Have sleeves and mats, many meta cards! Want CoL energies, collectors.

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by chuzzoe, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    I am new to trading on the site however, I am not new to the site!

    1.) Pokegym rules apply.
    2.) Lower Ref Sends first. Unless we agree differently.
    3.) No fakes or world championship set cards.
    4.) All cards are in mint/near mint condition unless otherwise stated. Expect the same from you.
    5.) I Send in a sleeve, and a top loader please do the same.
    6.) I will only trade and ship to continental U.S.
    7.) If we have made a deal, please confirm within 24 hours otherwise the deal is off.
    8.) We all value cards differently so be understanding. (I know my value , you know yours)
    9.) To save time I am looking for specific cards in wants, that is what I will trade for.
    10.) Let’s both have an enjoyable experience that’s fun too.
    11.) please leave feedback when you receive cards, I will do the same.

    So Lets trade….

    I have lots of other cards so just ask (from many different sets, Rh and regular).
    I will list some as I go along (tedious job).


    Collectors RH/non
    Magnezone Prime
    Col Energies
    Matrix Energies Emerald

    Lower Wants

    Machamp Prime
    Mew Prime
    Gengar Prime
    Donphan Prime
    Scizor prime
    Steelix prime
    T-Tar Prime
    Absol Lv X
    Flygon LvX


    Played trainers/supporters/stadiums (although these cards are played they are still in very good condition as have been always sleeved, no creases or bends, maybe minor play wear.)
    E-gain x5
    Sp Radar x5
    Poke turn x2
    Power spray x5
    Cyrus Conspiracy 4x
    Expert belt LP
    BeBe searches

    Played pokemon (same condition as above)
    Luxray Lv X

    Leafeon Lv X
    Garchomp C Lv X
    Garchomp C
    ERL full
    Blaziken FB LvX
    Mesprit x3 non holo
    Mesprit RH x3
    Mesprit non holo
    Uxie RH
    Uxie non holo
    Azelf RH

    Uxie LP
    sableye sf
    Spiritomb LP
    Honchkrox G RH
    Promo Toxicroak

    VICTORY MEDALS 2006/2007; 2007/2008; 2008/2009
    Sableye SF RH x2
    2 sealed Professor playmats Darkrai ---EXTRA SHIPPING COST (Possible)

    Prerelease sleeves
    2x Garchomp
    1x Celebi
    3x Legendary dogs
    2x Arceus
    2x legendary birds


    Level X
    ElectivireFB LvX x2
    Blaziken FB LvX x2
    Magnezone LvX
    Salamence LvX
    Charizard LvX
    Honchkrow LvX
    Arceus 95 LvX
    Azelf LvX
    Drapion LvX
    Empoleon LvX

    Legend Cards
    Suicune & Entei Top
    Lugia top x2
    Entei & Raikou Bottom
    Ho-Oh Top
    Palkia & Dialga Top
    Darkrai & Cresselia top

    Shinnies & specials
    Frost Rotom
    Zapdos 150/147 SV
    Moltres 149/147 SV
    Scyther 130/127
    Swablu SH5 x2
    Surfing Pikachu 114/111 x2
    Pikachu 112/111
    Hitmonchan 129/127
    Promocroak sealed

    Player rewards/Professor items
    Professor sleeves x2
    Professor portfolio sealed (4 pocket card holder)
    Proffesors PONT x2 sealed
    Professors PETM x1 sealed
    Cynthias guidance/Volkners Players rewards x4 sealed
    Lucians Assignment/Upper Energy PR x2 sealed
    Players reward energy x3 sealed

    DCE Base set
    Call energies (played)
    RH call energies (played)

    COL H/RH

    59 Houndour 3xRH
    10 Houndoom 1xH
    22 Unbreon 3xH
    3 Dialga 2xH
    5 Forretress 2xH/1RH
    2 Mawile 1xRH
    43 Flaffy 3xRH
    23 Ampharos 2xRH
    45 Jolteon 2x RH
    13 Leafeon 2xH
    34 Tangrowth RH/H
    75 Vulpix 2xRH
    44 Flareon 2xRH
    9 Ho-Oh H
    17 Ninetails 2xH
    46Magby 2xRH
    7 Gyrados 2xH/RH
    41 Croconaw 2xRH
    69 Relicanth 2xRH
    52 Vaporeon 2xRH
    61 Magicarp 2xRH
    12 Kyogre RH/H
    19 Palkia RH
    42 Donphan 3xRH
    6 Groudon 3H/RH
    8 Hitmontop 3xH
    58 Hitmonlee RH
    57 Hitmonchan RH
    56 Eevee 3xRH
    73 Teddiursa 2xRH
    39 Zangoose 2xRH
    48 Pidgetto 2xRH
    30 Pidgeot RH
    26 Granbull RH
    71 Snubbull 2xRH
    20 Rayquaza RH/H
    29 Mr. Mime RH
    2 Deoxys 2xRH/2xH
    4 Espeon RH/H
    47 Mime Jr 2xRH
    11 Jirachi 2xRH
    86 Dark Special 3xRH
    80 Metal Special 2xRH
    77 Copycat 3xRH
    82 PETM 3xRH
    83 PONT 3xRH
    79 Cheerleader’s Cheer 3xRH
    Entei SL3
    Kyogre SL6
    Deoxys SL1

