Have Storm Front LV.X's and others Need: LOTS!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Lozarbr, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    1. REF rules apply
    2. I don't send across seas, unless you send first,
    3. All of my cards are mint so yours better be too.
    5. Must send in pennysleeve and toploader!
    6. If you don't ask for the condition i guess you don't care.
    7. Bold are my MAIN wants!!!
    8. Let's have fun!!!

    Claydol GE XxXx
    Gengar x3
    Leafeon Lv. X
    Magnezone(Electric 1)
    Pokedex Handy x4
    3x Uxie(LA)

    Lv X and EX's

    1x Heatran Lv.X
    1x Duskinoir Lv.X
    1x Machamp Lv.X

    1x Drifloon Shiny
    1x Charmeleon
    1x Darkrai Lv.x(pack)
    1x Palkia Lv.x(Pack)
    1x Gardevoir Lv.X
    1x Leafeon Lv. X

    Mysterious Treasures
    1x Aagron(rh)
    1x Alakazam(rh)
    1x Ambipom
    4x Blissey
    3x Bronzong(1 rh)
    1x Celebi
    3x Feraligatr
    1x Honchkrow
    1x Lumineon(rh)
    2x Meganium(1 rh)
    4x Raichu
    2x Typhlosion
    1x Tyranitar

    Have all the rares and uncommos just ask

    Secret Wonders
    1x Ampharos
    2x Blastoise
    1x Charizard
    1x Entei(rh)
    2x Flygon
    5x Gallade(1rh)
    3x Gastrodon east sea(1rh)
    3xGastrodon west sea(1rh)
    1x Ho-oh(rh)
    2x Jumpluff
    3x Lickilicky(1rh)
    4x Ludicolo(2 rh)
    1x Lugia(1 rh)
    1x Mew
    4x Raikou(1rh)
    1x Roserade
    4x Salamence
    1x Suicune
    2x Venusaur(1rh)

    Have all rares uncommons just ask

    Great Encounters
    5x Cresselia(1rh)
    3x Darkrai
    3x Darkrai(4)
    1x Swampert
    2x Sceptile(1 rh)
    3x Porygon Z
    2x Rotom(rh)
    3x Tangrowth

    1x Wailord
    1x Beedrill
    3x Butterfree
    1x Exploud (Rh)
    2x Houndoom(1rh)
    1x Latias(RH)
    1x Lapras
    1x Primape(rh)
    3x Slowking(1rh)
    2x Weezing(1rh)
    2x Wigglytuff
    2x Granbull(1rh)
    4x Hariyama
    2x Macargo
    4x Porygon 2
    3x Slowbro

    4x Amulet Coin
    4x Felicity Draw
    2x Leftovers
    2x Moonlight Stadium

    Majestic Dawn

    3x Glaceon(Snow Cloak)
    2x Cresselia
    2x Dialga
    1x Kabutops(RH)
    1x Manaphy
    1x Palkia
    2x Mewtwo
    5x Esepeon (i rh)
    5x Umbreon (1 rh)
    1x Jolteon
    3x Infernape
    2x Torterra
    2x Empoleon

    Legends Awake
    Magnezone Lx. X x2
    Mamoswine x1
    Gritina x1
    Dragonite x1
    Bucks Training x4

    And a whole bunch of common and rares

    Have Torterra Notebook

    Storm Front
    Duskinor(1 holo)(2 Non)
    1x Empoleon
    1x Magnezone(metal)
    1x Raichu(rh)
    2x Regigias
    3x Sceptile(1 holo, 1rh, and 1 non holo)
    6x Luxary Ball

    Ask for trainers and energies:fire::grass::water::fighting::lightning:psychic::dark::metal:

    Vegetasou x2
    evil psyduck
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  2. keMewie

    keMewie New Member

    Please CML for your Poke-Body Empoleon Lv.X, Thanks!
  3. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    Sorry Didn't See Anything

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    New Haves And Wants
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2007
  4. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    NEW Updates!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    CML for ther Charizard EX
  6. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    Sorry going to somebody else
  7. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    if the charizard ex is still there pleased cml

  8. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    New Haves And Wants Check It!
  9. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    It is rude and against the rules to just do an "update" post and not respond to members
    that have made an offer on your post.I have sent you a pm in regards to this.

  10. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

  11. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    ice brakerz don't have it any more
  12. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have Blastoise SW and Lake Boundary. I'm interested in Honchkrow Lv. X.
  13. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    Friends Borrowing it right now anything else?
  14. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Claydol EX would work also. Or i can wait until you get it back.
  15. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    i can do claydol ex but could you do 2x lake boundary, 2x blastoise sw lmk
  16. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I only have 1 Blastoise SW. I have 2x lake boundary though.
  17. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    well then would you do venasaur x1, blastoise x1, 2x lake boundary lmk
  18. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I could do that. PM me to finalize the deal.
  19. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

  20. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    Your offer in my thread:
    Magmorter Lv. X

    1x Celebi
    2x Typhlosion
    2x Feraligatr

    was good, but I need to make sure my cards are mint. I know they are in probably Great- Near mint, but some have been played before or were sent from someone else. I'll try and respond again tomorrow or Saturday if that is OK? :) Or do you not care if these are Mint? As long as the Magmorter doesn't have any creases, dents or major scratches, I'm cool with it.
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