent's hand. Also, don't play any Speed Stadium, you don't want your opponent drawing any extra cards.

    For energy use 4 Psychic, 4 Special Dark, and the rest basic Dark if you have them or Psychic if you don't. Also, don't use more than 16-18 energy in a deck, use the remaining spots for extra trainers.

    - it's a Stadium and can be used to remove one in play
    - it can help you draw into more cards
    - it will stay in play until somone removes it so you can use it each turn
    -your opponent can use it as well
    -it's based on a flip, and can easily hurt you more than it ever helps you
    -it's a Stadium, so it can be eaily removed by Windstorm or any other Stadium card

    Hope this helps.
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