    Suicune Sl11

    Non-holos of Call of Legends also.

    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums x=many
    Lost World 9x
    Lost Remover 8x
    Research Record 8x
    PONT x
    PETM x
    Copycat x
    Sage’s Training x
    Interviewer’s Question x
    Cheerleader’s cheer x
    Rare candy x(different sets)
    Twins x
    Black Belt x
    BeBe Search

    chiapet sent 3/21/11
    toffeefi recieved/sent 3/21/11
    gigablaster received/sent 3/17/11
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011
  2. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Can you CML for your:
    29 Mr. Mime RH
    Rare candy x(different sets)
    3x Prof Sleeves

    LMK, thanks ;-)
  3. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

  4. MrSmileyPants

    MrSmileyPants New Member

    Please CML for Luxray GL LV. X

    I have 2-2 Absol G Lv. X and a few seekers
  5. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    im interested in these :3
    Prerelease sleeves
    2x Garchomp
    2x Celebi
    3x Legendary dogs
    2x Arceus
    2x legendary birds
    3x Prof Sleeves

    i have
    absol g lv.x
    thunder energy ex em
    machamp prime

    lmk if we can work something out :3
  6. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    I have:
    8x Seeker
    4x Warp Energy
    1x Gengar Prime
    1x Absol G Lv.X
    CML for more.

    I need:
    1x Luxray GL Lv.X
    5x Broken Time-Space
    5x TGI Poké Turn
    5x TGI Energy Gain (Low)
    3x Professor Sleeves (Low)

    Let me know what we can work out, thanks.
  7. ForginGeorge

    ForginGeorge Member

    Have: Machamp Prime

    I like your:
    Ho-Oh SL5
    BTS x1

    CML if you like anything there also
  8. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    I only trade in the US. See rule 6
    I've had bad experiences over seas sorry!
    see my wants!
    make offer
    Absol Lv X is a low want trying to get more for the Luxray Lv X
    Sleeves have a decent value especially the prof sleeves
    make an offer

    Make an offer
    I think the Ho-Oh is worth more than Machamp prime

    Make an offer but I need collectors more than seekers


    Thanks all
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  9. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    what are these legendary bird sleeves?
  10. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    absol g lv.x
    thunder energy ex em
    machamp prime

    x2 legendary birds sleeves (60 in each?)

  11. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    That's a fair offer, if your in the US PM to finalize.
    absol g lv.x
    thunder energy ex em
    machamp prime

    x2 legendary birds sleeves (60 in each?) --These are the lugia Ho-Oh prerelease sleeves.

    I/ll throw in a extra set of sleeves, a surprise.

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  12. ksjmf05

    ksjmf05 New Member

    Can you cml for these please:

    Luxray Lvl. x

  13. ForginGeorge

    ForginGeorge Member

    ho-oh is worth just a small amount more than machamp and i honestly don't know what else to offer
  14. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    2x seeker 2x collector 1x donphan 1-1 absol g x 1x warp energy your 1-1 luxray lvx
  15. idrumprettywell

    idrumprettywell New Member

    donphan prime
    2 seeker

    sealed prof. sleeves

    lmk or counteroffer
  16. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member

    1 prof sleeves sealed

    Donphan prime
    2 seekers

    Sounds fair if your cards are mint.


    ---------- Post added 03/03/2011 at 12:50 AM ----------

    Ho-Oh shinnie

    Machamp Prime
    2 potions

    if your cards are mint
    PM if this is fair to finalize
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  17. techdeck101

    techdeck101 New Member

    HI, can you CML for:

    SL6 Kyogre
    SL5 Ho-Oh
    Luxray GL X
    BTS x5
    As many Rare Candy as I can get.
  18. chuzzoe

    chuzzoe New Member


    3 rare candies

    warp energy
    pokemon collector

  19. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    all those card are decked or i dont have
  20. PikaTheXIII

    PikaTheXIII New Member

    RH Gyarados
    RH Magikarp
    RH Uxie
    Call energy

    My: Flygon Lv X
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